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Black on White crime.

The Danny Williams Rap Song

Bill Clinton’s alleged son files paternity suit

(((Their))) Plot Against America

“The globalist cabal” is an anti-Semitic dog whistle!

Hillary e-mail calls for the unraveling of Obamacare

Wikileaks: Hillary Campaign thought Obama cheated in 08, wanted Obamacare to fail

The #LyingPress Beclowns Itself

Trump shreds the legitimacy of the #LyingPress

Former White House Chef: Hillary used the n-word

Says Hillary Clinton made anti-black comments all the time

Pro-Clinton Terrorists Bomb GOP headquarters in NC

Radical left gets more violent by the day

Hillary asked where she could find Lenny Kravitz Dick Pic during interview

Where the hell is the media outrage????

Jessica Leeds quoted Velvet Underground Song in airplane groping claim

New York Times / Jessica Leeds plagiarized Velvet Undergound song for grope hoax

Jill Stein: Hillary will start nuclear war with Russia

Obama bigger war monger than Bush, Hillary bigger war monger than Obama

Hillary is a vicious enabler

Hillary denigrated and threatened Bill Clinton’s female victims

St. Louis: Why I Didn’t Bother Trying To Improve My Hometown

She’s from the Lou, but she isn’t proud

The #KaineWreck

Mike Pence destroys Tim Kaine

Mob violence comes to South Dakota

Gunshots, Hundreds fight at Sioux Falls Multicultural Center

Alabama teen nearly killed in racially motivated hate crime beating

Racially motivated mob attacks on white people are surging nationwide

Live Thread: First 2016 Presidential Debate

Round One: Trump vs. Hillary

Glenn Beck Now Says Ted Cruz Isn’t George Washington

“For the very first time I heard Ted Cruz calculate.”

NY Times: Besieged Globalists Ponder What Went Wrong

Bill Clinton, paterfamilias, hosts neo-liberal globalist reunion

Cruise rocked by mob violence

Cruising with an African-American Twist

MEDIA LIED: Spree shooter is a Muslim Immigrant who hates women

MEDIA STILL LYING! Creating ludicrous fake motives to hide the truth.

Two teenage girls pummeled during racially motivated mob attack

#BlackLivesMatter activists attack two white teenage girls who walked past their protest

Horrific racially motivated mob attack in Charlotte caught on video

Black mobs attacking white people at random in Charlotte

Botched Terrorist Attack In New Jersey

Pipe bomb explodes in trash can alongside Marine race

Two Cops Ambushed In Philadelphia

Suspect left behind rambling anti-police letter

Tony Yapias Arrested In Utah And Charged With Rape

Utah’s top Hispanic activist arrested after demanding Trump apology

Rachel Maddow: Pepe Must Be Stopped

Sinister cartoon frog threatens to topple the Republic

Another brutal hate crime mob attack on Pokemon Go players

All black mob brutally pummels white pokemon go players in Columbus, Ohio

Black Power Militants targeting immigrant owned businesses

Chicago Black Power militants chant RACE FIRST in front of immigrant owned gas station

Ford Announces It Is Moving All Small Car Production To Mexico

Sending Michigan jobs to Mexico would boost corporate profits

50 Black militants hold heavily armed marched in St. Louis

Black Power activists wave rifles and chant Black Power

Bill Clinton compares Hillary to a demon

Says her work ethic is like that of a demon