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Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman punching him when he was shot.

Photo from USA Today

Besides the fact that almost all media outlets have lied about what race George Zimmerman is (he is a Latino/Mestizo), they are also censoring major important details of the case. Some have even published wild opinions about the 911 calls as if the opinions were factual statements.

Would you be surprised to know that the statements of the eyewitness are being censored in almost every media story about the shooting?

1. When police officers arrived, George Zimmerman had a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound on the back on his head.
2. The eyewitness who called 911 said Zimmerman who screamed for help.
3. The eyewitness also reports that Zimmerman was on the ground and Martin was on top of him beating on him.

This information was made public by a local Orlando television station on February 27th. We now have 22 days of rampant media reports that omit these facts. Once you see what information the police had, it is obvious why they did not arrest him. They were simply abiding by Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Police are now required to have evidence that a shooter was not acting in self-defense.

How many times have you heard the phrase “Trayvon Martin was a cheerful person,” but you had never heard the words of the eye-witness to the shooting?

Each time you see a “mainstream” news outlet rant about the Zimmerman/Martin case, ask yourself why these three facts mentioned above are missing from the story. Ask yourself why the media is called Zimmerman a white man instead of a Latino. Ask yourself if you think the story is really news or is it agitation/propaganda designed to advance a political agenda.

This past weekend in Chicago alone, black and Latino gangbabgers shot 10 people and wounded 40. The youngest fatality is only six years old. This received no national coverage. Why does this one shooting warrant weeks of coverage?

Even if you think Zimmerman was completely unjustified in firing his gun; ask yourself why 99% of the now thousands of articles are solely from the point of view of the grieving family without trying give a balanced account of the events.

Even more details were released by police on March 16th. Click here to watch news clip.

Neighborhood saw rash of black crime leading up to shooting.

From Miami Herald…

The answer may lie in police records, which show that 50 suspicious-person reports were called in to police in the past year at Twin Lakes. There were eight burglaries, nine thefts and one other shooting in the year prior to Trayvon’s death.

In all, police had been called to the 260-unit complex 402 times from Jan. 1, 2011 to Feb. 26, 2012.

“He once caught a thief and an arrest was made,” said Cynthia Wibker, secretary of the homeowners association. “He helped solve a lot of crimes.”

Zimmerman told neighbors about stolen laptops and unsavory characters. Ibrahim Rashada, a 25-year-old African American who works at U.S. Airways, once spotted young men cutting through the woods entering the complex on foot, and later learned items were stolen those days.

“It’s a gated community, but you can walk in and steal whatever you want,” Rashada’s wife, Quianna, said.

They discussed the topic with Zimmerman when the watch captain knocked on their door late last year. Zimmerman seemed friendly, helpful, and a “pretty cool dude,” Ibrahim Rashada said.

“He came by here and talked about carrying guns and getting my wife more involved with guns,” he said. “He said I should have a weapon and that his wife took classes to learn how to use one.

  • Robert

    The Little Tray story is dying on the vine. The news media is conceding defeat. Zimmerman was justified.The only question now is whether or not we get a black riot after the grand jury investigation. I would love to see Obamas’ reaction to that. The comparisons to David Dinkins will be popping into everyones head.

  • Flu-Bird

    And these journalists wonder why the American public no longer trusts them/ This is more proof the main-stream leftists news media fabricate and fake the news

  • Global Minority

    I heard on the radio that the FBI is NOW investigating this for “hate” crime charges! The FBI falls under DOJ and you can bet your sweet bottom that Eric “my holder” people will get a conviction. Rate now Black trumps Latino.

    From what the Census tells us that the Latino’s will outnumber whites and blacks in a matter of 20 years.

    I wonder if the new Latino overlords once in power will coddle, kiss the rear ends, give preferential treatment in hiring, tax their fellow Latino’s to death to pay for “entitlements”, give them scholarships at the expense of their fellow Latino’s, make excuses for their failure and cater to blacks the way the self-hating “liberal white establishment has since the 60’s? I think we all no the answer to that question. It will be a rude awakening for blacks in America. Their just deserts await them. Those of us white folk left may get the last laugh on this one.

  • Global Minority

    Yahoo is running a story about this on the front page of there website.

    It’s entitled: Girl on phone of slain teen speeks out. A friend offers a chilling glimpse of what happened as Trayvon Martin was chased by a strange man.

    GAG ME!

  • chuck spears

    Police said when they arrived, Zimmerman told them he was calling for help but nobody came to his aid.

    Here’s another important piece of evidence.

    – Police said Zimmerman had wet grass marks on his back, per Orlando Sentinel.

    – It had just rained, so this supports that Zimmerman was on his back.

    – Trayvon was a towering 6′ 3″ tall and almost 18 years-old. That’s very different than the image portrayed by mainstream media–which show out-dated Trayvon photos, implying he was a little boy.

  • Chairborne

    “- Trayvon was a towering 6′ 3″ tall and almost 18 years-old. That’s very different than the image portrayed by mainstream media–which show out-dated Trayvon photos, implying he was a little boy”

    Yeah I noticed that too. He looks about 12 in those photos. His image at this link show him to be more menacing.–abc-news.html

    I read also that he was visiting with his father in Sanford because he had been suspended from School in Miami. Evidently he is not the angelic young boy that the Corrupt Liberal Media portray him as.

    Why am I not surprised?

  • John

    Anyone doing neighborhood watch, if they are going to be patrolling with a gun, they should also be equipped with weapons like pepper spray, handcuffs, and other weapons. That way if someone feels like they have no choice but to draw a weapon there are a variety of weapons to choose from. I believe that Zimmerman could have incapacitated Trayvon Martin without using deadly force.

    All that being said the media is being very one sided and calling for blood. I don’t agree with George Zimmermans actions, I wish he has carried pepper spray or some other weapons that could have incapacitated Trayvor Martin without causing his demise. As far as whether or not what Zimmerman did was legal is another story though. I don’t want to comment on the legal aspect of the story.

    I just want to say that people patrolling for neighborhood watch should carry a variety of weapons. And I am dismayed by the one sided reporting by the media. I wish the mainstream media was giving both sides of the story.

  • joe_no_gibs

    I just found this site. Thanks for telling the truth. I will be sure to tell my conservative friends.

    Why does the media protect blacks? I always compare things to the Susan Smith case. It was national news for months. Yet if you really search you can find 10 things everyday committed by blacks that are equal or worst to the Smith case but they never make national news. Why is that?

  • zeta

    I know that this is an unpopular opinion around here but. You can’t have people around dispatching what is considered vigilante justice for a number of reasons. Most notable the fact that you can’t trust individuals to be responsible who don’t swear an oath to uphold the law.

    This isn’t mexico, iraq or Brazil.

    if we go down this road to where people think this sort of thing is acceptable than in ten to twenty years you’ll end up having people breaking into homes claiming that they had a right to be suspicious of what a neighbor was doing because you look different.

    If what the analysts say is true. We will be the minority in a dozen years. We need to be careful with this madness.

    Toss this Zimm character in jail to set an example. He shouldn’t have been chasing this teenager in the first place.

    Besides. I really don’t buy this boy being able to take on a grown man.

    Sorry i just don’t see that.

  • Dan

    My problem in all this is the police are supposed to be skeptics…
    If I arrived at a dark night scene with no reliable eyewitnesses and saw signs of struggle, a man with a gun, and a dead, unarmed body on the ground. I would find the armed man’s claim of self-defense a little… well, a little far-fetched. A sign of struggle could mean that the victim was defending himself against an unknown assailant with a gun or it could mean that the gunman was trying to be reasonable but the other person attacked him anyways. But I wouldn’t accept the word of the man, regardless of race, with the smoking gun and the word of witnesses who can only claim to have heard the whole thing. I know that law enforcement are trained not to trust people at the scene of the crime, why did that change all of a sudden?

  • Tiger

    Since there’s no transcript anywhere of the interview of the witness “John” by reporter Keith Landry, I wrote out a transcript here:

    Narration: Sanford police (are) still trying to figure out exactly what happened in this spot here last night. We talked to a man who didn’t want to be shown on camera, who witnessed part of the attack right here then went upstairs to his window and witnessed the rest of it after he called 911.

    Reporter: “What are you thinking now about all this?”

    Narration: This afternoon I talked to “John” through his front door about what he saw last night during a fight that turned into a deadly shooting.

    John: “The guy on the bottom (Zimmerman) who I believe had a red sweater on was yelling to me ‘help, help’. I told him (Trayvon) to stop (beating Zimmerman) and called 911.

    Narration: John locked his patio door, ran upstairs and heard at least one gun shot.

    John: And then when I got upstairs and looked down, the person (Trayvon), who was on top, beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass and I believe he was dead at that point.”

  • Chairborne

    The “elephant in the living room that is ignored by the Corrupt Liberal Media” is Florida’s “STAND YOUR GROUND LAW” which gives a person who is physically attacked the right to use deadly force to defend himself. Yet almost NONE of the articles in the Corrupt Liberal Media about this incident even mention this LAW which creates mass anger by people outraged that the cops let the shooter go.

    Zimmerman was being beaten about the face by the 6ft 3 “little boy” when he pulled the gun from his waist band and shot his attacker. Eye witnesses said the screams for help were from Zimmerman who was calling for help and his injuries corroborated the eye witnesses testimony and the local prosecutors told the cops that there was no case for manslaughter under the Stand Your Grand Law, so after cuffing him and taking his gun for analysis, they let him go.

    The Corrupt Liberal Media not only ignore these central facts they further inflame the national lynch mob by insisting on showing the photo of a baby faced, smiling “victim” instead of the more menacing photo of of the almost 18, six ft three Martin.

    The operative word in the Corrupt Liberal Media is “Corrupt”

    Liberalism has killed Journalism

  • Chairborne

    Please note that most all of the photos of the “victim” shown in news stories by the Corrupt Liberal Media are those of a small baby faced 13 year old kid, not the up to date photo of a 6 ft 3 going on 18 young adult.

  • Jeremiah Wrong

    I am so glad for CofCC, for the comments that people have posted here, and that this information is getting out. We MUST post this everywhere.

  • Joann

    EVERY neighborhood they infest becomes full of crime, violence, and run down homes. Funny how nobody with any power to do anything about this sees it.

  • Charlie

    RE: John says: “they should also be equipped with weapons like pepper spray, handcuffs, and other weapons”

    – Disagree. Neighborhood Watch doesn’t have the authority to detain a person or physically touch a person so handcuffs are out. If Zimmerman had pepperspray, it’s unlikely it would have stopped the attack by Trayvon. Pepperspray would have just made Trayvon more violent and his attack on Zimmerman more brutal. Further, what if Trayvon was armed? You don’t want to take pepperspray to a gun fight.

    RE: Zeta says: “You can’t have people around dispatching what is considered vigilante justice”

    -Zimmerman shot Trayvon in fear for his life. That’s not vigilante justice, that’s self defense. In Florida, the law allows people to use deadly force to fend off deadly force. It’s a beautiful thing that Florida’s done: empowering its people to arm and protect themselves, then legally supporting their safety and self defense with the Stand Your Ground law. Let this be a lesson to criminals in Florida, especially, the 17 year-old thugs who jump hispanic guys for no reason.

  • Sunny

    Why did Zimmerman pursue and confront Martin? Neighborhood Watch volunteers are not supposed to confront anyone NOR carry guns. They are “eyes and ears,” to report suspicious persons to police.

  • Bigdaddyg09

    Yea, I was wondering when the media was gonna say, Huh oh. He’s not white. I even saw where one outlet referred to as Mexican/White. They knew the media wouldn’t be able to get as much effect with Hispanic kills Black.

  • Jeremiah Wrong

    If you really listen to the 911 tapes, it was Martin who advanced on Zimmerman. Zimmerman merely followed Martin at first to keep him in sight. Zimmerman repeatedly tells the dispatcher that Martin is coming at him.

  • busterbrown

    I have been reading the comments and some are on point. I do disagree with the thought that since Martin was assaulting Zimmerman with his fist, then that gave Zimmerman the right to shoot him. Martin did not know who he was. He was chasing Martin and frankly, Martin got the best of Zimmerman. What would you tell your son to do if they were watched and then chased by a stranger?

    Zimmerman pit himself in that situation. He was told not to chase Martin. He stated that these a##holes always get away. Police officers are being taught a new tactic and its called Officer Created Jeopardy which means that officers will try not to put themselves and or citizens in unessassary danger.

    For example, Officers are not to operate on emotions and allow adrenaline to cause them to do something that could get them killed such as foot chasing a suspect when no backup is around. Officers are taught not to put themselves in situations where they may have to take someone’s one illegally.

    Martin’s life was taken illegally. Zimmerman created this tragedy. However, what crime fits here? I think manslaughter fits. It does not matter to me what Zimmerman’s past was so why should it matter that Martin was suspended from school? He was probably hoping to make a fresh start with his father.

  • Global Minority

    And you’ll can bet your bottom with Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Eric My People Holder will be putting a stop to that law. The FEDS hate this law.

    There is a BIG reason why Zimmerman was NOT arrested on the spot and there is a an even bigger reason why he has NOT been arrested thus this far. It is called self defense! The evidence supports Zimmerman a 100% at this time. And I don’t see that changing.

    However, what I do see is the corrupt DOJ with Eric Holder at the helm convicting him anyway and stoping Flordia from the Stand your ground law.

  • Marco

    One thing you’re all forgetting is that he apparently confronted Trayvon. (Allegedly) it’s not as if Trayvon confronted him. Even if he was beating on the man, apparently Trayvon didn’t look for confrontation. Although Trayvon wasn’t some 5’4 little boy, I’ve seen the pictures of Zimmerman also. Let’s not exaggerate and act like Zimmerman was some 90lb anoerxic man. I agree with the person that said he should’ve carried pepper-spray ALONG with a gun, instead of just shooting him. Pepper spray would’ve made him angrier, but it would’ve incapacitated him enough for Zimmerman to get the upper hand in the brawl. No matter how much the media spins this, the fact of the matter is, it could’ve been handled in a different way, and Zimmerman himself COULD HAVE been looking for a fight knowing he had a weapon, and thus using this confrontation and his agitation of Trayvon to use deadly force in self-defense.It’s happened before. People looking for any excuse by law, to use a weapon. We nor all the angry people know all the details for sure.


    If you were followed at night by someone, what would you do? If that person walked up to you and asked what are you doing here without identifying yourself?

  • sunny

    Ok…If this is true why wasn’t it reported in the news? Why wasn’t anything said about it before now? Seems to me like if it really happened this way it would have been reported at the very beginning. I’m not buying it. The 911 made by Zimmerman speak for themselves.

  • Marco

    He was following Trayvon? How was Trayvon supposed to know if Zimmerman was a neighborhood watchman or just a suspicious guy following him. Trayvon shouldn’t have acted in the way he did, but Zimmerman comes off looking suspicious that way. I don’t know ANY of my neighborhood watchman. If some neighborhood watch guy(who I didn’t know was a neighborhood watch guy) was following me, yelling some things, than I would be suspicious also.

  • anon

    Arm yourselves to protect ppl from tje black mob riot that is sure to come!

  • Jeff

    If the kid that got shot was White there is NO WAY that this story would have been given as much media coverage. it would have been swept under the rug like all interracial crimes against Whites are.

    Funny how all these anti-Whites always ask “what does race have to do with it” when Whites are the victims of non-White attacks but suddenly race is the main issue when the tables are turned.


  • Marco

    Is Fox News not part of that same media?

  • Rolling By

    He wasn’t dispensing vigilante justice: he was attacked and he defended himself.

    PS. Thanks for this article. W/o it and similar I would not know the truth. Media are full of lies. Not sure why, but they obviously are.

  • Niko

    Besides. I really don’t buy this boy being able to take on a grown man.

    NOT MANY GROWN MEN are 6ft3in!

  • Pete

    Underlying all of the Trayvon Martin hysteria is the tension between blacks and Hispanics. Hispanics have displaced blacks as the largest minority, as well as from a lot of jobs. In the Martin case, Barack Obama seems to be siding with the blacks. One wonders if this could cost him with Cuban voters, especially in Florida. Hispanic leaders seem to be lying low right now.

  • Diane

    Good Lord – I was 1 who was suckered into believing this “hot mess.” Embarressed now….damn the free liberal media, plus the screwed-up horse they came in on!!! NEVER AGAIN!

  • pygymy

    Two things about this case bother me. First if the libtard version of what actually happened were true and this was a racist execution why was Trayvon screaming “Help!” If someone was pointing a gun at me I would be yelling, “Don’t shoot! Please don’t shoot!” because there is no help that can arrive fast enough to stop a bullet. Secondly I don’t believe his girlfriend’s story for one second that Trayvon was talking to her about being followed and that she told him to run. If that were true Trayvon would not have been a “John Doe” with his body unidentified and unclaimed for two days. I’m sure she would have been calling him every ten minutes to find out if he was safe and then started calling his parents and friends. Which begs the question, “Did Trayvon have a history of going off and not telling his parents where he was.” It took them long enough to find their son.

  • Ckingtruth

    Also, the police report states that Trayvon was 160 lbs, yeah a really big strapping 6 ft. football player. Strangely it does not list the weight of Zimmerman, unless I overlooked in all of the redacted information. So even if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, wouldn’t you if be fighting for your life if some guy with a gun that you didn’t know started chasing you? Logic again, but that seems in small doses around here. As for the pictures, The picture that is being used most often with him wearing the maroon shirt was taken 3 WEEKS before he died. He still looked like a young kid in that picture.

  • Roger

    The President sure likes to get himself into the middle of a story before all the facts come out…you would think he had learn his lesson by now. Heads up to Hispanics this President will throw you under the bus if it helps his campaign.

  • Jmac

    You know what’s ridiculous? People debating the details of this case as though they are the jury, deciding what happened and who was right and who was wrong.

    All of this discussion based on here-say is crazy. You must admit that this is true.

    There is only one thing that we know for sure right now. What actually happened that night, which would be determined by a thorough and proper investigation not people arguing on the internet, will probably never be known by you and I.

    The police, in this instance, failed on an epic level. And what I mean by this is that they failed to do proper forensics. And therefore, the facts of this case will most likely never be known by anyone other that Zimmerman.

    When there is a death that is in any way suspicious, protocol is always to collect all evidence, bring all people directly involved in for a thorough interview, record each persons account in writing and video, do a blood spatter analysis, toxicology screening, gsr test, etc…

    Because the police did not do their job and they let Zimmerman walk away from the scene of this incident we have a national argument between liberals and conservatives based on here-say and innuendo. It is craziness.

    I find it amazing that people actually engage in this sort of meaningless mental masturbation, raising blood pressure and producing anger and anxiety over pure speculation.

    Everyone should stop arguing the so called details of this case, join in one voice and demand that law enforcement follow proper protocol. And if they don’t, as they clearly did not here, heads should role.

    Had the police done their job, simply done the proper forensics, none of this would be happening. We would have facts rather that another stupid ideological argument going nowhere.

    That they did not do their job is a tragic mistake stacked on top of another tragic mistake. What a damn shame.

  • ConservativeBlack

    AS a conservative black I am repulsed and dismayed by the biased and prejudicial heading and comments here. As a parent, my heart goes out to both sets of parents. No one knows what happened that night, however the tidbits emerging make for disturbing reading.
    Leaving race out of it, person B spots person A on a dark rainy night. Person B thinks person A is suspicious, follows and calls authorities, authorities tell person B to cease following person A. Person B continues to follow person A, person B accosts person A.
    Person A is dies, person B claims self defense.
    Think now, what if your child was person B?
    Would you be fighting for your life if you were being followed on a dark rainy night by an unknown *armed* individual?
    what about your wife?girlfriend?mother?sister?
    So far those are the facts as we know them. These apathetic comments impersonal. Yet one life has been destroyed, potentially two.
    This a tragedy all around and we should be looking to do what we can ensure such events are minimized.
    Everyone has a right to justice and as JMAC stated, there has been an epic fail by law enforcement.
    Hopefully some good can come from this event.

  • Marco

    That’s exactly what I said. This transcends Conservative and or Liberal affiliation. I’d be the 1st to admit that the TV Liberals will try to use this story as a crutch and an excuse to change laws on gun-ownership and the like. But disregard those Liberals and look at this situation for what it is. A failure on the part of law enforcement. I don’t think Zimmerman is some super anti-black Latino racist, but what happened could have and SHOULD have been handled another way. People wanna spin this into Libs vs Cons, when in reality it transcends that. Jeb Bush himself stated that the Stand Your Ground Law wasn’t meant for situations like this. You can’t follow another unarmed man, confront him based on YOUR OWN suspicion and than shoot-him after you get into a scuffle with him in which you are losing. I don’t think the scuffle would’ve been life-threatening to Zimmerman.

  • Dan Poole

    At this point it is self-evidently clear that Trayvon Martin was the instigator. But even if Martin was innocent, the fact remains that this incident took place in a Diversity Wonderland. This story is more proof of the total FAILURE of diversity and multiculturalism:

  • John K.

    I just hope Zimmerman is not wrongly convicted simply to appease a mob of black racists in order to avoid violence. Let an innocent man go free and turn the police loose on the mob if they riot.

  • E. Moore

    I believe Zimmerman ran up on the young man and the young man beat him up. If Zimmerman didn’t follow him he would not have got his behind kicked and He would not have had to kill the young man. I think Zimmerman initiated the altercation with fear in his heart. Zimmerman may have lost a wrestling match with a 17 year old, who was defending his civil rights of being attacked. Zimmerman had no badge. Who is he to stop someone and tell them what to do? Zimmerman is wrong for running up on the young man.

  • iggy

    Yesterday I got flagged and a ‘strike’ on Youtube for posting this!! They said it’s “hate speech!” Unbelievable. Google is so evil. They know damn well this is staged. Now there’s the real 9-11 call that’s just been posted that proves the media edited and doctored that so called “racial slur”. Zimmerman said “these a@@holes always get away’, not ‘coons’. Listen for youselves. I don’t watch TV news anymore, except for the occasional PressTV or RT clips online. But when this wouldn’t go away, I turned on “the box”. MSNBC and CNN went hour after hour, blatantly and knowingly lie. The worst was one brown haired female anchor on CNN and Laurence O’Donnell of all people, who had Al Sharpton on half way. I actually felt like vomiting it was so bad.
    And I don’ dare watch Fox for the water they carried for Bush for those 8 yrs. They all lie, but now I feel the left is way worse because of how they showed how completely hypocritical they are. I bet Cindy Sheehan would know this better than anyone, eh?

  • iggy

    I forgot to post the links to that video. It’s titled ‘ACTUAL UNCUT AUDIO! George Zimmerman’s Trayvon Martin 911′ . It sounds now like he does use a slur. So bizarre. 3 hours ago it sounded like “f’in a##holes’. Now it doesn’t.

    Irregardless, there’s a lot that’s answered in this full unedited tape. To me, it doesn’t sound like he chased him. At least on the phone. That 9-11 call was edited and cut out many parts. This is beginning to be a very regular thing these days.

    In any case, I think it’s very telling taht elderly whites are beaten, tortured and killed by groups of black men and the mainstream media has gone out of their way to ignore and censor these stories. EVen on Youtube if you upload vids that show this and stay away from naming race, they still censor it. It amazes me that so many whites are still so clueless. Anyways, just 10 days ago, Bob and Nancy Strait, married for 65 yrs, had 4 “urban youths” invade their home, torture and rob them, and even raped the wife who was 85. Bob was 90 and both had been ill. Bob was a WW2 vet, paratrooper for the 101st. Not 1 word in national media. It happened in Tusla. HEre’s the LOCAL news cast link, of course no mention of race or color.

  • anon

    Trayvon’s body was “john doe” for two days?
    I think Zimmerman was justified. I bet that if treyvon would have lived, the media would now be ignoring the crimes he would have committed. Instead we get all this “crocodile tears” for some punk.
    Also, the media would be silent now if treyvon had been shot by a black neighborhood watchman.
    The Florida police did a fine job.

    I like what jeff said:” Funny how all these anti-Whites always ask “what does race have to do with it” when Whites are the victims of non-White attacks but suddenly race is the main issue when the tables are turned.”

  • Kim

    The difference is, if Zimmerman had killed a white kid (which he wouldn’t have) the police wouldn’t have refused to arrest Zimmerman. He would be under the jail had his hispanic ass killed one of those white kids in that neighborhood and you guys know it. Think about it, if you’re white ask yourself if he would’ve gotten away with doing that to your child? No, you know you would’ve had justice or at least a court date. T stand your ground law wouldn’t apply since he 1. Approached after told not to 2. Wasn’t even on his property 3. Exceeded equal force 4. Killed an unarmed minor. He did say COONS the tape your referring to was edited AFTER the fact.That’s why it wouldn’t be national news. That’s the difference. There’s no way he could’ve gotten away with killing a white child who he followed at night, even if that white kid kicked his ass defending himself from some stranger who followed him and then demanded explanation for walking down that shit. If someone did that to me at night Id mase them. That would scare the hell out of me even before finding out they had a gun too. Reading this opens my eyes to how racist people are to say Trayvon had it coming. To see the happiness it brings people to see a man get away with killing a black kid. So sad. Jesus will forgive you. God bless you all.

  • Candy

    The audio, video or picture does nothing, in my opinion. Yes, in the uncut call we heard Zimmerman get back in the car, but he obviously got back out if he ended up in an altercation with Trayvon. So what it Zimmerman was on the bottom and losing end of the fight. He got out the car and pursued a fight he could not handle. And so what if Trayvon is not the small child being portrayed by the media. It doesn’t change the fact that he was unjustly pursued by Zimmerman in the first place.

  • BoG

    A very sad situation all around!
    What in the world was this child doing out at 2:30am anyway? Florida has curfew laws!!!!!
    Going to a store because he is bored? If he was in bed like the rest of us, he wouldn’t have been in this situation.
    Mr Zimmerman was in the right, he called 911, and then walked away, the kid came after him!
    Witnesses say he was attacked, and if he feared for his life, then it was a just shooting.

  • Anthony

    George Zimmerman’s mother is Peruvian and his father is German/Jewish. I believe that Zimmerman was the person on the bottom screaming for help, and shot Trayvon in self defense. However, I also believe that Zimmerman should not have persued Trayvon when instructed not to, which caused in the death of Trayvon. So in reality Zimmerman caused the death of Trayvon for not following instructions, therefore guilty in the death of Trayvon.

  • FormerDemocrat

    I was listening to a local talk show host in Tampa a few days ago and he played the 911 audio and pointed out that he thinks Zimmerman says “F*cking Punks” and not “F*cking Coons” like some are saying. So my wife and I just listened to the unsensored and unredacted 911 tape [Youtube video tape counter 2:22 – 2 minutes and 22 seconds] see for yourself –

    We both agree that Zimmerman says “F*cking Punks” not F*ucking Coons.

    I am very disappointed in the news media for their reporting. Yes, Zimmerman should not have been carrying a gun, but under the circumstances where the other 911 caller “John” witnessed Zimmerman on the ground screaming [the news media lead everyone to believe that Trayvon was the one screaming] because Trayvon [a 6′-3″ almost 18 year old] was punching Zimmerman. People have been saying that Zimmerman was following Trayvon with his gun out. Zimmerman reached in his belt bag and pulled the gun while zimmerman was on top of him beating and punching hime in the face. Now at this point does the stand your ground law come into play? This is a legal judgemant. We don’t need the US Justice Dept. to get involved here. Leave it to the local prosecuters to sort it all out.

    I was a fan of MSNBC but now realize that they are just as guilty as Fox for misleading the puplic with a political agenda which is very sickening. I don’t think I’m gonna watch MSNBC anymore.

    I may even switch my political affiliation from Democrat to Independent because of the political aspects of left-wing media in this case. No one ever talks about one of the main reasons the US is going broke is because of all the give-away programs in our society such as Section-8 Housing Assistance, Food Stamps, and the current craze here in Tampa, Florida called “The Drops” or “TurboTax” – an income tax fraud that has cost the taxpayers a close to a billion dollars in Tampa alone – See CNN Report

    I sure hope some good comes out of the trad

  • Brandon

    Now Zimmerman can begin the law suit against the media for the Slander of his Character. He did not seek public eye and thus not a public figure before his slander.

  • http://yahoo mark

    when will we stop this bull thay were slaves hundreds of years ago thay should get the same as everyone else NO MORE im sick of this BULL.

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