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Media still CENSORING near fatal beating of Carter Strange.

The media tried to keep this near fatal racially motivated mob attack quiet. However, websites like and others alerted the public online. The story has now gotten more attention, but all the “mainstream” news outlets are still heavily CENSORING the story.

Carter Strange was out jogging late at night in Columbia, SC. Eight black males, aged 13-18, attacked and nearly killed him. They did not beat him to rob him. They beat him because they enjoyed inflicting horrible injuries on a random white victim. The mob of vicious thugs were out in Columbia’s popular “Five Points” entertainment district harassing white people. They sought out an isolated white victim to pummel.

This webmaster has personally witnessed mobs of black thugs aggressively harassing young white people in the district as they exit bars and clubs. On warm summer nights, the city dispatches an army of law enforcement to try to protect white residents and tourists from being attacked.

The race of the perpetrators and the motivation for the beating is being completely CENSORED by the so-called “mainstream media.”

Why is the “mainstream media” putting political correctness ahead of public safety? Enough is enough. It is time do demand honesty from the media.

Click here for photos of Carter Strange.


Note: This post is from June 28th, 2011. Recently this post was revived on Facebook and some people have mistakenly thought it was a new story.

Carter Strange’s mother posted this update in the comment section on July 9th, 2013

Those 8 thugs tried to kill Carter simply because they wanted to. They were in 5 points for 23 minutes and in that time, they targeted 4 other people. They just happen to catch Carter as he was trying to get home since he was already 7 minutes late on his curfew. We sit in court and hear teachers and guards from DJJ talk about what ‘good kids they are’ and their character is being tried, not the crime. Despite the video, and the fact that they threw each other under the bus when questioned, the burden of proof is still on us to prove ‘why’ they did it, not just the fact that they did it. The whole thing has been ‘down played’ because they were juveniles. 6 of 8 of them were already on probation and two of them for doing the exact same thing to someone else a few weeks before. They were in a gang and the only reason they stopped stomping Carter’s head and face was because they thought they had killed him. . . . . . . . .which is what they were trying to do. Only one has gone to prison for that crime so far. . . .ONLY ONE, and we only have two more trials left to endure. . . .only two.

This ‘justice’ system basically just pours salt in an already open wound.

  • Freedom John

    Yeah, that civil rights movement really helped some of them and us didn’t it.

  • gregzotta

    “Eight black males, aged 13-18, attacked and nearly killed him.” These cowardly thugs act like a pack of hyenas. Black thugs have been emboldened to commit acts of violence against whites since the racist AG Eric Holder, the head prosecutor of the Obama Regime, refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation during the 2008 election in Philadelphia and his reluctance to prosecute black on white crime. Barack Hussein Obama is a polarizing and divisive figure who pits one group of Americans against another and has played the “race card.” Obama injected race into the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident in Florida and has said nothing to quell the rhetoric of race riots if Zimmerman is acquitted. Obama’s silence is deafening and it appears that he wants the chaos. Obama is a DIVIDER, not a unifier.

    • azjen

      You are completely right! gregzotta. Obama is a DIVIDER & not a unifier. If people could see it this way, then I think that all would have a better idea of what is going on in this country.

    • Craig Joseph Casey

      That’s why he’s President – only based on the color of his skin, not qualified. Ask a democrat “First Black President”

      • Brian Kolfage Sr.

        Obama is the first affirmative action president.

    • LeAnn Addleman

      He’s banking on the chaos so he can ram through some more unconstitutional legislation, like the Affordable(not) nothing-to-do-with-healthcare act.

      • Alan Batterman

        Ram through???? The Republican in the House obstruct everything.

        • joelferguson

          When concensus can’t be reached, the constitution is designed for nothing to happen. Our gov’t is working exactly like it should.

    • Tina Coranna Vause

      Oh but wait…. I thought all those black men said that they were now scared that they would be attack because someone would think they were dangerous. Well just like Martin it looks like some of them are.

      • Scarbender307

        Proving Zimmerman’s righteous shoot.

  • Suzanne Lara

    So these are actually “HATE CRIMES”. If the races were reversed it would be a George Zimmerman situation. Well we all wondered what it would be like to have a “different” President. Now we know.

    • Alan Batterman

      Yes, this would qualify as a HATE CRIME. But since this was a gang of juveniles, it is probably better handled at the state level. It is not comparable to the Zimmerman case, as these thugs cannot hide behind an ill-conceived law and claim “self defense.” If Romney had been elected, I doubt it would have stopped them from committing this crime.

      • Art O’Connell

        Mr Batterman. the very idea you are questioning mans right to defend himself from would be assailants is alarming to say they least. If it were your wife..or child..or better yet..your melon on the concrete..would the law be as ill concieved? lemme tell ya something…we the decent people of this country are fed up with this thugocracy. and if it takes a 9mm to stop it..then so be it.

        • thenations

          Kudos, Art O’Connell.

        • thenations

          I agree with you, Art.

        • Alan Batterman

          Zimmerman provoked the incident. So it was not self-defense.

          • Bark Likeaworm

            Alan… you are no longer mentally fit to continue in this conversation…. the adults are talking . Go out side and play ! Did you vote for Obama?

          • Brent Ferguson

            Alan, if following someone can be considered provocation, then yes. If you believe that justifies beating someone up, well I strongly suggest you teach your kids that it does not. They are likely to live very short lives otherwise.

            An intelligent person in Martin’s position would respond with respect, politeness and honesty. NOT WITH VIOLENCE.

            The law does not protect those who perceive a slight as well as it protects those who are physically attacked. When you commit yourself to violence you have already lost the confrontation.

            What would that famous Republican, Martin Luther King have done in the same situation? I’d like to think the venerable Mr King would simply have chosen to sit down and politely wait for the police to verify his legal right to be there.

            Dr King’s own words support my hypothesis:

            “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood”
            I love this quote – no color mentioned. Dr. King treated all men with respect, and wanted equality between men. If he’d been followed by police or a watch person, (and he was -there’s verifiable history here) Dr. King would respond with respect. When Hoover under a Democratic President had him on the same watch list and slandered Dr. King, this fine man responded that the report of the slander must be in error, because he holds Mr Hoover in high regard.
            THIS is what you should teach your young, no matter their color. That THIS man was shot offends me greatly. THIS shooting was a crime. Shooting someone who is beating you up? Not so much.

        • wiseoldsnail

          so, the fact that trayvon martin was defending himself against an armed threat eludes you?

      • justapatriot

        Well, hopefully these “juveniles” will be tired as adults and will spend the rest of their lives in prison. As far as the Castle Law is concerned, ill-conceived, it is not. The weapon was only drawn after it was exposed while Mr. Martin was bashing Mr. Zimmerman’s head against the cement. But then again, I’m only citing testimony from the trial.

        • Audrey Beeson

          It’s Stand Your Ground in Florida and he had every right to defend himself. The Castle Law only centers around ones home. We Floridians got sick and tired of the tourists getting car jacked and murdered, along with ourselves. The case should’ve never went to trial. Happens to me, I’m unloading on someone’s a$$. Zimmerman had restraint and only fired once.

      • Stan Bryars

        Self defense ill conceived?? Surely you are joking

        Or are you talking about Stand Your Ground?

        I guess you are not following the case all that closely
        The Zimmerman defense has never claimed SYG. That was the Martins
        Also interesting to note
        One of their close family members tried unsuccessfully to use SYG to defend against the murder of a roommate.
        He was not successful because the law as written does not a,llow for murder, no matter how many times the Crump Coalition claim it does

  • Thomas Dobbins

    If Odumbo had sons they would look just like that mob…

    • Craig Joseph Casey

      ouch! Chicago style!

  • Jason_L

    Were it the other way around, “Revs.” Jackson and Sharpton, the Rainbow Bunch, Code Pink, La Raza, and every other racial and racist organization would be calling for the perpetrators’ heads…literally (remember the white Duke Lacrosse Team and the accusations of rape by a black woman against them [later found to be totally and completely false]? “Revs.” Sharpton and Jackson STILL haven’t apologized!!!).

    Just another grisly, sickening example of racism gone amok and the two-faced hypocrisy of the left and their mainstream media enablers…

    • Alan Batterman

      It is the right that perpetrates all the two-faced hypocrisy. It is a single racist incident, not “racism gone amok.”

      • Dale Fisher


        • Robert Spivey

          Alan is obviously another liberal, Obama loving, blind, dumb and deaf idiot! Alan do everyone a favor…. just die and quit wasting our oxygen!

        • Barbara Repko

          Apparently Alan has his head in his sand (or elsewhere). Stories like this involving black on white violent crime are all over the Internet, and it’s not just in the South.

          • LD

            If you look at him he does seem to look a little dark!!So he supports their wrong doing!!

      • jimkress

        Not correct. Here are a number of examples of Black on White, race motivated crimes.

      • Dave Suchy

        do you not know about the mobs of black youth attacking any whites they saw at at least 3 midwest state fairs? I witnessed it, time to pull your head out of your ass or the sand…whichever it is

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Carry a gun when jogging. It would stop a lot of that after shooting the first one.

  • DilloTank

    Where is George Zimmermann when you need him?

  • Bloom04

    These ever increasing incidents are prequel to race riots that will, not might, occur if Zimmerman is not convicted of murder. Obama, his minions and an obliging media even now are whipping the blacks into a frenzy in anticipation of the event. Martial law and the unleashing of Homeland SS and agencies with police powers is an integral part of the marginalization of the Constitution which must occur to maintain their demonic power structure. The line must be drawn by the loyal citizenry and the non-complicit states. There is not enough will or courage left in Congress or the lapdog federal government to overcome this. Boston was the big test; the majority of the populace will cower and surrender their freedom with scarcely a murmur. It will be up to the outnumbered militant patriots to prove that the country is worth fighting for and that living on one’s knees is far worse than dying. We must remember that Patriots were greatly outnumbered by the Tories and the cringing fence sitters in 1776.

    • InterestedParty30

      I hope you are aware that these attacks have been perpetrated on Hispanics and Asians too, and any black who doesn’t go along with the program. Not long ago, an 18 year old black woman was told to find herself victim, light him on fire, and film it as part of her initiation into the gang. She chose an Equadorian man; they burned him alive! Not ONE MENTION OF IT IN THE NEWS! This is only one of hundreds of examples. Blacks who oppose this blind loyalty to the racist black cause no matter how inane, are viewed as traitors and are also harrassed and threatened.

  • Alan Batterman

    You mean the CONservatives. They are the haters, the racists. Liberals don’t want these crimes to happen. It is the right-wing that is playing divide and conquer.

    • Barbara Repko

      You have really been drinking the liberal koolaid, haven’t you? Wake up.

    • Dale Ramsey

      Wow, you really are a special kind of stupid aren’t you. Republicans and Democrats are two side of the same coin. And Alan fyi If not for the conservatives civil rights for black Americans would have never got off the ground. You put these people on welfare and set it up like you are helping them but all you are doing is keeping them under thumb! Planned parenthood ( another Liberal idea} was set up for no other reason then to try and exterminate the black race. we must all work hard to keep racism at bay. Unfortunately there are people on both sides that want to stir it all up like Jackson and sharpeton who make their living doing nothing but spreading hate!

    • JamesPF

      your head is in where the sun does notshine

    • artinthewild

      Look in your history books you will find that Lincoln was a Republican and that the ones who voted against the blacks – to free – to let vote – etc….were democrats… Check it out….

    • frank002

      You are so full of shit, it’s ridiculous. The intolerant left and race baiters like Al not-so Sharrpton and Jesse, the extortionist, Jackson are the these crimes happen.

    • jenny

      Yep, the Conservatives are out there in flash mobs destroying property, beating up on blacks, setting kids on fire at their front doors, causing havoc waiting for overpriced tennis shoes to go on sale, ransacking department stores and convenient stores, waiting until blacks exist an event and jumping them, threatening to hurt, shoot, kill blacks if Zimmerman gets off….as a life long democrat….you are sadly mistaken, there are bad people of ALL COLORS, but the majority of the crimes in the past few years of this sort are factually black MOBS, more than one on one, attacking WHITE PEOPLE! Whites did not riot after the OJ Simpson trial even though he was clearly guilty in my opinion and he got away with the cold blooded murder of two whites. He was found innocent by a jury of his peers…and whites did not riot because that is our justice system at work, if Zimmerman gets off, DAMN THE SYSTEM ACCORDING TO SOME BLACKS AND THE BLACK PANTHERS…THEY WILL KILL HIM OR ANY WHITE PERSON THEY MIGHT SEE. Yes, I have to say in my opinion and in fact, YOU HAVE IT WRONG….it is the democRATS that are the haters and the racists! Read the attacked link article written by a black journalist if you dare!

    • jenny

      Adam, if you dare to admit to yourself that you are not a racist nor ignorant of the facts of these racist hate crimes being committed by blacks, please read the article attached to the links I have provided for you. After you have read them, please get back to us about your feelings of said crimes. Maybe if you looked outside the lame stream media and liberal rag sorry excuse for the news paers, you just might hear of all the black on white crimes happening around the country of which no one in the news you apparently read or listen to is reporting on.

    • Nick Dyson

      This is hilarious! It shows a complete ignorance of facts. Tell me, If it’s conservatives that are the racists and trying to divide and conquer then why does the liberal media never report black on white crime nationally? Even though crime statistics clearly show that blacks are at least 10 times more likely to commit a crime against whites instead of the reverse and furthermore even with these statistics , Whites prosecuted for hate crimes far outnumber blacks. On top of that every time a white on black crime happens the media immediately injects race? Then there is that little habit of editing in order to further push the race angle. Explain that to me.

  • StoneMafia

    This is why we have guns. For personal protection when needed.

  • S W

    I live in the south.Black racism has been alive for many years…I knew it was going to escalate when Obama was elected. And he’s doing nothing to help or prevent it…It’s not just a few members…Varying degrees but still there…

    • Alan Batterman

      Bull. There are both white and black racists. Obama had nothing to do with the incident and has not done anything to prevent SC from prosecuting the ones involved to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Greg Sqwyd Doss

    My concern is the inactivity of the local authorities if, as the article alludes, they know the ages and specifics of the attackers. If the attackers are in custody, it should be easy to have them properly adjudicated. Whether or not it gets media “coverage” is less of an issue than Mr. Strange getting justice. (Which is no different than the Trayvon Martin incident; remember, if George Zimmerman were arrested after the shooting, most of the nation wouldn’t know about it) Moreover, if we were being completely honest, we’d be willing to admit there are more conservative-leaning media outlets than “liberal-progressive” media outlets. Please, before moving towards emotion, do the research for yourselves. Nonetheless, this is a horrible incident, and if there are others like it, the collective of conscience, concerned and decent people should do whatever possible to see these kinds of senseless acts be reported; and fairly and justly remedied.

    • BillyBob52

      In this case, ALL have been identified and police have the only “adult” Thyeem Henrey age 19 in custody.… The victim is in bad shape

      • Karen

        The the juvies will have this “hate crime” removed from their records at 18. This law should be changed! I work in Juvenile Probation and the residents I work with always throws that in the staff’s face. “Doesn’t matter what we do nobody will know after 18.”

  • David Alley

    The exact same thing happened in Denver, The police kept it quiet but finally the media acted. They had to. People weren’t going downtown as word spread. The cops had to come clean.


    As horrible as this is. DONT LET THIS DIVIDE US AS A PEOPLE

    • jenny

      I agree with you to a certain point…but if you and or your family are attacked by a black mob screaming profanities at you for being white and they hate you for simply being alive, are you going to sit silently in the hospital recovering from your injuries, take a deep breath and say okay, this was just a situation of my being where I was not wanted and I will not let this affect my desire for all people to live in harmony and sing cum ba yah together? Somehow, I don’t think so. It is very easy to say you don’t want this crap to divide all of us, but it is a simple fact that we are already divided and NOTHING is going to get us back together as long as we are getting this divide from the one POS who lied to us all 5 years ago telling us he was going to bring us all together and in fact has done NOTHING TO DO THAT but has IN FACT been fueling the divide ever since. The race baiters and hate mongers of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, that winch from Florida and a few others have also been fueling the divide….The race baiters NEED RACIAL DIVIDE SO THEY HAVE A DAMN JOB! LOOK AT THEIR ACTIONS….it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what they have been doing for years and they jump on every incident of lighter color skin on black incidents but they NEVER say a damn word about all the black on black crimes happening EVERY FRIKKIN’ DAY especially in the murder capital of the world…CHICAGO! NOT ONE OF THEM HAVE CONDEMNED ANY OF THE MORE THAN A HUNDRED BLACK FLASH MOB ATTACKS THAT HAVE HAPPENED ACROSS THIS COUNTRY….NOT ONE OF THEM and every single one of those pieces of crap are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!

  • Michelle Roberts

    Why not get serious about stopping hate in all its forms? Really doesn’t matter who’s pointing fingers at who – hate is hate. A crime against any one of us is a crime against all of us; much would be resolved if we simply acknowledged that fact. Was the beating of Carter Strange a hate crime? Sounds like it was. Where does that hate have its roots? And more importantly, can we afford to continue to allow it to flourish? Two-hundred and thirty-seven years (yesterday) into this experiment and we still haven’t grasped that hate and violence can only perpetuate hate and violence. These cowardly thugs’ hatred has opened the opportunity for many here to vent their own hatred, which by the way is always cowardly. While we’re all busily pointing fingers, reviling and condemning each other, it might be prudent to take a step back and remember we’re all in this boat christened USA together. If we allow hatred to sink it, we’re all going to drown together. The black teens were wrong; Zimmerman was wrong. Anybody who manifests hatred on another, regardless of their racial, sexual, political or other identity is wrong. America is better than this; Americans are better than this. Look at what we are allowing ourselves to become – a house divided against itself cannot stand – the man in the collective mirror looks ravaged and torn. Is this who you are, who we are? Is it our destiny to manifest the ultimate failed experiment of modern time? Continue to build hate upon hate and the answer is a resounding yes. Just Sayin

    • Jon Hawk

      Zimmerman was NOT wrong…he was defending himself from an unprovoked attack…he had every right to do so…Gun or no Gun makes no difference…the young thug beating on him was bigger and stronger…therefore Zimmerman used what he had at his disposal to defend himself. If the Thug would have kept walking instead of running to attack Zimmerman all of this would have been avoided. People need to put things in Perspective…stop blaming the defenders for what the attackers do.

    • jenny

      Okay, you be the first to walk along in Chicago at night and if you are attacked, try your wonderful words on your mob attackers and if you survive, let us know…then we will talk, okay?

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    Well I have a lot of friends and so I will do my part to get the story out there.

  • linlin

    gregzotta you said it just right, Thank you

  • linlin

    I agree with what you said. We whites have been discriminated against for years. But that aside, gangs or blacks think it’s great to just attack someone. This is a HATE crime. Bet it’s just not going to be in the courts at all.

  • dlh8
  • CerealKyller

    Whoa there Tex! White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, it’s not the color that matters it’s all about the person, the community, our peers. This incident shows it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, any race is capable of racism. As soon as people of any race formulate ideas and opinions and then pick another race to focus their hate on, that is racism. The fact is we as a people as a nation, we haven’t made the great strides we have been telling ourselves we have on racism. The fact is whether because of guilt or shame for our past we are now turning the blind eye to racism against white people. Just look at the politically correct term for this, r”everse racism”. It makes it sound like it’s ok and not really racism since it’s reverse racism and it implies that only Caucasians are capable of racism. Racism against Caucasians is racism and any racism is racism, not matter which race instigates it. So lets end this “reverse racism” political correctness crap. The fact is any race is capable. So we need to come to terms and start acting like an intelligent race and simply make it understood that ANY and ALL racism will not be tolerated, not matter what races are involved. If Obama and Holder are turning a blind eye than they are violating the Constitution and should be prosecuted, but we can not go around assuming. Establish the facts and press the case in the courts or in the court of public opinion, but do not just assume. In my opinion the bigger issue is the main stream media’s tactic of showing selective cases of racism. Again any racism is wrong. That is the message everyone needs to send. If you are white and you conduct any act based on racism it’s wrong. If you are African American, it’s wrong. Latino, Asian, Indian, it doesn’t matter, any racism is wrong.

  • chaosnature

    The thing about stereotypes is, they tend to be accurate. I live in a large city (for Ohio, at least) and you can always tell when it’s springtime cause all the little thugs start coming out of hibernation and shooting their guns

  • Art O’Connell

    You gather up the troops to sing camp fire n the other americans will be teaching them how to fight back…

  • artinthewild

    I have an idea that this group and others like him and there are many of them will be Obama home guard. Remember what I have always said, “HE DOESN”T CARE” They will be perfect for what he wants…

  • JamesPF

    I think time is past due for all law abiding citizens to have a concealed weapon permit and do what ever is necessary to protect themselves from deadly attack. and screw the media and any gd liberal who does not like the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GFY

  • Karen

    He’s half white and half Hispanic. Considers himself Hispanic.

  • Walter Young

    I will be in Columbia in a couple weeks. I will be armed.

  • LD

    You seem to be blind to the fact that black on white racism or violence is worse because the Gov’t has allowed it and told whites they can’t do anything about it because it really doesn’t exist,oh why am I saying this because I am sure you support affirmative action even though blacks say they want equal rights wee you actually have more rights!Again blacks side with the color of the skin not the side of justice.

    • S W

      Let me clarify my statement….UNPROVOKED racism!!! You can see it in their eyes…I like to talk to people in a friendly manner where ever I go…Many black people have a look like “What are you doing talking to me!?!” Kind of like they caught a whiff of something that smells rotten, when I politely talk about anything…nothing racial…the weather…standing in line at the grocery…..I was raised to be polite to everyone. It was a shock back in the 70’s to be bussed into a black neighborhood school…I had to learn to fight, which totally went against the way I was raised. I was not accepted there…I didn’t provoke, but was treated like I was prey…..But I won’t let those experiences make me hate all blacks…that would be close minded, which I’m not….I give respect to the people who earn it just by accepting people as they are

      • Tina Coranna Vause

        I live in the south and I am thankful that I have white kids and black kids at my house all the time. I never have blacks give me dirty looks when I talk to them and haven’t really been shown any racism in my area. Of course it is here. My son came home from school very upset one day, you have to understand that I have always told my children that color doesn’t make a person different. People are like crayons, they come in all shade. A little black boy my son was trying to be friends with told him he wasn’t playing with a nasty white boy. I just had to tell him that unfortunately every parent is responsible for teaching there children how to play with other kids and how to be kind but sometimes you have parents that don’t care enough about their kids for them to want them to have relationships with other people so they teach them to hate. If we spent half as much time teaching our children to love as we do talking about racism in the first place the

  • Chyna Wilson

    So crime is ok. Just not if they are black.

  • gonzola

    it is impossible to be the victim of a racist attack if you are white, just like it is impossible to be the victim of a sexist attack if your male. white males can only be perpetrators, can never be victims, it seems…

  • sirizadik

    That’s not true.

  • makeupdiva

    Steve you are an idiot – shoot one and the rest run – gimme a break!

    • Steve

      if that is what you believe I however disagree

      • Jenkem Jones

        That’s why many of us don’t rely on a derringer.

  • Michelle Toner

    Within minutes of posting this, Facebook took it down off my page. I betcha if I posted a link that made conservatives look bad, the link would stay. What a great example of censorship from Facebook.
    Not only is the mainstream media responsible for censorship, but social media as well.

  • Alan Batterman

    I never said it was OK. The persons responsible for this crime should go to prison. But it is not a federal case; the state of SC can handle it just fine.

  • Alan Batterman

    What lying moron is saying that I condone that crime? I do not. Those who did it should go to prison. But there is no need for Federal intervention; SC can do it just fine.

  • Alan Batterman

    No, most liberals favor background checks and stiff anti gun trafficking laws to keep criminals from being armed.

    • Tina Coranna Vause

      There are plenty f anti fun trafficking laws but our government our the traffickers soooo. How are they going to stop what they are doing. And right most criminal decide they will go through the right channel and give their names and address’ and phone numbers and criminal background before they ask for a gun. You really are an idiot.

  • condaggitt

    There is a website dedicated to showing the hundreds of black mob violence not reported in the media

  • condaggitt

    Hundreds of not reported attacks


  • Greg Sqwyd Doss

    Is all the land in the United States occupied?

  • Greg Sqwyd Doss

    A male or female wouldn’t make a difference if they are a stranger to the person being followed. Maybe, I should have stated that. Trayvon was shot. He wasn’t breaking any law and he had the right to be where he was. Those are facts. Moreover, George Zimmerman was armed, he admitted that. George Zimmerman did exit his vehicle and admit to following Trayvon, he admitted that as well. George Zimmerman did shoot Trayvon, he admitted that. Now, despite her painfully inarticulate diatribe, Rachel Jeantel did give a testimony that differed from what George Zimmerman detailed.

    I will admit that I’m injecting the “substantially but for” standard as a basis for my question. But for one action, the other subsequent actions could not have occurred.
    I won’t excuse the actions of the hooligans that attacked Mr. Strange, or the young lady playing the instrument, or any other irresponsible behavior. It’s for that reason I don’t excuse the irresponsible action of George Zimmerman, keeping race absolutely separate.

  • James Jordan

    Hate crime?

    Nah, you can’t classify a gang of black kids beating the crap out of a white guy for the fun of it a hate crime – that wouldn’t be politically correct…!

  • joelgruettner

    Thank you for justifying my 17 round magazines.

    Margret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood as a way to kill off black people. Read the truth.

  • ClarenceAlexander

    Goldwater? He was from Arizona — not the Deep South. READ. Republicans supported Civil Rights while the Democrats opposed.

  • iamivny

    does not look bad at all you can tell if you look into his beautiful eyes

  • iamivny

    does not look bad at all

  • Cyndy Carpentieri

    Five Points has ALWAYS been a violent area. When I lived in SC, in the Columbia area, I would NEVER go to Five Point, even during the day. Sending prayers for this young man, and I hope he recovers quickly, and that the thugs that beat him were caught and will be punished.

  • Gladys Ann Minor Pourciau

    What the hell is going on with the law today. You telling me the blacks can either kill or beat whites to a a pulp and they either get a slap on the wrist or get away with it while we white people have to pay for our crime just because they are so scared of what the blacks might do. Hey law enforcement It is called EQUAL RIGHTS TO WHITES AND BLACKS NOT JUST BLACKS. WAKE UP AND ENFORCE THE LAW AND STOP BEING SCARED OF WHAT THE BLACKS MIGHT DO.

    • Kwodwo Moore

      Not true at all. I hope the people that did this to this young man are punished severely, this was an inhumane thing to do. The media and law enforcement are two separate things, and in fact, the article even states that the have had extra law enforcement out attempting to protect people. Roving bands of (primarily) young men routinely terrorize people, and whether they are white or black that shit needs to be put to a stop. This same story can be found in every single city in every single state.

  • Tina Coranna Vause

    He doesn’t want to hear that it’s the truth. Talk to him in Democrat or just lie. You can just tell Obama and let Obama tell him. We all know he can’t tell the truth. I wonder if that word is in a democratic dictionary.

  • Tina Coranna Vause

    just one question? Did Martian know that the police told Zimmerman not to follow him? As far as Martin knew this was an innocent man walking down the street on the phone. You can’t attack someone and them use information that you couldn’t possibly have known to justify the attack. It’s stupid.

  • Audrey Beeson

    Put down your BONG Alan. The Dems are the racists. Bet you didn’t know that MLK was a Republican and fought for Civil Equality. Your point is INVALID. BTW, it wasn’t the cops that told him, it was the 911 operator. They riot, there will be blood spilled in the streets and not from law abiding citizens.

  • Audrey Beeson

    If you don’t believe that, read up on Margaret Sanger. PP was started to control the black population. Yes, Conservatives led the Civil Rights movement. MLK you moron, WAS a Conservative, LOOK IT UP!!!!

  • Brad Harvey

    Alan, your post is proof positive that, as you said, ‘anyone can put any BS on the Internet’

  • Gregory D Allen

    Frankly, I don’t care about the race or the motivation of a thug gang. If my life is threatened by anyone, expect the glock to end the threat.

  • JoeDrager

    You can take the savage out of the jungle, but you still have a savage.

  • Jenkem Jones

    They only apply ‘hate-crime’ laws against African Americans when the crime is committed against a homosexual African American.

  • Jenkem Jones

    None will volunteer to be the second to die.

  • Michelle Roberts

    Racism is a manifestation of the misuse of power; it cannot flow from the powerless to the powerful. Hate, anger and fear on the other hand flow in and endless circle both building and feeding on themselves. America has sown much hate, anger and fear in her short history within and without her boundaries. It is difficult for me to comprehend the shock and vitriol, which result when the seeds sprout. Did Martin hate white people? We’ll never know, but there is no doubt that most young black men are acutely aware of the dangers inherent in their skin color, which ensures they are both fearful and angry. Heck, that speaks to the condition of a large percentage of the American public and the majority in this conversation – mired in hate, anger and fear and being so confused as to think that spewing more hate anger and fear will somehow make it all go away. If we just get angry enough, kill enough of our neighbors, incarcerate and institutionalize enough of the others, we will finally have peace. Take a long hard look at the deterioration in American society over the past 50 years and ask yourself – how’s that working for America.

  • ryan monroe

    this is in my backyard, literally. The cops are a disgrace around here. the gang problem is out of hand and has been. the “district” is located within walking distance of a major university. Its home to all the underage kids and the get attacked non stop. rape, robbery, beatings, shootings, you name it, it happens on a regular basis. Every single instance is black on white.

  • Stan Hutt

    Oh this is a tremendous response. I wish there was a way to hijack all tv and social media and force this type of discussion down the throats of idiot America!

  • YTisPissed

    Because they don’t want to even mention the other half. The half that counts.

  • YTisPissed

    That costs money. You paying?

  • Alan Batterman

    What a pile of crap. Zimmerman was not just peacefully minding his business and was attacked. Zimmerman provoked the incident.

    • wiseoldsnail

      thank you

  • Alan Batterman

    Zimmerman was not attacked. He provoked the incident.

    • Bark Likeaworm

      Take a look at the kid in the picture…. you tell me sir. If that was your son laying there would you be so quick to change the subject ?

  • Alan Batterman

    Bull. Liberals do not advocate racial violence. Don’t believe all the crap spewed by the far right.

    • joelferguson

      Liberals are collectivist and racism is simply the ugliest form of racism.

  • Bark Likeaworm

    welcome to the party…. You just sang a song thats been sung for decades

  • Thomas Dobbins

    Civil Rights Act of 1964 votes:

    The original House version:

    Democratic Party: 152–96 (61–39%)

    Republican Party: 138–34 (80–20%)

    Cloture in the Senate:

    Democratic Party: 44–23 (66–34%)

    Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

    The Senate version:

    Democratic Party: 46–21 (69–31%)

    Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

    The Senate version, voted on by the House:

    Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)

    Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)

  • KD Barr

    Come to Texas you black thugs, and you will get an ass whooping that will send you back home in shame. We will not take you crap, we will defeat you Texas Style. Racism lives in your life, but in our life we defeat racism our way!!!!! You will be defeated!!!! Texas Style!!!!

  • scottidee

    WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT Chronicles Black on White Hush Crimes

  • BettyWhite0321

    Yes, after 100 years of Republicans fighting for the rights of black people and getting shut down by Democrat majorities came the television and modern media. In the comfort of their own homes, Americans were watching the battle for equality. Like in 1957 when Democrat Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus tried to stop blacks from going to white schools with the national guard. Republican President Eisenhower pulled them and put in the 101st. Airborne to escort the students to school. The only change in 1964 was that the Democrats could no longer hide what was going on and put a stop to what was their own doing. Oh! and don’t forget taking full credit. As for the racists switching sides

    Strom Thurmond ,Jesse Helms,and,Mills Godwin did.

    Orval Fabus,Benjamin Travis Laney, John Stennis, James Eastland, Allen
    Ellender, Russell Long, John Sparkman, John McClellan, Richard Russell,
    Herman Talmadge, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, John Rarick, Robert Byrd, Al
    Gore Sr., Bull Connor did not.

  • sleeper48

    So succinct…spot on.

  • Greg Houston

    This is what happens when people don’t feel justice was served in the courtroom. Anyone else remember the Rodney King trial? Yet people are some how surprised when this kind of thing happens. Look forward to this happening more now until the media finds the next race to have a new beat down on. I feel sorry for the people that are going to pay for others mistakes and misdirected anger.

  • Brad Harvey

    I don’t watch Fox news, or any MSM. Why? Simple. I’m not a moron.

  • Alan Batterman

    Nobody is CENSORING anything. It was a heinous crime, but, unfortunately there are a lot of heinous crimes. It is not national news nor is it a federal case. SC can prosecute it just fine and see that the perpetrators get stiff sentences. And what voter intimidation in Philadelphia? Philadelphia went heavily for Obama as did all Northeastern cities. No reason the New Black Panthers would want to engage in voter suppression.

    • joelferguson

      They did inside my home town in the 2008 election. They sat in front of polling locations and intimidated “whitey” as we walked in. We had them arrested.

  • Alan Batterman

    Neighborhood WATCH is not supposed to follow and confront. They are supposed to WATCH and report anything suspicious to police and let them handle it.

    • Thomas Dobbins

      The president of the homeowners association for the community where the shooting took place – Donald O’Brien, stated under oath that Sanford police indicated it was acceptable for his NW personnel to follow suspicious persons at a safe distance.

    • joelferguson

      The idea that neighborhood watch are to report and watch and not confront and follow are very dangerous, and if they become widespread conventional wisdom in our society, will have negative consequences.

      First of all, Zimmerman had every right to follow and question Martin, for any reason. Nothing will make your neighborhood go downhill faster than if residents don’t keep an eye on what’s going on and who is doing what.

      Now, some will argue that that is the job of the police, or that once you determine that there is someone there that doesn’t belong, you should call the police.

      That creates a society of dependents, not citizens.

      Finally, we don’t know how the fight between Martin and Zimmerman began, but the evidence does suggest that Martin was putting some “whoop ass” on Zimmerman. Even without “Stand your ground”, Zimmerman did have the right to defend himself in that circumstance and if felt his life was in danger, had every right to defend himself with deadly force.

      That won’t change no matter how much people like you whine and cry.

  • Alan Batterman

    Put up evidence, other than the testimony of a proven liar like Zimmerman, that Martin started the fight.

    • Thomas Dobbins

      You Trayvon fanboys kill me…Trayvon’s history of criminal behavior – he had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that
      should have gotten him arrested (the school’s police officer covered up TM’s crimes and hid the evidence) once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe. Vandalizing other kids lockers, smoking pot and doing other drugs – according to the autopsy Martin had extensive liver damage well beyond
      what would be expected in a 17-year-old, his hundreds of racist, sexist and violent tweets and the fact is that TM had injuries to both fists and GZ a broken nose and 2 witnesses saw TM on top of GZ pounding away – before the gunshot…AND according to the state’s STAR witness, Jeantel: he was almost home and then she provoked him onto starting the fight…
      “He can’t do that! You better whoop ass so he gets the message!”…

      • Brent Ferguson

        I’m not a ‘fanboy’ and know that this was a legal shoot. That said, SOMETIMES people in bad neighborhoods get a raw deal because of where they are as much as who they are. I’ve done things in my past that I am not proud of and choose not to judge others for their errors on the most part (although a convicted pedophile is a notable exclusion to this ethic of forgiveness). I don’t blame Martin for his past errors, and don’t put much stock on how it influenced how he acted at the time of his death. BASED ONLY UPON THE FACTS OF THE CASE, sworn testimony, and objective observation it is clear that Martin was trespassing, beating up Zimmerman, and got shot. Notice color never entered into my decision process?

    • Brent Ferguson

      The trial transcripts are available to you as well as sworn testimony of the neighbors. Proselytizing without proper information never represents you well.

  • Alan Batterman

    If Zimmerman had been unarmed, he would have not provoked an incident and would not have had a scratch on him.

    • joelferguson

      If TM had just kept walking home when GZ lost sight of him, the incident wouldn’t have been provoked at all.

  • Brent Ferguson

    BLACKS are far more racist than any other race, or at least more vocal and obtuse about their own racism. YOUR comments merely illustrates this fact. Here’s a fun fact for you – one you overlooked when you posted “If Zimmerman had been unarmed there would not be a scratch on him” in reply to my earlier comment: MARTIN WAS OBSERVED BEATING ZIMMERMAN BEFORE THE GUN WAS EVER REVEALED. You are simply wrong, examine the facts – remove the racism from your own comments – FORGIVE those who have done nothing to YOU for the crimes you imagine their ancestors committed. THEN you might start seeing things in the same light I, a Native American, do. If Zimmerman were in Martin’s shoes and had been walking around behind your momma’s house in the middle of the night I bet you’d support the neighborhood watch guy that kept her from being robbed/killed!

  • Brent Ferguson

    If by weakness you mean to include stupidity, desperation, pride, peer pressure, and a host of other behaviors I can see your point. NEVER FORGET that it is by the grace of God that you are not walking that path. You play some small role in the decisions, yes. But it is your parents, those that influence your growth, how you are raised, and whether God blessed you enough to help you develop the good sense not to get into those situations that separates you from them. Joining the gang may be, for them, the equivalent of joining a group in prison – you do it to survive.
    If I were hungry enough, and there were no other way, I might resort to crime to feed my children. I’d expect to get caught and punished for it (appropriately) – but I’d take care of those I love any way I can.
    I was for some time a scoutmaster, one such young man comes to mind. HE could have been Martin. He didn’t have any gear, but he had a desire to be a better person. The other leaders and I would see to it he had transportation to the meetings and events, feed him when we could and send him with what was not eaten. We tried to help as best we could in a way that preserved his own sense of pride. I saw this young man after several years just recently. He ran up to me and BY GOD I remember his color! His teeth were white behind the biggest smile I’ve seen when I walked into a room for a while!
    I forget who said this, but it’s worth repeating:
    “It is better to raise boys than to mend men.” I wish Martin had been in my scout troop. He wasn’t. I’d still like to think that he wanted to be a better man than he was. WHO DOESN’T?

  • Brent Ferguson

    you have a point. We propagate racism by recognizing it. Were we simply to remove color from the equation there would be an opportunity to achieve even handed justice. The problem with that is PERCEPTION. In Chicago with a predominantly black police force, black mayor, black governor – polls show blacks still feel racially profiled by the police. My perception is that this profiling might have more to do with the high crime in the areas in which they live and the people they hang with, and how they act than the color of their skin. I also believe this perceived racism by black people in this situation is almost a knee-jerk reaction to anything they dislike.
    I wonder if, in their heart of hearts, these people crying wolf realize that they are “playing the racism card” like a 2 year old toddler arguing to get their way. It doesn’t matter how much you yell racism, if you commit a crime you deserve to be punished for it.
    That said, I abhor the fact that people were even polled based on color – that’s racism in my opinion. We need to stop thinking color – demand our news media NOT focus on it as well. WE DON”T NEED TO KNOW YOUR COLOR – can’t your beliefs and actions stand for themselves?

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