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Immigration is killing diversity in Southern CA.

The University of Southern California has released a study confirmed what the CofCC has been saying for years. Immigration does not increase diversity. Mass immigration is about the replacement of the native inhabitants.

A study by the University says “diversity may be peaking.” Larger and larger areas are being dominated by either Latino or Asian immigrants, while whites and blacks flee the state.

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  • Earl P. Holt III

    Of course, the brain-doctors at USC COULD immediately change their admissions policies and accept entrants entirely on the basis of objective determinations of ability, like SATs or ACTs, if they are REALLY concerned.

    It won’t happen, until the university is swamped with illiterate Negroes and Latinos, however.

    Send your kid to Hillsdale College: They won’t get a better education, elsewhere, and it costs one-third or one-fourth the tuition at “Ivy-League” schools…

  • Lakshman

    The second most npmortait issue is the fiscal health of the United States. And it has the power to become the all-powerful issue that drives everything else from the field. 1. The flagrant budget deficits are unsustainable. Look to California to see what life gets like as bond auctions fail and rates sky-rocket. This is only being prevented at the national level by the actions of the Fed. 2. If the Fed is allowed to destroy the dollar to save the banks and bailout the bankrupt Federal Government it will represent the final fucking over of White America by the elite and their welfare clients. What will be destroyed along with the dollar itself are the savings of every play-by-the-rules citizen in the USA. IE, the White, heartland, god-fearing, non-SWPL people. The Red State people. 3. They system that has been set up is not one that favors us. So the fight to maintain it, as currently structured is really a fight to continue our bondage. As others have pointed out the entire black middle class is a creation of government. Without the government jobs, affirmative action quotas, free tuitions to elite schools, test-score jiggering and huge useless make work programs like the TSA it would not exist. 4. Even the issue of white family formation is influenced by the government. Everything from tuition disparities by race (not to mention discount tuition for illegals) to the tax structure to local school funding make it expensive and difficult to raise children to be successful. A reordering of society with a downsized FedGov would likely due much to make being middle class fun again. 5. Therefore the second most npmortait issue after immigration is the size, scope and final disposition of the leviathon that lives in D.C. and Wall Street. A dramatic down-sizing of the Federal Government, including a reduction in regulation in many areas would be one possible solution. Strangely Obama’s own deficit commission pointed in this direction. Because it is the least disruptive choice, and leaves the most of the welfare state around that it is possible to save. A second alternative would be the de-facto seccession of states from the Federal structure by ending cooperation with the feds in area after area. If at some point a state makes it impossible for FedGov to collect taxes from its residents a defacto seperation will have occured. It is possible to see some glimmers of this shinging off in the distance. A third alternative is that the powers that be don’t act rationally quickly enough to save the system and it collapses, begining with a currency collapse, or debt repudiation, or hyper-inflation. The much derided end of the world as we know it looks a lot more likely now than five years ago. Peter Schiff was a kook telling people to buy gold in 2005 when it was $415 an oz. At $1400 an oz his explanations for the inevitable failure of our fiat monetary system are not so easy to dismiss as the rantings of a zealot. Of course there are negative alternatives too, like the Ben Bernanke figures out how to keep the wheels on the train, the Red State frog is boiled slowly enough that he stays in the pot, the deed is done to convert the dollar to something like the Mexican peso in value. No powerful voice for our people and our cause is found and we are led into the future in chains by our masters in Washington and Wall Street. To get back to the first question, now. Based on this analysis, the primacy of The Federal Government Question (the FQ’) I feel that someone who really means it about abolishing the Fed and drastically reducing the size of government is the person we need to support. At this point that person is Ron Paul, but perhaps Rand will soon eclipse the father and become the standard bearer for the movement. He seems less enthralled with esoteric libertarianism than his father, and more a mainstream paleo-conservative. (Despite his first name.) If not Rand I suspect the Tea Party will throw up other possible alternatives. Of the 12 candidates profiled on Fox recently as possible GOP contenders I thought DeMint was pretty good.

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