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The over-funding of black public schools. News Team

The over-funding of black public schools. by Kyle Rogers

Leonard Pitts is the radical anti-white columnist who mocked the victims of the Knoxville horror. When a white couple was abducted, gang raped, tortured, sexually mutilated, and killed, Leonard Pitts mocked their suffering and wrote “cry me a river” in the Miami Herald.

In a column published by CNN Pitts attacks white people who have the audacity to say that black people are not victims of racism. The column blames white people for black ineptitude and black crime. Pitts claims that blacks are held back because their public schools are “crumbling, underfunded and staffed with inexperienced teachers.”

As readers of know, nothing could be further from the truth. Across the nation, majority black public schools tend to receive significantly more money than majority white public schools. has posted studies from Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi that show majority black public schools receive significantly more money per student than majority white public schools. However, the majority white public schools outperform the over-funded black ones.

Not to mention the fact that private schools universally operate on significantly less money than the public schools, and they universally outperform the public schools.

Washington DC has the blackest public schools in the country. Even though Washington DC public schools rank among the top funded public schools in the nation, if DC was a state it would rank dead last in academic performance.

Let’s look at some facts. (From

Washington DC is considered a very poor area of the United States. Washington DC public schools are an average of 83% black. The average amount of funding is a staggering $15,746 per student. The average is one teacher per 13 students.

West Virginia is also considered a very poor area of the country. West Virginia public schools are 93% white and average $9,411 in funding. The state average is one teacher per 18 students.

Despite the huge difference in funding poor whites in West Virginia dramatically outperform blacks in the over-funded DC schools. In fact Washington DC public school students have been called the worst performing students in the industrialized world.

Instead of the crumbling condition that anti-white bigot Pitts describes, a typical majority black public school is nicer and receives more money per student than the typical majority white public school.

In reality white people are so desperate for blacks to stop complaining that whites have placed a fascist regimentation of racial quotas on themselves.

Lets look at some facts published by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

• Whites from families with incomes of less than $10,000 had a mean SAT score of 993. This is 129 points higher than the national mean for all blacks.

• Whites from families with incomes below $10,000 had a mean SAT test score that was 61 points higher than blacks whose families had incomes of between $80,000 and $100,000.

• Blacks from families with incomes of more than $100,000 had a mean SAT score that was 85 points below the mean score for whites from all income levels, 139 points below the mean score of whites from families at the same income level, and 10 points below the average score of white students from families whose income was less than $10,000.

These staggering figures have been brought about by draconian affirmative action programs.

You would think that the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education would be thanking white people. Because of white people, blacks in American enjoy an astronomically higher standard of living than blacks in Africa. In fact, blacks in the US enjoy a higher standard of living than any other black people anywhere in the world.

No. Instead the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education attacks white people and blames whites for black ineptitude. The Journal says that black academic performance is due to racist white teachers who cause blacks to perform badly.

  • SpeedersKill

    Blacks are mentally inferior and the evidence is overwhelming. It’s not just the SAT. On all standardized tests (LSAT MCAT ACT even police or fireman tests) , blacks are always at the bottom and whites/asians at the top. The fact that asians do so well proves the tests are NOT culturally biased.

    • DeadHeadAhead

      It infuriates me that as obvious as the physical differences are, there are physiological and mental differences as well. Nobody wants to address this issue because it isn’t PC. People need to educate a themselves and accept these facts. Blacks are different. They evolved in a different and less evolved society and are, for the most part, incapable of intigrating themselves into a more advanced one.
      Wake up people.

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