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Black on white hate crime attacks continue with no media outrage


One of the five victims of the acid attack in England.

Chicago man stabbed in racially motivated hate crime. Perp yelled “I hate $%^ing white people.”

African immigrant burns five British teenagers with acid. One victim may be permanently blinded.

Two black males shoot a random white 16 year old girl in Houston. “He was aiming to kill.”

White male, 56, murdered at random by a group of black teenagers in Prattville, AL. Perps are only 14 and 15.

Black man given slap on wrist plea deal for brutally stabbing white man to death in Phoenix. Will serve as little as three years.

More black on white hate crime.

We didn’t start the movement

David French For Prez

Has #NeverTrump found their candidate?

TruCons Pass Obama’s Transgender Agenda In House of Representatives

Walked it back this morning

TruCons Lament The Rise of White Identity Politics

Then they fight you

My Favorite Neuroses

To the tune of “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music”

White Genocide in Norway

Entire schools taken over by immigrants, white flight explodes

Becoming Alt-Right

The difference between a conservative and Alt-Rightist

Haaretz: American Jews Glorify Obscenity To Fight Christianity

Largest Israel Newspaper says American Jews have been attacking Christian Culture in USA since 1800s

Meet the white devil judge that acquitted Nero! #FreddieGray

Ooops! Nevermind!

Another black on white mob attack on a school bus

They just keep happening

Black on white mob attack in a Victoria Secret store

Black on white mob attacks are being captured on film almost daily

Black on white hate crime killings in Columbus, GA and Orlando

Random black on white murders continue with no media outrage

Bernie Bros Are Entitled White Males

Joan Walsh drops the “you’re a White male”

NRA endorses Trump

Race between Trump and Clinton heats up

House Republicans Ban Confederate Flag In Federal Cemeteries

Paul Ryan and 84 House Republicans ban the Confederate flag in federal cemeteries

#NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol quotes Communist Manifesto on twitter

#NeverTrump leader shows his true leftist colors

Radical Left: Smiling or not smiling at a black person is racist!

Do you have a White Guy Smile?

Jared Taylor – Dissident Life

Interview with Jared Taylor

Hillary: Bill Clinton Will Be In Charge Of “Revitalizing The Economy”

Hillary now owns Bill Clinton’s economic policies

Nevada Democrat State Convention explodes! Police needed to stop riot.

WAR. Female Bernie supporter allegedly beaten unconscious by Hillary supporters

Another public school teacher brutally beaten

Shock video from Bay Area public school

Ain’t no rest for the triggered

Hair to dye, and tears to cry

Trump: Transgender Restrooms Is A States’ Rights Issue

Federal government should stay out of public school restrooms

Donald Trump Wins The Sheldon Adelson Primary

Sheldon Adelson plans to back Trump with $100 million dollars

Murder Rates Soars In Major Cities

Black lives hit hardest in Obama crime wave

Geert Wilders Thought Crimes Trial Begins

Most popular politician in the Netherlands on trial for thought crimes

Obama Forces Transgender Restrooms on Public Schools

Obama to desegregate restrooms in public schools for trannies

The American Middle Class Is Shrinking Everywhere

The staggering costs of globalization

William Johnson Appears On CNN

Whites are so afraid to be proud of their heritage