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Armed NBPP members chant “Die Cracker” in Milwaukee

New Black Panther Party members wave guns and call for race war

Vanity Fair: Why Angry White America Fell For Putin

Western liberalism is cancerous

SPLC Report Buries Trump-Related “Hate Crimes” Against White Kids

Down the memory hole

Somali Refugee Attacks Ohio State University

Was he a DREAMer?

Fear & Loathing In Washington, DC

Sam Dickson reports from the 2016 NPI conference

The Truth About Steve Bannon

Let’s cut the bullshit about Steve Bannon

The Impending Deportation of Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose is terrified

169 House Democrats Denounce Yours Truly

Disturbingly, “civil rights” groups have been snubbed

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

The return of LAW AND ORDER

The Economist: The New Nationalism

Globalist freakout edition

The MARs Revolution Has Arrived

Sam Francis saw it coming

Corrupt Bargain: Crooked Hillary Let Off The Hook Again By FBI

FBI director succumbs to intense political pressure

Clinton Foundation gave $10k for hardcore Satanic “Performance Art”

Clinton Foundation gave Spirit Cooking Abramovic a $10k donation in 2011

Assange: Hillary admits being funded by the same people who funded ISIS

Hillary openly stated in e-mail that the government of Saudi Arabia & Qatar were funding ISIS

Hillary Hates Real Americans

So does her party

Trump predicted Weiner would bring down Hillary OVER a year ago!

Trump made stunning Weiner/Hillary prediction back in August of 2015

Trump Shock Victory Among 27k Public School Students In Maine

Epic failure by entertainment industry to brainwash children for Hillary

Wikileaks: Hillary Townhall in Manchester, Maine was staged

Audience was seeded with paid members of Gun Control groups

Whores of Babylon: Pussy Riot’s “Straight Outta Vagina”

#DegenerateArt is also making a comeback

New Project Veritas Video Proves Hillary Directly Controlled Violent Group

Group that organized violence at Trump event was under DIRECT orders from Hillary

The Danny Williams Rap Song

Bill Clinton’s alleged son files paternity suit

(((Their))) Plot Against America

“The globalist cabal” is an anti-Semitic dog whistle!

Hillary e-mail calls for the unraveling of Obamacare

Wikileaks: Hillary Campaign thought Obama cheated in 08, wanted Obamacare to fail

The #LyingPress Beclowns Itself

Trump shreds the legitimacy of the #LyingPress

Former White House Chef: Hillary used the n-word

Says Hillary Clinton made anti-black comments all the time

Pro-Clinton Terrorists Bomb GOP headquarters in NC

Radical left gets more violent by the day

Hillary asked where she could find Lenny Kravitz Dick Pic during interview

Where the hell is the media outrage????

Jessica Leeds quoted Velvet Underground Song in airplane groping claim

New York Times / Jessica Leeds plagiarized Velvet Undergound song for grope hoax

Jill Stein: Hillary will start nuclear war with Russia

Obama bigger war monger than Bush, Hillary bigger war monger than Obama