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SC mob beating was racially motivated

Photo from WYFF. Do any of these men look like they could be Obama's son?

Police 15-20 black thugs yelled racial slurs at a random white man, then viciously beat him.

From Anderson Independent Mail…

The six men are charged with assault and battery by mob. They are Teryn L Robinson, 18, Tray Devon Holland, 19, Justin Dimon Alexander, 20, Derick Lee Williams, 22, Kino Martinez Jones, 25, and Montrez Obrian Jones, 22.

Seneca police, along with Oconee County deputies and agents of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, arrested the six, all of whom are from the Seneca area, on Wednesday.

All were still being held late Wednesday in the Oconee County detention center.

The arrests followed an investigation that began March 17, when Seneca police officers arrived about 12:50 a.m. at the parking lot of Applebee’s at 696 By Pass 123 in response to reports of a man being beaten.

They found Terry Moore, 32, of Macon County, N.C., lying in the parking lot. He was taken to Oconee Medical Center.

According to a statement given later by Moore, he had been fishing with friends in Oconee County all day on March 16 and the group capped the day by going to the Applebee’s.

As the group left, Moore said, he went to the restroom while his companions went to their vehicles. When he went into the parking lot, Moore said, he was taunted by members of a group of 15 to 20 blacks who called him names such as “tree honky” and “cracker”.

One of the group hit him, Moore said, and as he reached for the alleged assailant, “everything went black.”

According to one of Moore’s companions, one of the assailants used a stun gun on Moore.

  • dave

    yes they all do. where is the white outrage. we need to start fighting back. they are laughing at us. time to fight back. someone needs to organize us. otherwise we are done!!!

  • anon

    Hate crime!

  • Spurwing Plover

    Treat this as what it is a HATE CRIME and have them tried for this crime and given life terms without parole and no plea bargins

  • John Taurus

    I don’t believe it! Where is the media to cover this racial violence???? No hate crime charges?? White folks, if we don’t protect ourselves, no one else will. The media wants race war and riots. This is the result.

  • Dissident Agressor

    Once again They ALL look like Obonga’s “sons”…

  • Niko

    Why no HATE crime charges??

  • Nelly

    Wake up people. It’s time to choose a side. We have a racist President, and we are about to be in a race war.


  • dave

    spike lee gave out an address of an old white couple on his twitter page becauses he thought it was zimmermans. why was he not arrested for inciting a riot? where are our white reps to talk for us? probably hiding under their beds.


    Could be let’s see what he says !

  • Sonya

    Niko the State of SC doesn’t have any hate crime legislation therefore the local authorities can’t press hate crime charges. They can ask the Feds to do it though.

  • Chairborne

    This clearly is a hate crime under the STREETS THEORY of Civil Rights:

    The STREETS THEORY and 10 documented cases of whites being brutally beaten or murdered for walking on a public street by black racist thugs at this link:

    BTW, this “Streets Theory” is the basis behind calls to charge Zimmerman with violating Martin’s civil rights, even if he is acquitted of local manslaughter or murder charges.


    This guys friends did nothing,,,you got to be sh–ing me !!!!!

  • Leonidas

    @REDNECKVET ; “This guy’s friends did nothing…you got to be sh-ing me..”
    Well, i guess they weren’t really his friends were they? I remember one time several years ago, when I had a white female friend of mine being threatened by three of these congoid thugs. I didn’t do what this man’s “friends” did. I did something about it, and to their credit,they decided to back off. That’s what we have to do. Grow a backbone. These lowlifes are nothing but cowards. The sooner we realize this and stop acting like cowards ourselves, the sooner this garbage will stop.

  • Joann

    Innocent whites who are just minding their own business are being attacked all over this country daily by out of control blacks, but the brutal crimes never make it into the news and they are never charged with hate crimes. And as said above, where were this guys friends? All I can say is, please people, arm yourselves and be careful.

  • John Taurus

    Whites have got to start legally carrying and protecting themselves. The police are under no obligation to protect you. You have the god given basic right to protect yourself from harm being inflicted on you or a family member by someone else, up to and including deadly force. 6 on 1. A revolver carries 6 slugs. Coincidence?

  • At Liberty

    Since SC does lot allow legal carry of concealed handguns in a restaurant that serves alcohol, a person is necessarily unarmed (if legal) when exiting Applebee’s. Think the punk gangs don’t know that?

  • John Taurus

    Time to pressure the legislatures into changing the law. Admit up front that the “high crime rate” in South Carolina necessitates the citizens carrying firearms with them at all times. You don’t have to say, “The Black crime rate”. Then Whites need to start “standing their ground” when confronted by such thugs.Most Blacks will be barred from firearm ownership because of felony records. Carry at the Mall in case you are “flash mobbed”.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The worst fate imaginable for these worthies would be to send them back to the “Fatherland,” where they would be eaten with minimal ceremony.

    Yum, yum, eat ’em up…!

  • anon

    Justice for Terry Moore

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