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Trayvon Martin "gangsta" pictures.

Trayvon holding cash

These photos, allegedly from a hacked Facebook account, appear to be authentic.

Was George Zimmerman justified in thinking that Trayvon Martin was suspicious?

Trayvon’s twitter name was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.

He had been suspended multiple times and his mother recently transferred him to a school further away.

The school confiscated some women’s jewelry from Trayvon which was believed to have been stolen.

Based on the 911 audio, Trayvon was in fact behaving in a very suspicious way.

After the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, his friends sent out numerous tweets that they were smoking marijuana in his honor. Some of his friends even tweeted pictures of marijuana “joints” that they said were “in honor of Tray.” A prominent theory about his suspension is that he was caught selling marijuana at school. However, other theories also exist.

Now alleged screen shots from his Facebook account are circulating online.  If authentic, they show Trayvon was asking a friend about where he can buy more of the prescription narcotic Codeine.

The screen shots were allegedly obtained through a brute force hack of Trayvon’s facebook account, because he used a very simple password.

  • Flu-Bird

    He certianly isnt the child the media and the other leftists has been showing us He was a criminal and died a criminals death

  • anon

    He certainly was no “child” he was almost 18. Typical violent negro. If he had not been shot we would now be discussing his murder of George Zimmerman.

  • Tab Numlock

    Had everything gone well, George would a spent a week in the hospital and little Trayvon would have gotten a yr’s probation and some valuable street cred.

  • RS

    Computer: Now Type in your password.
    Trayvon:your password.

  • Bernie

    He looks like Obama’s son.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    And all this time I thought he was wandering around in someone else’s neighborhood sporting a “hoodie” because he was trying to earn a Boyscout Merit Badge.

    Boy, am I chagrined…!

  • anon

    What are the friend’s twitter handles in case more tweets surface?

  • sdfsdf

    you know how many kids post pictures like this? how does posting a picture of a 17 year old kid with middle finger make him a bad kid, More white kids then black do stupid pics like that

    • Cracker122049

      Do white kids post names like No Limit Nigga too?

  • Joann

    Blacks refuse to accept when something happens to them, or one of their race, as a result of them committing a crime. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  • Global Minority

    Trust me on this his momma knows what her son was into. And now she gets to cover this up and gain sympathy, which makes me sick! Now he is going to be displayed as some “hero”. Maybe he will be in the black community, however the rest of the sane people should know better.

    What really sucks is George Zimmerman will be convicted by Eric “my people” Holder over at the DOJ come hell or high water. If not, they will riot bad. And Eric Holder does not want egg on his face!

    I feel sorry for George Zimmerman, a man that was defending himself from an attack only to be victimized again! One thing about Latino’s is they will band together against things such as this. You attack one, you attack all is their mentality. (Gee, white people used to be this way, what the hell happened?)

    I guess the ignorant black people that think George is White are in for a rude awakening.

  • Sonya

    Anon wrote If he had not been shot we would now be discussing his murder of George Zimmerman.

    No we wouldn’t.

  • Sonya

    Global Minority George Zimmerman is really not likely to be convicted. If Zimmerman goes to trial there is a VERY VERY good chance he will be found innocent.

    The trial verdict will surely not come soon before the November elections though. Blacks get angry over lots of things, but a verdict can set them off big time. The Obama administration won’t let a bad verdict set this country on fire 5 days before an election.

  • Jared Pierce

    Interesting article. Very interesting pictures.

    Could you make it easier to post links to Google Plus. I have irreconsilable differences with Facebook because they don’t like my politics. I’ve moved out to the Google Plus suburbs.


    • admin

      I’ve never even heard of Google Plus

  • Reaganite Republican
  • George

    Hoods for the hoodlums.

  • David

    It’s stories like these that follow with comments like these that let me know racism is alive and well, and strong and in-force in America. “Typical violent negro” No, of course he’s not racist. Right? And you wonder why black people think white people are racist?

    • bobfairlane

      Why do black racists live in white countries? 

      • HyperboreanX1

        So they won’t starve to death.

  • Tan

    This is a very sad case, but things like this happen all the time. It is extremely unfortunate but really should not be blown up to this extent. If a black man shot Martin, it would not be this big of an issue. If Martin was white and a white man shot him, it would not be this big of an issue. Race gets in the way of everything, when we should really just be there for both families… no matter what color anyone is

  • Noble White

    In response to David & Tan:

    The media with their agitation propaganda are blowing this out of proportion in order to incite riots and racial hatred by blacks. The blacks are forming angry mobs. And you DARE PREACH TO US ABOUT RACISM???!!!

    “Typical violent negro”? YES, INDEED!!!
    Because we speak from our own personal experiences. And David, if you don’t like it, go complain to OBAMA about us “TYPICAL WHITE PEOPLE”!!! And be sure to tell him that his typical white 8th cousin sent you. You see, Obama denounces the white relatives he DOES have and praises the black son he NEVER had!!!

    And Tan: “Race gets in the way of everying”? You mean like affirmative action? Racial hiring quotas? Or the suppression and oppression of our economy by the first black president? You see, all of these things are STANDING IN MY WAY!!!

    Now, I’m going to PREACH TO YOU about racism!!! Race matters to blacks and it SHOULD matter to whites. Race doesn’t matter to whites as much as it should. We HAVE put aside racial differences and we HAVE been MORE THAN TOLERANT!!! All of the problems you see around you, were caused by white people letting their guard down. Whites are blamed for everything. Blacks riot in the street and it’s the white man’s fault. Obama is elected and whites are STILL called racists!!! I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO PREACH TO ME ABOUT RACISM unless they can do one or more of these things: 1. Tell me what it’s going to take for minorities to finally be happy — the last item on the list to let us know that the end of racism has been achieved (but I already know the answer to this one: when the last white person is dead). 2. Walk through a white neighborhood scathed and a black neighborhood unscathed.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Hey David: We don’t give a shit what they think. The point is they DON’T think!

    Facts, evidence, logic and reason are as alien to them as hygiene, employment, marriage, observing the law, or integral calculus. This is readily apparent in the entire Trayvon Martin case.

    You’d find this out if you’d move amongst them and “minister” to them. (Yum, yum, eat ’em up!)

  • loKey

    Have you scanned through Facebook recently and seen the stupid poseur pics that are thrown on there constantly by teenagers of all races? The fact is that even if Trayvon was a hardened criminal with years of jail time prior to this incident, which he wasn’t, it still doesn’t explain a man following him around with a loaded weapon even after the 911 dispatcher had told that man not to do so. If you’re a guy I don’t know following me around and chasing me down an alley I’ll punch you in the nose too.

    • bobfairlane

      Maybe you live in California where people carry unloaded weapons lol. 

  • Soap Opera

    The Al Sharpton rethoric has lessen just a bit, now, when the public is aware that Trayvon was not an angelical kiddo but a full grown up more than 6 foot tall football player adult with tatooes everywhere, golden teeth, wannabee gangster, expelled from school for 10 days for marijuana posession, unable to be controlled by the mother who was separated from the father who in turn was dating or living with other woman and was so busy that was unable to drive him or allow him to drive a car to the convenience store, expressed himself with the usual despise and lowlifeness about woman, bitch, hoe, etc.

    So now that the tapes from the arrest, (as police arrested Zimmerman (not many Hispanics with a Jewish last name)), we know that police did its job and arrested the shooter but was released for lack of evidence to arrest him by someone, judge, etc.

    The logic from Sharpton and his lynching mob is that Zimmerman should be without an eye, the nose destroyed and with the skull exposed to justify hoodie Trayvon’s alleged attack and consequent shooting. Well the law says that stand your ground is also applied in the fear of severe physical damage.

    He conveniently forgets to tell that he received medical treatment at the scene and the police description confirms it, which would be easy to confirm had the police audio/video cameras on their uniform or dashboard, or even the emergency services.

    You will never listen from him questions about why Trayvone did not use his cell phone to call the police, or his father, as it is most likely that he did not have the father’s lover or mistress number in his contact’s list, instead of not following the expert council of his hoe, who recommended him to run, why he just did not keep talking instead of confronting and later allegedly attacking the individual, not knowing who he was messing up.

    Even if he had been in the “no limit niggahood”, he would never had attack someone not knowing if the other “no limit nigga” was armed.

    No, he chose to confront the individual and the devilish details are in who started the confrontation, who pushed or punched first, that in the era of wonderful technology as well as many other questions will be found when the polygraph test is taken by the accused to clarify who started the life threatening or perceived life threatening situation.

    After all, if you have a peanut of a brain, stand your ground laws are to be followed or applied if you are sure you can stand the confrontation, so Trayvon saw and old fat cracker and waited until he turned around as he was going to use his cell phone and attacked, thinking this was an easy one, unfortunately the “no limit nigga” found his match, and now the limit is permanent and there is no turn around.

    Another stupid and ignorant argument about the hoodie runs like, “you don’t understand, you got to show you are tough in the niggahood”. Daaaa, that is why people run from black neighborhoods unless you are poor or demential. Because the laws there are no laws or the law of the jungle due to community lack of unity, the wrong kind of unity, flawless police job and many other ugly issues coming from racism, discrimination and other lovely inheritances of the slavery crew. However people do not want to live under the “rules”, culture and practices of the niggahood.

    After all Mr. Sharpton smoking expensive cigars in that fancy all white club in New York would never even consider going back to the niggahood and much less for that matter to the South, the Carolinas, Lousiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, or pink slime.

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