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CofCC in the news over Trayvon Martin shooting. writer and CofCC National Board Member Kyle Rogers

MAJOR UPDATE: The sister station of Fox Orlando has broken their silence. Earlier this evening, Fox Tampa Bay aired the interview with the witness who called 911. Even though the interview is now twenty-five days old, they pretend like it is brand new. The anchorwoman even describes the witness as someone “we have not heard from yet.”

On March 21st, CofCC National Board member Kyle Rogers wrote a bombshell expose on the way the media was intentionally mishandling the Trayvon Martin shooting. The article would go on to become an internet sensation and wreck the media’s propaganda train.

This AP article was syndicated in at least 33 different newspaper including the Washington Post, Denver Post, San Fransisco Chronicle, Bloomington, IN Pantograph, the Ocala, Florida Star Banner, the Sarasota, FL Herald-Tribune, the LA Daily Breeze, LA Daily News, Contra Costa Times, Brandon, Manitoba Sun, and a few news sites like MyFox Philadelphia, KATU Protland, OR, and more.

The article by Kyle Rogers went on to get nearly 200,000 facebook shares! It has been viewed over 500,000 times. It ranks among the most popular articles on of all time. A few days after this AP article came out, Kyle Rogers was told by a producer at CNN that his article changed the national discourse on the Trayvon Martin shooting.

From Associated Press…

Kyle Rogers blogs at and is also a national board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He wrote a post for Examiner asking questions about the facts that have been reported in mainstream media to this point.

The post has gotten more than 12,000 Facebook shares.

“Almost all news items are written solely from the point of view of the grieving family,” Rogers wrote. “The media also fills their articles with outdated baby-faced pictures of Trayvon. Very few include that he was a towering 6’2″ football player. Is the media really reporting the news, or is this classic agitation/propaganda to advance a political agenda?”

Contacted by The Associated Press, Rogers defended his position further.

“It is much more than a rush to judgment,” he wrote in an e-mail to the AP. “The media has intentionally hammered a grossly distorted version of what happened to advance a political agenda.”

  • ellie

    The media is now pushing the narrative that tretvon was shot because he was wearing a hoodie. I called the John Osterlind show in New Orleans and told him that what treyvon was wearing had less to do with the shot that the fact that he was beating up on Zimmerman. I feel it was justified, and covered under the stand your groud law.
    I want to know why we are not hearing more about the deaths in Chicago.
    I also want to point out the differebce between aby hoodie and the oversized hoodie accompanied by baggy pants.

  • Sonya

    While I completely agree that it is likely a very good thing Treyvon was removed from society…

    This Zimmerman character is also rather odd. The shooting was likely justified but still. He is “neighborhood watch”, carrying a conceiled firearm, following suspected criminals and then he screams like a little girl when he gets jumped on?

    They are both odd which explains why this entire situation took place.

  • David C

    I have sent this page to Matt Drudge, Rense, What Really Happened, and Rush Limbaugh. Jackson, Sharpton and Farakhan, not to mention Obama, are trying to stir up trouble that would really go badly for the Blacks of America. They should all be ashamed for trying to harm, physically kill, White people. This is trying to use free speech to incite immediate violence to destroy the free speech of Whites!!! This could be murder if any Blacks physically attack any Whites over this for political action, this is racial hatred at its worst. Who you calling Racist? Lets indict Sharpton and Jackson over this.

  • Bob

    When are us whites going to get together and fight back. I live near Chicago, nothing but gang killings everyday in the news, all black on black crimes. Chicago politicians demonizing the NRA, blaming guns?? NOT ! their culture is one of violence, period. When does the liberal media raise this much stink when innocent whites are murdered in cold blood by blacks every day? We need to unite, more than ever. We cannot let this small minority keep getting away with murder daily. Why cant we have big marches everytime a blck kills a white person? Unite my white bretheren !!

  • madpiltzer

    Wow! When any MSM publicly acknowledge comments by anyone associated to this hideously truthful sites like we know it’s hitting the fan. LOL!
    Great Job

  • Flu-Bird

    Just like with the RODNEY KING incedent the lefists news media wants riots.looting,and mayhem to push thier leftists agenda and sell their wratched papers and magazines

  • Atlee Yarrow

    The media always has a clear agenda and showing half truth lies is a means to insight higher ratings, “Oh, this poor baby boy” when the facts seem to be very different. A 6’2″ adult male who played football was on top of the Zimmermann beating him when he was shot? Or are the police and witnesses wrong too?

    What gets me are all the onesidedness of stories placed in the media.

  • Atlee Yarrow

    If the issues was really “racism” or “racist” then the media should be required by law, before reporting, to conduct a third person neutral service on the DNA of both or all subjects involved. Otherwise the media would be restricted to saying “Person” or “Persons” involved … crime… factual data, period.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Bravo to Kyle!

    Of course, he will become one of the Southern Pederasty Law Center’s “Most Dangerous” people in America…

    Wait a minute, that’s a badge of honor!

  • PalmettoPatriot

    Excellent work, Kyle.

  • COFCC to hold rallies?

    Has CofCC thought of organizing several rallies? It is clear the media isn’t going to admit the truth, and some in the media keep blatantly calling Zimmerman white, and stirring racial hostility against Hispanics and whites.

    Whites have been brought into this case for no reason, and now race hustlers have hijacked the narrative of this story. People don’t know what to think or what is the truth.

    CofCC should co-sponsor a rally called “citizens for truthful media”. I would definitely join a rally in my state. In fact, with the attention Kyle Rogers web is receiving he could probably draw a decent counter rally in South Carolina state capital. A counter rally doesn’t have to be big, obviously we aren’t going to get any entertainers to bring in a crowd, but we need to show a mobile opposition to media slander and lies.

    CofCC has to protest the racial aspects the media is trying to convince people the murder of Trayvon was about, yet this same media hide the brutal beatings and killings of whites on almost a daily basis.

    A good poster would be a picture of whites killed by blacks next to a pic of Trayvon entitled media favors some races, ignores others.

  • Pete

    For all the complaining, the irony is that the Stand Your Ground Law worked as intended. That victim George Zimmerman is still alive demonstrates that. Now, the thinking seems to be that those attacked by, say, a black flash mob should not be able to defend themselves.

  • COFCC to hold rallies?

    I know the HQs of my local newspaper and Tv station in my city. If I could get even a couple of other people I’d be willing to protest their offices over their bias and inaccurate coverage of this story.

  • Allen

    I agree with everyone above, but you know in way, I feel sorry for the American black people for being used, lied too, brainwashed and manipulated ( for decades) to further other’s agenda! Yes the Jesse’s and Al’s and Wright’s, and liberal socialist/politians!!!
    Other races have had struggles, but this one seems cursed!
    Blame it on Cain? Na, socialistic opportunist!

  • truthbetold

    COFCC has the right idea. People of European decent, or Eurowhites should mount a counter rally to state the facts of the case including that Zimmerman is more properly a Hispanic. I believe our people our have a racial identity crisis over color labeling? This is one reason I prefer to be called European American, or Eurowhite and not just “white” (which incidentally isn’t even a color, nor is “black” a color for that matter). My ancestors came from Europe and not “whiteland” – which doesn’t even make sense.

  • Ed

    I live in this community and I want these out of town agitators out of here!
    They are whipping these good people into a hate filled frenzy and I am worried that violence will break out and innocent people (possibly firefighters or Police Officers) will be injured.
    Sharpton Jackson and Black Panthers…go home! We don’t need you or want you here!

  • John Taurus

    The best way to fight back is in the courts. Hit the major media with lawsuits by Whites who have been the victims of Black violence. Blacks hate White people because of the anti-White geneocidal broadcastings of the major media. Blacks often assault and murder Whites because of this. Lawsuits would bring to the attention of other Whites that there are ways to legally fight back at this point. Hit them in their wallets.

  • Flu-Bird

    Will SPIKE LEE be making a movie of this incedent twisting the truth tosuit his own leftists vision

  • jon

    black and white americans dont have high enough iq’s to see through the media lies,and if some do have the iq,most do not have the constitution to embrace truth,because sometimes it hurts and requires much courage.

  • RS

    A young 6’2″ tall negro football player who was suspended from school, who probably thinks he is a badass who shouldn’t be questioned with tattoos, gold teeth in a hoodie just wandering around a neighborhood at night, attacks a neighborhood watch captain for daring to question the innocent black man. Poor poor baby.

    Even the testimony of the girl on her cell phone with him confirms this. He was hiding and when he was asked who he was and what he was doing there a scuffle ensued. If Zimmerman had not held onto the gun he might have been dead. Why would Zimmerman push Trayvon if he had a gun, he would just shoot him, and there wouldn’t be a scuffle.

  • Stephen E Dalton

    Flu-Bird, ol’ buddy, you said it wrong. It should be: Spike Lee is going to make a movieof this incident twisting the truth to suit his own leftist vision!

  • Vincent

    Make no mistake.
    This trumped up,agenda driven phony outrage and agit/prop as part and parcel of this Trayvon Martin Managed Nooz Jive Festival is seen by totalitarian minded NWO operatives as their Golden Opportunity to give their mindless,herded,ghetto Black foot soldiers more free rein to terrorize The Civilized unrestrained,unprosecuted and unpublicized…to generate more fear, division and distraction. All this to accelerate the oncoming “Security” Police State and further the destruction of Constitutional guarantees,and The Constitution itself.
    The Second Amendment(Individual),the Natural and Legal Right of Self Defense and a real journalistic Fourth Estate stands in their way and the,mostly Reverse Oreo White,enablers of and apologists for rampaging Other Than Homo Sapiens scum are determined to have this Republic destroyed and this nation subservient to craven,rapacious,Orwellian Globalist manipulator two legged swine.
    NO MORE!
    WAKE UP!

  • Vincent

    If there’s ANY doubt about an imminent installation of the “Homeland Security” Police State,witness the UNREPORTED and IGNORED by co-opted,prostitute media of Oblahblah’s signing of the NDAA warrantless,domestic MILITARY arrest,detention and rendition of American citizens…solely by order of The Executive Branch.
    Rachel Maddow,on The Affirmative Action Infomercial that is MSNBC,was the ONLY Talking Head that took issue with this, all to briefly…with NO follow up.
    Can you say “Managed Nooz Agenda”?
    How about “Death of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus”?
    “Imposition of Martial Law and Suspension of Constitutional Freedoms” is a real mouthful,but try to sound it out anyway.You may be living it sooner than you imagine.

  • anon

    I think CofCC should hold protests, even small ones in front of local stations. Let the media know we wont buy their lies! (But of course that means big brother will be.after us).
    I want to protest:
    The media lies that stir up black racial hatred of Whites.
    The ndaa and nwo.
    I agree with:
    David C.
    Atlee Yarrow
    Earl P. Holt III
    John Taurus
    and Vincent.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Hey “anon”:

    The CofCC in St. Louis, alone, has held over 25 demonstrations in the last few years with on various themes.

    These have included 10 or 12 rallies against illegal immigration, a couple against abortion, at least one in support of the police when they were being criticized for shooting “you-know-who,” a couple in support of the 2nd Amendment, and several others with various themes.

    One thing I’ve learned about people who urge others to stick their necks out for the conservative cause is that the latter are usually the LEAST willing to participate…

    What have you done for the cause, lately or ever?

  • gary

    why do we cower in fear? I hear so many people say do this or do that, but how many actualy ever do anything other than sit on ur arses and comain via internet? I you really are serious then join a group and go to a meeting hold a bennifit for a murdered white. But above all else arm yourselves and DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM!!! When the time comes and it will, get your families out of the cities, have an escape plan, then sit back and watch the chimpout, but dont become complacent, if they leave the confines of the gehto stand your ground 2 to the chest stops most anyone…

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