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Global warming cult turns bloodthirsty

Sociology Professor Kari Noorsgaard says that people who don't believe in alleged man made global warming should be forcibly medicated.

Just recently we saw University of Oregon associate professor calling for the forced “treatment” of people who do not believe in Global Warming. Others have called for a suspension of the US Constitution to fight alleged Global Warming. Now take a look at this. This global warming propaganda outfit is making videos of people being blown up, including children, for not wanting to reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Stephen E Dalton

    The lady to the right of the page looks like see could use some medications!

  • Playing Roots Backwards

    Fellas, I didn’t mind all of the blood and gore in the video, but please stop showing pictures of Kari Noorsgaard. She is just too gruesome.

  • Flu-Bird

    Beware of the eco-nazis under the green swatika movies like AVATAR and THE LORAX are eco-nazis propeganda films ENVIROMENTALISM IS A EVIL WE MUST BEWARE OF

  • Ed

    So what credentials does a Sociology Professor have that has anything to do with climate study?
    One is a science, the other is all speculation and theory.

  • Kathleen Lindsay

    Leftards have the mindset of a five year old throwing a tantrum when it comes to facing facts that contradict their brainwashing. this no different from the commies from soviet Russia who threw people into gulags for questioning the state approved ideology, BTW this woman is the one that needs to be sent to the funny farm
    my god. she looks nuts!

  • Tom

    Do not want to watch the video, but whoever that woman in the picture on the right is, she looks psychotic.

  • Norman Bodenstein

    Kari Noorsgaard is a Sociologist, not a scientist. Ms. Noorsgaard and Al Gore have no business giving professional opinions on global warming, they are not scientists (physicists, chemists, oceanographers, etc.) Most REAL scientists view global warming threats as untrue.

  • Flu-Bird

    Charles manson was also into the enviromental movment and so was Hitler and the Unibomber they all were very very green

  • sbuffalonative

    Environmentalist snuff porn fantasy.

    I went to the website,
    and they posted a piece saying this promotion backfired and they learned many lessons.

    Fortunately for us, we now know exactly how they think and what they have planned for heretics, non-believers, and those who won’t submit.

    They’ve shown their hand and shown us their solution; public executions for dissent. Now they’re backpedaling and saying they’re sorry for upsetting people.

    We should be upset. This is truly the work of a DISTURBED MIND. These people are sick and dangerous.

    The line has been drawn. It’s US vs. THEM. SELF-PRESERVATION, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    Down load this video. Pass it around. Let people know the real goals of these demented enviromentalists.

  • Flu-Bird

    I wonder if this ding-bat will be demanding taht all skeptics he brainwashed into worshipping in the temple of GAIA the pagan earth goddess worshipped by the eco-wackos of today

  • http://CofCC Julius

    As in most marketing propaganda, the negro characters are the most inquisitive and knowledgable of the lot. Establishing that, the hilarity ensues when Whites are blown up or have some other type of violence done onto them.

  • RickRaff

    She fits right in with most of the nut jobs in Oregon.

  • RickRaff

    I went to their website and let them know what I think of them.

  • eurobeing

    This agenda scrutinizing doesn’t just end with 10:10. It encompasses every belief the left has from unchecked immigration to racial quotas for everything to no private property.

    It’s do as we say or we will kill you.

  • MJ

    Man o mighty.. Is she a DOG.
    And we are supposed to listen to this bimbo.

  • anon


  • Noble White

    STOP ATTACKING HER FOR HER LOOKS!!! You’re stooping to the level of the leftists. That’s what they would do if an ugly person were espousing the truth. Now, call her a whacked-out b__ but don’t call her an ugly b__. The insanity that she believes and teaches is what’s ugly.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    This thoroughly dishonest Stalinist is getting uglier by the day…!

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