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Black thugs brutally beat elderly white couple. Wife dies.

Imagine if the races had been reversed? This would be the biggest news story in the country. Instead it only gets local coverage and most stories completely CENSOR the fact that the perpetrators are black. The media simply calls it is a “robbery” even though only minor possessions were taken.

This is the first of several black male suspects to be arrested. This vicious monster lived only four houses down from the victims. He was supposed to have been in jail! A judge suspended his jail sentence for a burglary conviction and set him free to commit this horrible atrocity.

This vicious thug was recently convicted of burglary, but a judge did not see fit to make him do jail time. Photo from

  • Johnny Rebel

    The marxist media is not interested in reporting the truth because it goes against their satanist Marxist agenda and yes I’ve become cold hearted since I will give No black or liberal anything sympathy or compassion but wish them death and destruction!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Niko

    He was supposed to have been in jail!

    Lawsuit sue the state and parole board for releasing these criminals.

  • anon

    If the hate crime laws would be enforced for a white on black crime, then they should for black on White crime as well or we should not even have hate laws. This case is a good example for the need of segregation. That thug should have been in jail!

  • Kievsky

    Johnny Rebel,

    I feel your rage. I wish the survivors of these crimes would speak out.

    One thing I figured out is that the mass media is an arm of government/law enforcement. Mass media are basically the political police, and it is their job to play up some crimes, and play down others.

    The one bright spot is that they are making whites way more radical than we would be if they treated us fairly. They could have gotten their multiculturalism and been a little more even-handed about it, but no, they have to rub it in our faces. So we are becoming radicalized, and eventually it will be a real problem for them.

  • Flu-Bird

    Give him one sentence DEATH ether in OLD SPARKY or by LETHAL INJECTION without any appeals or last minute stays by liberal activists judges

  • Sonya

    Kievsky the sad thing is the media likely would censor any un-PC comments when the families of the victims DO speak out.

    I can’t imagine the rage the families must feel when their helpless loved ones are viciously beaten for no reason other than the sadistic pleasure of the attackers. They must feel extreme anger and hatred towards the attackers but their voices will be silenced (as in edited out) if they speak of it.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    If he doesn’t have A.I.D.S. or a drug- addiction, MAKE AN ORGAN BANK OUT OF HIM. It would be the first useful thing the bastard ever did…

  • Earl P. Holt III

    To Johnny Rebel:

    I wouldn’t micturate on them if they were on fire…

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