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Is CBS Houston intentionally misleading their viewers?

Photo from CBS Houston. It is extremely unlikely that this child bears any resemblance to the actual children caught having oral sex at school.

Two elementary school children were caught having oral sex underneath a desk at Tallulah Elementary School in Tallulah, Louisiana. According to, the school in question is 80% black and only 14% white.

What CBS Houston does is a perfect example of what we call “phase 2″ media censorship of black crime. The station shows an unrelated stock photograph of a white student. Instead of simply censoring the race of the perpetrator when a black commits a crime (that is phase 1), media outlets will actually show an unrelated stock photo of a white person to try to trick the public into assuming the perpetrator or perpetrators were white.

In the next issue of the Citizens’ Informer newspaper, we will be publishing a full expose on “phase 2″ style media censorship of black crime. We will also discuss the new tricks that have emerged recently in the Swedish media, which we are calling “phase 3.”

The staff of feels that the CNS Houston report is not only intentionally misleading, it is tantamount libel against the handful of unfortunate white children attending Tallulah Elementary.

CBS Houston Article.

  • Charlie McCluskey

    The media’s coverage of George Zimmerman must be an example of phase 4 reporting, actually calling a Latino/Chicano a white man. He looks about as white as Eric Estrada.

  • John Taurus

    White victims of Black crime need to file a joint lawsuit against the major media. It would be easy to prove the manipulation of facts to libel Whites the purpose of which is to get Blacks to attack White people. There is an overwhelaming abundance of evidence. Get some of that Zionist money.

  • stevn

    Commenter hilarity at the CBS link.


    How old were the 3rd graders???

    March 23, 2012 at 5:08 pm


    Given the school district this occurred in, I’d say anywhere from 15 to 21 years of age.

    The teacher could have easily missed this one if she was preoccupied w/removing knives from the other ‘students’.

    March 23, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    fast al

    17 and 19 years old…..It’s an all black skool.

    March 23, 2012 at 6:30 pm

  • NiviusVir

    The media are trying to continue to carry out the wishes of their masters, and carry out this egalitarian facade.

    Another example of this deception occurred tonight. My girlfriend and I were watching a television show, and a black man corrected a white man’s method of shooting by telling him not to hold his gun sideways, and stop shooting like a gangster. They love to reverse everything we know to be true.

    The fact is, we’re not all the same. Races are significantly different, and people know it.

  • Global Minority

    I would like to know when White people are going to start marching and protesting in the streets just like the black people are doing over “little Travon”. Which I find outrageous that blacks “demand” and get violent if they don’t get their way over issues that there own race does wrong.

    White people have plenty of wrongs such as this to get in the streets and “demand” action. A few more examples would be the Knoxville murders, the Duke Lacrosse Hoax case, the 13 old White child that was attacked by a bunch of savages with gasoline and light on fire for being White! But White people remain utterly silent, when they should be in the streets together demanding a stop to our genocide!

    A note: Please correct this sentence: Two black elementary school children were caught having oral sex underneath at desk at Tallulah Elementary School in Tallulah, Louisiana.

    “caught having oral sex underneath “a” desk, not at/ – Thanks. Just don’t want to give the anti-whites more of a reason to bash us. We know they to read this site.

  • Flu-Bird

    The COMMUNISTS BROADCASTING SYSTEM needs a poke in its eye for lying and fabricating

  • Atlee Yarrow

    I am amazed there are even stock photos of students and/or minors to begin with. Photos of any child should not be used in news stories regardless of race, religion, etc… and all that political correctness stuff.

    The first impression is the lasting impression and the newscasters understand this and abuse it all the time. No matter the facts coming out later, as it is like asking, “Who came in second place for (fill in the blank)?” Very few people ever remember what came in second place. It is totally irresponsible of a news station to use a picture in any story with someone under the legal age on consent or ability to charge with law.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I think Kyle is onto something with this “Phase I” and “Phase II” news media approach to covering negro crime and misdeeds…

  • Barry Soetoro

    America is finally ready for its first ex black president.

  • Roy Baty

    Add this to the list

  • JohnA

    This type of brainwashing by the media has been going on for years, just look at the tv commercials the black person is made to look superior to the white person in all aspects

  • James

    If only there was a way to peacefully contact them and inform them that we know of their “mistake”.

    Oh wait they don’t have a contact address on their website. It must mean they want riots outside their building.

    It is Houston after all…

  • http://cofcc rick daly

    The defamation of the long time majority in America ” whites ” has been brought to you by the New World strategies for a new world order ! From Broke Back Mountain to the Mexican refugee’s and there drug commodities ! There will be NO majorities in the future ! ” William J. Clinton “. A kinder , gentler nation for ALL ! George Bush Sr. , White people are at the bottom of the global heap ! So, why pay taxes ??

  • Frankie McCrew

    I’m not saying all of you are…but there are some rather small minded people posting here. It’s not about race….it’s about intergenerational economics and proximity to education. And if some of you guys don’t think white kids have sex in the 3rd grade…think again. Especially in those who have been abused by older people.

  • Mary Wright

    What I want to knwo is why the kids weren’t expelled back to their homes to get an ass whippin from their parents. Taht woudl teach the kids. Frigint he teacher is pathetic. So instead of teaching kids she has to be on BJ duty all day long? Madness.

  • http://google red, white and blue

    The main street left will not report on blacks against WHITES. Knoxville, tn., got zero news coverage, and going through second trial. They cleaned up the blacks, to put them before the jurors.

    So when WHITES get fed up with the white house and eric holder and all the blacks pushing their hate, jackson, sharpton, shelia jackson and the likes, it will not be a pleasant sight.

  • Ken

    shocking that they are going to such levels of deception to make white people look bad. Another sign that racism is still active.

  • Donald Moeser

    This site should be added along with the “Wichita Massacre” example above by another poster.

    These are tragedies that go unreported.

  • Paradox

    The teacher didn’t know??? What b.s. I really think the pervert teacher told the kids to perform the act.

  • I P Standing

    been there,,a black town

  • Maria-Erlinda

    What’s this???

    Kids as school can’t play any longer tag, cops and robbers, touch-football, ball-tag and so forth…and now they can’t play even Bill-and-Monika-Under-the-Desk???

    This is too much!!!

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