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FCC mandates ten new "diversity" cable networks.

In order to get the FCC to approve a merger between NBCUniversal and Comcast Cable, the corporations had to submit to the “diversity” requirements of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Obama Administration.

Comcast Cable agreed to carry ten new “minority owned” cable networks. One is Aspire, owned by former NBA star “Magic” Johnson. He is black and a major contributor to the Democratic Party. Since 2007, Johnson has showered a total of $143k on Democrat candidates, Democrat PACs, the Obama campaign, and the DNC.

From Washington Free Beacon…

The congresswoman was embroiled in a House ethics investigation after she allegedly set up a meeting between Boston-based OneUnited Bank and regulators to help the bank. Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, was a member of the bank’s board of directors between 2004 and 2008. In 2001, OneUnited, then known as Boston Bank of Commerce, merged with the Founders Bank of Los Angeles, of which Magic Johnson was a co-owner. In December 2008, OneUnited received $12.1 million from the U.S. Treasury Department; it was the weakest U.S. bank to receive TARP assistance.

Aspire will be based in Atlanta and will initially reach 11 million Comcast households. Johnson said he will not personally choose the network’s programming.

This marks Johnson’s second, non-basketball foray into television, following his low-rated FOX talk show “The Magic Hour,” which lasted for four months in the summer of 1998.


    Another good reason for me to stay with ATT.

  • Truth

    But Africans are a Global Ethnic Majority!

    What about the minority??

    Population of the world with dark skin =27%.
    Population of the world with brown skin =66%
    Population of the world with fair skin =7%
    Who is the minority on planet Earth after all?

    1,200 years ago African Racist invaded enslaved & murdered some 9 million ethnic Japhethites ie'”Whites” in Europe.

    For 200 years they wiped out the Indigenous Ethnic Natives population of Europe.

    Still no justice to this day.
    Trillions worth the damage to the indigenous inhabitants of Europe done by African Racist.

  • Flu-Bird

    Another good reason to switch to sattlelite TV and tell Big Brothers FCC to TAKE A HIKE

  • Oldsalt97

    I only have antenna and I love it. Despite the heavily anti-white biased local news, it is much better than sat or cable. The RTV and AntennaTv programs are great too.

  • Tab Numlock

    The vast wasteland of cable TV gets more vast and more wastey.

  • patrick

    investing in black any thing is a losing deal they will fail so whatever have your black networks

  • Joann

    Obama needs to go, he’s the one behind this crap.

  • Flu-Bird

    Joann Obama is like 1984 and BIG BROTHER

  • VA

    This kind of thing, the constant bombardment with propaganda, is the main reason why my household is cable-TV free. We use only Roku to watch streaming content that we choose. What a blessing to not to have to put up with cable TV and the agenda.

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