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Red Tails flops at the box office.

Even though historians keep debunking the Tuskegee Airmen myths over and over, the movie keeps bringing them back.

Despite the absurd claim by George Lucas that Red Tails is a groundbreaking movie about race, that “white Hollywood” didn’t want him to make, the movie is actually just a remake of a 1995 version.

The movie re-invents the usually Tuskegee Airmen myths. The actually story of the Tuskegee Airmen is dramatically less grandiose. White pilots flying the same planes and the same missions had a victory rate 350% higher than the black pilots.

When you compare the records of fighter groups flying the advanced P-51 planes in the 15th Air Force, we see that white fighter groups scored 2.26 victories for every plane lost. This is 3.5 times the rate of the black fighter group.

In other words, white pilots flying the same planes and the same missions were 350% more effective. Think of this as an investment. For every dollar you invest in the black pilots yields $.66, while every dollar invested in the white pilots yields $2.26.

Fighter Group
Predominant race
Victories per aircraft lost in combat
31st White 2.49
52nd White 2.08
325th White 2.22
332nd Black 0.66

Red Tails had a production budget of $58 million. After three weeks in theaters it has grossed $41 million. The movie end up getting about 50% of the box office gross. This means the movie is still nearly $38 million in the hole and viewers at the theater have dried up.

  • nfb

    How depressing.

    I read in the news today that German scientists have mapped the entire genome of an archaic human known as a Denisovan. source

    I also read that the Russians concluded 20 years of drilling in Antarctica, tapping into a lake that has been trapped in darkness for 20 million years. source

    Another discovery this week revealed that a mild, painless electrical shock to the brain enhances learning. source

    Astronomers discovered a ‘super earth’ in a life friendly zone in deep space. source

    And just since the beginning of 2012 scientists in Scottland discovered a vaccine for ovarian cancer. Another headline read, “DNA sequences from tumor cells can be used to direct the immune system to attack cancer.”

    Such is a typical week in the global Whitopia.

    Another news story today revealed, “he has combined a glass slide, plastic sheets and double-sided tape into a “diffusion-based gradient generator” — a tool to rapidly assess how changing concentrations of specific chemicals affect living cells.”

    I don’t even know what that means.

    What I do know is . . .

    • We are witnesses the apex of Western culture; civilization in its highest form

    • We are destroying this culture through multicultural social engineering.

    While White people busy themselves unraveling the mysteries of genetics and unwrapping nature’s treasures from 20 million years ago, blacks are occupied with busting the cranium of a black gay guy in Atlanta, mob robbing convenient stores, and playing ‘knock out’ with the first White person that crosses their paths.

    Eventually the multicultural experiment will be complete. All that has been accomplished by Western culture will be destroyed and forgotten. And it’s happening in our lifetime.

  • Tom Pierce

    hahaha i love it! We’ve got a lot of disenfranchised Folk out there we just gotta figure out how to reach them where they will relate. Or just let Hollywood keep hanging themselves.

  • Erick

    I cannot fathom what Lucas is thinking with this.

    I’m glad it flopped…I hope he takes a huge financial hit in the future to drive home a lesson.

  • Joe

    A BLACK MAN HAS NO PLACE IN A WHITE MAN’S ARMY. So I didn’t support this film. One “BIG” army recruitment film if you ask me!!!!! Most of those Tuskegee Airmen had black wives as well.

    • admin

      While I do not object to glorifying our nations military in film or even pushing people to join the military (such as the new Navy Seals movies). I do object to many of the things our government is using our military for.

  • http://NAACP.ORG Joe Brown

    I can’t believe that you stupid ass people still talk about white power and race like were living in the 1960’s. You all need to get a life. Joe, there is no “White Man’s ARMY”. You want to talk about statistics: How about White people in the military are 65% higher rate at Suicide the African American people, 75% more likely to kill their own family after leaving a high paying position or Military or Law Enforcement position.

  • Henry

    Whites are actually albinos that came from blacks. They were deemed as inferior and was thought to have come from the devil. I thinks whites are very smart, they steal ideas, falsify the facts, and have came from the cave to making themselves feel superior. Wow, but still they say the dumbest things.

  • ProudBM

    You crackkaz are mad because black pilots are better. The white pilots ran away then black pilots came in to save the day, and take your white women on top of that!

  • Louis

    You dumb a– . That is call a MOVIE,,,, it’s not real ,, can you not read (not Ebonics) white pilots have a %350 better pilot rating then blacks , just like the black man trying to change history to manufacture a place,, we get it you can fly a plane . We also sent chimps in space ,, you don’t here the chips saying they did it better the the white astronaut ,, it’s alway about race with you people ,, let stick to the historical facts ( THEY WERE NOT AS GOOD) but they did help fight a war , let’s leave it at that . I glad gorge got his ass handed to him for trying to make up history,, just because you have a Black wife , hey gorge!!!! YOUR STILL WHITE

  • Louis

    Oh and henry, where you got were albinos devils,I never know , is that the story aunt jumam handed down to you ,,it’s call evaluation , we are farther down the chain they you ,, and we’re the devil ,, tell me you didn’t say that ,, who commits more crime, murder, rape,drug dealing. Who’s presence alone can bring down a whole neiborhoods home value ,, who can’t keep up in schools , who put a strain on all our country welfare system ? And you have the balls to call white people the devil ,, how dose the devils work??? tell me one place in the world you live in total Peace??? I can name thasands we do, so next time you call someone a devil , look in the mirror homeboy!!

  • Henry

    Please louis learn how to spell. If you are white you are making them look worse. Actually whites have raped and molested more, (plus the women that have lied on blacks all these years) that is the facts and there are more white people on welfare. Get some education and stop believing what you see on a website. Drug dealing you might be right, but whites use more and then when they get caught they tell. Classic the victim story. Lastly, murder, whites have killed nations and still kill their wives because they do not comply or because she tries to move on from a crazy relationship, and then they kill their children too. So much to say, but you have to be informed with the truth first. Idiot!

  • Henry

    Oh and on drug dealing, whites allow it in the country. So damn, they got us beat on drug dealing too.

  • Henry

    I’m sorry, I forgot I am talking to someone who is uneducated. Louis, by me saying allowing it in the country, I mean that the whites have actually funded the cartels to bring the drugs in the country. They just make a bust every once in a while to make you stupid people think they are fighting the war on drugs.

  • Louis

    Wow, I sorry I didn’t know I was talking to a retard. Let me address all the stuipid and retard s— you said,, first you need to look at the %’s. Blacks are 13% of America ,whites are 58% ,there are roughly the same amount of each. That means blacks are 4 times more likely to be on welfare, and all the stuff I said is stuff that everybody can see every day. Just go to any place black live. It’s not a web site ,its called books. They’re them square things you seen in in school before you were expelled. Tell me why 1 in every 3 black male in the country will be in the criminal system, here is proof we are superior, why do black get 20 extra points on state job test and collage apps, ( fireman,post office ,police ect) ? It’s because you are not as smart! It’s because you need extra points just to be on the same level as a white man, and the dumbest thing you said was that we kill our wives and children. Tell me you are really not that stupid. First,who can’t raise there own kids ,it’s called black on black crime! You leave your children to fend for theirself ,then they end up killing each other! You said who kills their kids! are you really saying blacks are better fathers or a family man?! lol! And we rape more?? Wow ! Look at Africa , 1 in 6 woman have been rape or gang raped , they’re so stupid. They believe if you rape a virgin you can get rid of aids. Oh speaking of aids , blacks are 48% of aids deaths, yet they’re only 13% of America. A black male has a 1 in 16 chance of getting it , and a black woman 1 in 30. Now on the other hand, a white male 1 in 104, and a white woman 1 in 588.( .htm) and that’s one of your websites homeboy! and we know how you get aids! So you said who does more drugs? stop making excuses and start making improvements to change. It’s been 100 and some years since you were free. How long does it take to get your s— together?! Black complain how many black slaves were killed, tell me how many white gave their life to free them? but we never hear that! you never answer none of my last questions, name a place where you live in peace. Where you’re not bottom feeders ? And I spelled it right for you YO ! It’s call quick text and abbreviated, you dont even want me to take you to school on English, I would not challenge you on Ebonics!

    • admin

      The most recent data shows that about 39% of welfare recipients are black and 38% are white. This means blacks are close to 6.5 times more likely to be on welfare than white people. Hispanics and even Asians (though largely only certain groups of Asians) are also on welfare in great disproportion.

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