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More recent picture of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin.

Note: Since the media has spent such a massive effort to portray Zimmerman in a bad light, and such a massive effort to portray Trayvon in good light, we feel it is important to get a more balanced look.

Literally tens of thousands of articles and news segments have been published or aired that claim Trayvon was only 140 pounds at the time of the shooting. Here is the actual police report, it lists his weight at 160 pounds.

It is now being reported that Trayvon was suspended for ten days, not just five. Trayvon would have had to do something really bad to get suspended for that long.

For the past 48 hours we have received many e-mails about alleged pictures of Trayvon Martin. Some of the pictures are definitely not really him. Some of them probably are Trayvon, and some we are not sure about.

Top Right: This was posted on the twitter account and the facebook account of someone identifying themselves as Stephen Martin, older brother to Trayvon Martin. Both accounts appear to be authentic.

He looks a little older and little more muscular than the media photos. He also has multiple tattoos on his arm.

More Pictures: The website has pictures that were allegedly taken off of twitter accounts of some of Trayvon’s friends. They appear to be authentic, and some show the same tattoos. One picture also appears to be Trayvon showing off a bunch of gold teeth. However, the website is currently crashing a lot. You can try to access the page here:

  • Flu-Bird

    He hardy looks like the young boy the media has been showing us But we all know how the news media is always doctoring photos and fabricationg the news

  • Amy

    We need to protect Zimmerman ….a fair trail… If we have to call him white fine….but I don’t want The blank panthers to get him.

  • Amy

    I wonder what the Hispanic Mexican equivalent of black panthers is…

  • Noble White

    Response to Amy:

    Brown Berets, M.E.Ch.A. Mechistas, La Raza, MALDEF, Catholic Church, and Susie dating Poncho. They’re all Brown Panthers just as NOI, Rainbow/Push, Urban League, NAACP, United Negro College Fund, Congressional Black Caucus, Live Aid, USA for Africa/Hands Across America, your church’s missionaries to Africa, etc., and Susie dating Tyrone are Black Panthers.

  • David

    WAGIST appears to have taken down their article. Real heat must be being applied. The punk was a gangbanger covered with tattoos. Cry me a river, Leonard Pitts!!!

    • admin

      The WAGIST website appears to be crashing. It is probably getting more traffic than their server can handle right now.

  • Pearl

    OK… so even if he is 400 lbs with a mouth full of gold and expelled from school does is still give that man the right to kill him!? Come on now… im not racist but if it was a black man that killed a white child then he would no only be in jail but he would be DEAD!!!! no one has the right to take anyones life! R.I.P TRAYVON #JUSTICEWILLBESERVED!

  • Sonya

    If Zimmerman goes to trial and is found innocent that will probably trigger even more violent black behavior.

    If I were Zimmerman and worried about the threats I would find a way to move to one of the Hispanic neighborhoods in Miami for a few months. If blacks come into the barrio and gun him down there will be serious repercussions especially in Latino Gang territory.

  • Sonya

    ABC News is now telling the victims (Mr. Zimmerman’s) side of the story. Watch video here:

    And Pearl — Justice was already served!

  • Noble White

    Response to Sonya & Call To Action:

    Excellent idea! Zimmerman must seek refuge in a pro-Latino environment. He should not trust the Federal government — if they are “protecting” him. I wouldn’t put it past the government to leak his location. Please, anyone with Twitter & Facebook: put this advice to Zimmerman out there. Zimmerman: Consider seeking refuge in a pro-Latino environment and definitely release a videotaped statement (videotaped in a setting with no identifiable surroundings) and released by your legal team. Use a distant locale’s newspaper for proof of date. Don’t go against advice of counsel, of course — don’t go into the specifics of the incident. Just confirm that you are not a racist and that you did not intend to kill anyone — that you have no animosity toward blacks. Release the video to a truth-friendly media such as World Net Daily, The Washington Times and the Drudge Report.

  • Larry

    Pearl What you fail to understand. His age,weight, activities BECAME important because the media set out to paint him in best light possible. Otherwise it would NOT be a issue.
    Check your police reports. I am sure you can find a “Black man who killed a White YOUTH” and is getting tried in a court of law. BTW 17 is not a child to me.
    Regards “right to take life” If someone attacks me to extend I fear for my life. I will wish I had a gun on me.

    Thing is we don’t KNOW what happened. The few FACTS we do know seem to point to Zimmerman haveing reason to be in fear for his life. Its POSSIBLE his actions were not criminal. I am sure he would agree in hindsight there were not the BEST actions either.
    The idea that media, raciests have tried, convicted, pronounced sentence of death and those who have the fact have not even arrested him yet… THAT is what bothers me.

  • Beth

    Pearl, if you read the police report you would see that Zimmerman was attacked by Martin prior to his shooting Martin. Further, Zimmerman repeatedly yelled for help and no one chose to assist him. It appears that Zimmerman shot Martin in order to prevent Martin from killing him (by bashing his head in) after his calls for help were ignored.

  • Sonya

    Noble White thanks for the kind words.

    There are hard core Latino neighborhoods that blacks don’t dare tred in (in Los Angeles and no doubt Miami). I am a White female and even I would consider those places a possible refuge if black gangs were after me, Latinos can tolerate Whites and Asians but they often despise blacks.

  • Frankie


    I’m a Latino and you DO NOT speak for ALL Latinos. How dare you make such a statment! You might “tolerate” Whites and Asians but they sure as hell don’t tolerate us! In case you haven’t figured it out, Latinos are at the BOTTOM of the social ladder (other than whites, blacks are in higher profile positions and careers). It is our people who are scrubbing floors and taking jobs (under the table) more than any other minority group. Whites (especially) are passing bills (EVERYDAY) trying prevent us from becoming citizens, getting a good education, job, etc… The next time you see a rally against “illegal” immigrants take notice as to how many blacks you see in the crowd, NONE! You’re trying to kiss up to a race that doesn’t tolerate any race that’s not WHITE!

  • Jackie

    I agree with Sonya. I am a Latina and WILL speak for a majority of my people! As far as some of us Latinos are concerned, blacks are the bottom of the barrel. I have seenand heard it first hand by members of my own family! Sad, but true!

  • Jay

    There is no more organized racism in this country. The sensationalization of this tragic event and the mushroom cloud of a media storm that followed are frightening to me. What has happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? The Black Panthers are not what I would consider a jury of peers for Mr. Zimmerman. Is their call for a lynch mob to take the law into their own hands and hunt down Mr. Zimmerman not racist? No other ethnic group in this country could get away with such blatant racial profiling as is being perpetrated by the black community in this case.

  • Dr. Kerry Hussaun Omomba

    Working in Liberty City (Miami) for a few years, I’ve provided counseling to thugs like Trayvon Martin! How about The Miami Herald getting a SCAM Printout from the Miami-Dade Public Schools on Trayvon Martin? It would not surprise me if his SCAM file consists of many pages, including his attack on a bus driver!

  • Sonjalyn

    This is all very sad. A man was assaulted in his own neighborhood while trying to protect his and his neighbor’s property and a young man was killed…but the saddest part of this is what the media is doing!

    When I took journalism classes we were taught to report the facts…not speculation, Opinion or fabrications. Look at the pictures of Tryvon Martin. Those are not current pictures and the media chose to make the story about a sweet little black boy just eating candy walking through his neighborhood when and big evil white man shot him!

    If they had reported that a Florida man, living in a gated community, plagued by break-ins, shot and killed a 6’2″ youth.

    The youth attacked and brutally beat the neighborhood watchman when the homeowner attempted to follow the youth through his neighborhood

  • Vog46

    Why has the press not picked up on Zimmermans open carrying of he weapon on a waist holster when in fact in Florida you can only conceal carry?
    He should have been charged with at least a misdemeanor for that.

  • Flu-Bird

    Its time the news media was held totaly and finanacilay liable for thier lies and fruad

  • epat

    Mr. Zimmerman acted in self defense. all physical evidence supports that contention as does the testimony of the witness. the angelic young trayvon has no right to physically attack a man just because he was asked an uncomfortable question.

  • http://[email protected] Bobby Ritter

    Why is it that one black male gets killed and every one goes crazy. Every day white people are attacked and you here nothing about it.

  • Mark

    I just read an article that says that Trayvon showed no signs of bruising, therefore he was not in a struggle. A person quicks bruising the minute their heart stops and no one bruises instantaneously upon being hit. Thus, the lack of bruising is totally irrelevant to any material inquiry.

  • AB

    The newspapers are making things worse, they are creating a riot, but I guess that sells papers.

  • Chuck Kusse

    how about this…any one really cover that at all to the hype this is getting. george zimmerman aint even black but they try to make it a white hate crime. i dont get it.

  • PLD

    I was not shocked when these blacks got their way and Obama put his two cents in this..The blacks are getting away with murder and anyone else white or Mexcan will be attacked by the media..This is a black country now they get away with it all..Rude, pathetic lazy criminals,like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton smell a dollar then they come running..The Black Panthers got away with harrasing old people stood in front of a voting boot and dared anyone to pass if they were not there to vote for Obama..Nothing happened to the thugs..Eric Holder let them go and said there was not enough evidence although there was a film of the thug Panthers..Now the blacks are trying to send a good citizen to jail for taking a thug off the street and mainly protecting himself..
    The so called President we have will see to it whites and Mexicans are the last to get justice,watch who you vote for and do not believe a word of Obamas lies..

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