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Harvard Business Review: Diversity training has no positive impact.

Scam artists rake in millions in the "diversity training" hustle.

The Harvard Business Review slammed Diversity Training as having no effect in blunting the never ending “discrimination” lawsuits at the workplace.

Harvard Business Review…

In the most recent situation, someone used a word in a letter that felt derogatory to a number of African Americans. Before that, someone sent a sexist joke around the office and a female co-worker was offended. There were other incidents too.

Bedia had tried to address the issue in a diversity training that carefully outlined what people were allowed to say, and what they weren’t.

They also tried diversity training that brought groups of people into a room and asked them to separate into categories. Some of the categories were more self-evident like gender, age, and ethnicity. Other categories were more subtle, like experiences they’d had, likes and dislikes, and beliefs. Each group was asked to share a little about how they saw themselves as an attempt to educate the others.

Still, the problem persisted. The organization was tense and the CEO worried that, eventually, Bedia would end up in another lawsuit.

He was right.

That’s when Lana called me. Would I do diversity training?

There are two reasons to do diversity training. One is to prevent lawsuits. The other is to create an inclusive environment in which each member of the community is valued, respected, and can fully contribute their talents. That includes reducing bias and increasing the diversity of the employee and management population.

Lana made it clear to me that Bedia was interested in the second reason, not just the first, and I agreed to investigate.

But after speaking with a number of people in the organization, it confirmed a feeling that had been pestering me for years:

Diversity training doesn’t extinguish prejudice. It promotes it.

At first glance, the first training — the one that outlined what people could and couldn’t say — didn’t seem to hurt. But on further inspection, it turns out it did.

The scenarios quickly became the butt of participant jokes. And, while the information was sound, it gave people a false sense of confidence since it couldn’t possibly cover every single situation.

The second training — the one that categorized people — was worse. Just like the first training, it was ridiculed, ironically in ways that clearly violated the recommendations from the first training. And rather than changing attitudes of prejudice and bias, it solidified them.

This organization’s experience is not an exception. It’s the norm.

A study of 829 companies over 31 years showed that diversity training had “no positive effects in the average workplace.” Millions of dollars a year were spent on the training resulting in, well, nothing. Attitudes — and the diversity of the organizations — remained the same.

How diversity training promotes animosity at the workplace.

  • Joann

    I am sick and tired of being forced to be nice to minorities when all they do is give attitudes and start trouble. I am at a hotel today because my son had to come here for PSSA testing. As everyone piled into the lobby, they all formed a line. It was the black and PRs that just walked up to the front of the line and pushed their way in. I am so disgusted by these so called people, I don’t even know what to say anymore.

  • Flu-Bird

    Phooie on beging forced to cow tow and appoligise to minorities Its time they applogised for their unruly and arrogant behaviour

  • Earl P. Holt III

    If the Harvard-heads finally acknowledge the fact, that leaves only isolated cannibal tribes in South America and North American liberals who are stupid and ignorant enough to think that intelligent whites will have any reaction other than deep resentment against re-education efforts by the left.

    I attended an Army Basic Training “race sensitivity” course in 1971, wherein we were told that I.Q. averages did not differ between blacks and whites, and there wasn’t a guy in the room — including the instructors and the blacks in attendance — who actually believed that crap!

    I just wish the leftist vermin who design this crap were compelled to live amongst these objects of their affection and benevolence — as well as be forced to “do business” with them — so they could get a REALLY GOOD dose of multiculturalism, as I have received…

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