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Family describes George Zimmerman as "Hispanic." Media caught lying again.

George Zimmerman is the product of a white parent and a Latino immigrant parent. However the media has found it politically convenient to simply call him "white."

Every day in the US white people are murdered, raped, and beaten from black perpetrators. In almost all cases, there is little to no media coverage. So why is there so much coverage about a neighborhood watch captain shooting a 17-year-old teen. A search on google shows all the major cable news outlets, all the major websites, and hundreds of newspaper aggressively promoting the story from the point of view of the grieving family of the deceased. This is Agitation Propaganda (agitprop) 101.

There is definitely one detail the media is playing fast and loose with. The man fired the gun is universally described as “white.” The media wants him to be white. Having a white shooter fits their political agenda. Most media outlets are not showing his picture, even though a picture is available. All you hear and see is “George Zimmerman, white man!” What they aren’t telling you is the mother of Zimmerman is a Latino immigrant.

Robert Zimmerman, the father, told the Orlando Sentinal “George Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial family.”

Barack Obama also has one white parent. The media never calls him a “white man.”

  • Flu-Bird

    Dont ever exoect the truth from payed media liars and fabricators

  • Joann

    How typical. This is why it looks like there are higher numbers of whites on welfare, committing crimes… These hispanics, when asked on forms, say they are white. I noticed this on the Megan’s Law website when checking for freaks in my area, many of them were listed as white but they were clearly not. Unreal.

    • admin

      Actually, we do know how many Latinos are on welfare. I forget the total number. I know it’s 39% black and 38% white. Then a big chunk of Latinos and a few Asians.

      The reason they list them as white on all those wanted posters is because the Federal government has a Hispanic victim category, but no Hispanic offender category. So victims are counted as Hispanics, offenders are counted as white.

  • rolf

    Yeah, he sure looks white eh?

  • truthbetold

    This article illustrates why I’d prefer use of the term “Eurowhite” to simply “White”.

  • Flu-Bird

    More and more reasons to oppose illegal imagration and support arizona type imagration laws


    No one noticed that zimmerman is a common Jewish name.So in fact george zimmerman has no white ancestry what so ever according to mike wallace who is jewish but denies being white.

    • admin

      Zimmerman can be a Jewish name, but most people named Zimmerman are German.

  • anon

    Big Brother and Big Sis just “watching out for us” lying for our own good.
    he is Hispanic, not White, plz post his pic with the story! Share.

  • anon

    I like “EuroWhite” too, thx. Mind if i use it?

  • Michael

    Everyone needs to call the ombudsman at NPR and file a complaint about their newscaster referring to George Zimmerman as a “white neighborhood watch volunteer”. NPR should not be allowed to get away with race mongering.

  • yeah right

    I can look at him and tell he’s multiracial, but you’ve got one part kind of wrong: Latino doesn’t automatically mean not-white. It only means you’re a New World person with Spanish ancestry. There is a whole *rainbow* of racial possibilities under that standard. Cubans are Latino and a lot of *them* are black!

    What got me with Zimmerman is he looks a whole lot like one of my half-brothers. We share a dad but not a mom. In my dad’s family they’ve got one line with significant American Indian ancestry, and the other line is pretty much just French. (My family’s Cajun.) It has turned out interestingly in my dad’s generation and mine: my dad looks like an Arab (with no Arab ancestry whatsoever) between the Frenchman features and the dark coloration; I was asked variously whether I was Hispanic or Native American when I dyed my hair black; and my brother… well, looks like Zimmerman.

    But why do brown-skinned Latino people have brown skin? Usually because they’re part New-World indigenous. The proper term, I believe, is “mestizo.”

    So while initially I thought he might be really watered-down black, which would produce similar features, he really doesn’t have to be. But again, I’m not thinking of him as not-white because he’s Latino. New World Indians didn’t originally speak Spanish, you know.

  • infuriated

    Will whites across the country recognize that the medias are purposely mis-identifying Zimmerman as white to incite anger at whites for something a Cuban (or is it Salvadorian) has done to a black? Is this being too optimistic?

    This is infuriating. It’s soo blatantly untruthful and anti-white!

  • BillyBob

    Because the black guys get arrested the white guys don’t! That’s why!

  • puertoricanjew

    Haven’t you ever heard of Puerto Rican Jews? Don’t you know that many Hispanics claim white as they have no Native Indian or African blood in them? Are you oblivious that there are White Hispanics and Latinos of purely Spanish decent? Is Geraldo not a White Jewish Hispanic? Last time I checked, Spanish are considered Europeans.

  • Shasha

    I am a black woman, I have a black son, I teach black boys, and so I am tied to the black race. Trayvon looks like most of the men/boys that I love and because of that I felt compelled to say this. The point is that the lives of young black boys don’t have the same value in the country as others. If he was white, and a Hispanic/white man killed him-he probably would be in custody. Nobody wants Zimmerman to be white, but they do WANT the same kind of value to be placed on our boys.

  • Me

    This is a tale as old as old as time. I read police reports on a daily basis and see that people ie: cops classify people based on their last name more so than their appearance. That is why no one person can judge another soley based on their appearance or their name. Bottom line in this case is the fact that the minor was not armed and yet he was shot. An arrest should have been made sooner.


    No way is this guy Zimmerman “white”.
    If he considers himself white, he is dreaming.
    You don’t have to have pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes, but this guy is not even close.
    I am sure that some blacks are disappointed he is not white, but the truth is the truth.

  • Tat Walker

    Just like the media calls Obama “black.”

  • Zhu

    Looks like I found redneck central. Who is ignoring what information here? The issue here is not a white man shooting a black kid. The issue is the city attorneys office failure to pursue the case. That is worth some national scrutiny. Sorry, I just don’t see why y’all are being such rednecks about this.

  • anon

    He is not a “puerto rican jew” your argument is invalid. The family says he is multiracial, not white.
    The reason that fewer White men are in jail(tho there are plenty of White men in jail) than blacks is that most White guys obey the laws!

    Hey [yeah right] i am a Cajun too. Lazzais les bon temps rouler!

  • Esmeralda

    What does it matter the ethnicity of a person that commits a crime? Is it a lesser offense if the the person is white?
    Well…..we all know justice is not blind,is really biased. You know the drill..wink,wink.

  • Zimmermanisnotwhite.

    Zimmerman wishes he was white if he lived in europe he would be harassed owing to the fact he looks like a Latino, Arab southeast asian and a very dark southern european.

  • PinkPony

    Dude don’t look white to me. You are right about multiracial dudes. Dude commits a crime and he’s white. Dude gets himself elected prez and he’s black.

  • Bubba

    Well; Judge Leander Perez of St Bernard Parish, Louisiana is def White despite his Spanish background. He was also a member of the White Citizen’s Council 60 years ago. The irony is he would be counted as ‘Hispanic’ today despite not having any known Black/Indian heritage.

    Side note: in some Southern states; Chinese and Japanese were also considered to be of the White race. Cheng and Eng Bunker; the original Siamese Twins, their ‘halfbreed’ children were noted as White on the 1860 US Census.

  • Josephine

    Someone mentioned that it should not matter who did the shooting. If it was an unnecessary shooting from anyone..they should pay for it. About media and I believe the race also want to call him white so they can get up on their high horse about the white man shooting the black man. Let’s get the NAACP involved…even though this incident was not white at all. I just know something, people need to know when to pick their battles with the is getting rediculus. We could never go out and call racism on blacks, even though there is a lot of racism going on both ways. We would get shot down. Why is that..because what happened way back then. I swear most people love you and everyone else not because of skin color because of who you are. Every race needs to stop hating on the other because they can or they are afraid. I am telling you what, I hate it that Trayvon is not here. He looked like a sweet boy. He actually looks somewhat like my brother and he is the same age. This kind of thing probably happens more than we know, no matter what color..I just pray to God that it stops.

  • michael

    He looks absolutely white. He was even racially drafted by whites (5th round 56th overall pick)in the 2010 racial draft. What latino takes part in voluntary neighborhood watch? Not a single latino. Just because our racial draft pick is a bust we cant jus kick em off the team like the titans and vince young

  • Steve

    I think you should use “Eurowhite” as well. So that we know where to ship you idiots when the time comes!

  • Amy

    If a riot breaks out and white people are killed , because they media is building up the white , black issue .
    Which is a lie ! The man who shot the kid killed him , because he made a bad choice . The media turned it out to be white man kills the black kid. The is a sad day everyone turn your telivision off . Just read the internet and that will teach them about creating false drama. This man is Latino , Jewish mix and if he applied for a college grant he used that on his paper work . Sanford waterfront is very much white and black people who get along and fish the water front. White people are scared to fish the waterfront now . They feel people are going to blame them for what George Zimmeran did to this beautiful kid. The anchors like Jaine Velez , Nancy Grace, and their side kicks all live in posh neighborhoods with high security and us poor people have to deal with looking over our shoulders now due to this mess they have created. I rushed home thinking a white man killed this kid because I heard about it on 94.5 f.m.
    I was shocked to see he looked puertorican or deminocan , cuban , or mexican , porteguise . Who knows he just looks Latino . What’s really sad is this guy has been painted out to be a racist and white . He is no longer Latino he is a pshyco white man who hates blacks acoridng to the media. We have no turned our t.v. off for good and only read the internet for entertainment. Also their was a little 13 year old white boy attacked on his porch in Kansas and set on fire by two black males making racial slurs and it never made the big news . The point is their are ignorant racist people in every culture , but I think George was just careless and should have backed off and the boy would be alive today.

  • Verbena

    When I first saw his photo, I thought he looked hispanic, and sure enough, his mother is a latino immigrant. In my area, NYC, blacks and hispanics are in solidarity with each other. I don’t get this.

  • Margie

    Ok so Whites are jumping for joy because Zimmerman is half Hispanic – he is still half white REDNECKS!!!You still have many many centuries to go before your White forefathers sins can be absolved and sadly the ideas and beliefs of the afformentioned white forefathers are alive and well in todays whites. I am a proud Latina conceived by a Carribean White Hispanic and a Carribean Black Hispanic who loves her Black/African American brothers and sisters and knows that the way I feel about most White people is wrong however I give what I have received. Now with all that irrelevant nonsense being said by me and all of you, a 17 year old innocent boy was killed by a White Hispanic because he was black. Let’s be honest that is the only reason why and by the way if he was a brown or black Latino he would have also been killed. So White people stop turning this into a redemption agenda (which by the way is the legacy you have created) and get back to what it should be JUSTICE for a boy who was killed because he was black and no other reason. I am extremely embarrased that he is HALF Latino.

  • otay

    If the killer is a white hispanic, what does that make president Obama with his white mother?

  • Anthony

    George Zimmerman’s mother is Peruvian and his father is German/Jewish.

  • Memecycler

    Actually most urban crime is black on black. There is very little cross racial crime from the AA side. Dealers want to protect their white drug customers.

    • admin

      Yes, this is the fantasy that the media teaches. In reality, there are several crime categories where blacks targets whites more than they target other blacks. This includes robberies, muggings, auto thefts, and more.

  • andre

    Im peruvian and I know her mom, she’s a family friend. Her mom is a dark colored hispanic, so there’s no way he could be called a white person.

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