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How Asian immigrants get preferential treatment when starting a business

Partaking or Taking Over
by Stephanie Galonska

I’ve known about the Asian ownership of our gas stations, hotels and dunkin’ donuts for quite some time but I had no idea just how prevalent the ‘Asian ownership’ was until I drove from Des Moines, Iowa to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania some few years ago.

The Mississippi River had flooded again so I had to take a long detour around I-80 and it was there where I saw it. Imagine my surprise when I walked into an Antique store to ask for directions and saw, to my great dismay, an Indian from India. Now these weren’t Antiques from India, they were American and European Antiques. Needless to say, I didn’t ask for any directions. The next Town I stopped in only had one gas station and guess what? It was owned by a Chinese person.

Throughout my trip, a pattern was emerging. Everywhere I stopped, no matter how small the Town, an Asian could be found owning something. How did this come to be?

Well, we all know it came slow and long ago but as far as I’m concerned, it came mostly in 1990 when our “Leaders” enacted IMMACT which gives us this: “under the new provisions; increases in the proportion of immigrants coming from Asia, with a corresponding decrease in the numbers from northern and western Europe” [1] All one needs to do is look around to see that that’s true.

Add that to all the Government and Business Sponsored Minority Privilege and what do ya get? According to BUSINESS.COM, you get “over 50 percent of all U.S. minority-owned businesses with sales exceeding $1 million are owned by Asian-Americans.” [2]

How did that fifty percent Asian ownership happen in what seems to be, so quickly? Once again, according to BUSINESS.COM, Bank of America and its special program called the “Minority and Women Prequalification Program” [2] helps them but they’re far from the only ones.

BUSINESS.COM goes on to mention how Asians can “meet prospective customers in person at one of the regional procurement events sponsored by The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC).” [2]

Now who supports USPAACC? According to them, just about everybody. One Government Department they mention is The Social Security Administration [3] and I wonder, do they mean this: “Greta is the admissions coordinator in a federally-subsidized senior citizens housing facility in the San Francisco Bay area. She remarks that, when one of her tenants, an immigrant from Taiwan whom we will call Wen, told her that he had just passed his citizenship test, “I was

congratulating and welcoming him, but he laughed and said, ‘Now they can’t take my [welfare] money away.'” [4]

I find it worthy to remind us all that in that quote are two significant points of interest and they are “federally-subsidized” and “[welfare]”. Immigrants were supposed to support their own elderly immigrant family members when they brought them here but no, once again, our “leaders” changed that Law for them too.

Back to the USPAACC. Who pays for them? We all do. Aside from the numerous government agencies they name, they have plenty of corporate sponsors too. Lockheed Martin, Frito Lays, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Verizon, it just goes on and on. It’s one thing for Businesses to give to the Community but it’s discrimination to set aside business opportunities and/or funding for minorities because they’re “minorities”. Minorities have done nothing for America except be non-white and/or female and that’s just not a contribution worthy of any “recognition” or the “Supplier Diversity Program” these companies have set up for them.

What’s a Supplier Diversity Program? That is a program created by yet another minority group called “The National Minority Supplier Development Council” who created “The Business Consortium Fund, Inc. (BCF) which “provides contract financing to NMSDC certified minority businesses across America through a network of local participating banks and NMSDC affiliates.” And who funds the BCF? According to them, it comes from “several sources including corporations, state governments and foundations.” [5]

The Supplier Diversity Program is a program that is used by businesses in which they purchase goods and services from minority owned businesses. Minorities get help from government and businesses because they’re “minorities” and then they get business from businesses because they’re “minorities”.

The Privilege for Non-Whites shall not end as is proven with this gem from allBusiness: “The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is the only federal agency created specifically to foster the establishment and growth of minority-owned businesses. MBDA provides funding for a network of Minority Business Development Centers (MBDCs), Native American Business Development Centers (NABDCs), and Business Resource Centers (BRCs) located throughout the country. The centers provide minority entrepreneurs with personalized assistance in writing business plans, marketing, management and technical assistance, and financial planning to secure adequate financing for business ventures.” [6]

The MBDA’s Organizational Chart begins with the “Office of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” [7] Aside from Affirmative Action, this is the most blatant form of discrimination I can name.

This Federally Funded Department promotes non-whites and only non-whites. Does this sound fair to you? “Federal” means you’re payin’ for it and worse, this Program assumes minorities need Help so, not only are they eligible for various Welfare Programs because they’re “poor” but also, they get extra help because they’re “minorities”. Huh? Confusing, I know. It’s a Double Dip and when they play it right, a Triple Dip and for all nothing but for our American Gullibility.

Did I mention how there are NO Privileges for White Men just for being White Men?

To carry on, aside from the MBDA, minorities also have the SBA and its various programs like the 8(a) Business Development in which the SBA boasts that “Under the Small Business Act, certain individuals are presumed socially disadvantaged: African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, or Native Hawaiians), and Subcontinent Asian Americans. An individual who is not a member of one of the groups listed can be admitted to the program if he/she shows – through a “preponderance of the evidence” – that he/she is socially disadvantaged. For instance, an individual may show social disadvantage due to race, ethnic origin, gender, physical handicap, long-term residence in an environment isolated from the mainstream of American society; or other similar causes.” [8]

The most disturbing thing about this is how it is “presumed” that non-whites are all automatically “socially disadvantaged” but if you don’t fall into any one of those non-white groups, you must prove, through a “preponderance of the evidence”, that you are “socially disadvantaged”. I have no proof but this sounds like a program specifically designed for their favored non-whites.

The Small Business Administration gets $978,000,000.00 for FY2012. “The bill contains $978 million for the Small Business Administration (SBA) – $249 million more than last year’s level and $7 million below the request. Small business loans – which have seen marked increase in demand and higher subsidy costs due to the current economic situation – receive an increase of $128 million.” [9]

How much of that money goes to minority only programs? I don’t know but when I look around, it seems to me like they’re getting quite a good bit of it and from everywhere else too.

According to Reuters, “SAN FRANCISCO–(Business Wire)–In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Wells Fargo Asian Business Services announced today it has reached its 10-year goal to lend $3 billion to Asian business owners nationwide — three years ahead of schedule. The goal was established at the program`s inception in 2002. The company also announced they have expanded the goal to $5 billion by the end of 2013.” [10]

I looked but I couldn’t find any special Divisions for White Men at Wells Fargo like they do for the Asians with their “Asian Business Owners” page and I couldn’t find any five billion dollar set-aside for loans that only White Men can apply for like they did for the Asians neither.

Banks aren’t supposed to be setting aside money to loan to a specific group of people. They’re supposed to be concerned about one’s ability to pay it back and that’s it. And to add insult to injury, these same people, these companies, bankers and our government just love to tell us how smart and capable these people are but if that’s true then why do they need so much special help?

If you’re not concerned by now, perhaps this, coming from the Office of Refugee Resettlement will concern you: “Microenterprise Development Program assists refugees to become financially independent by helping them develop capital resources and business expertise to start, expands, or strengthens their own business. The program provides training and technical assistance in business plan development, management, bookkeeping, and marketing to equip refugees with the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs. In FY 2011, there are 18 grantees in 15 states that receive grants totaling $4.0 million.” “The targeted refugee population for these programs may include refugees who receive public assistance or subsidies, and/or who lack the financial resources, credit history, or personal assets to qualify for business loans or assistance through commercial institutions. Refugees who are not yet citizens may participate in the Microenterprise Development Program regardless of their date of arrival in the U.S.” [11]

They get to live off Welfare because they’re ‘poor refugees’ and then because they’re “minorities”, they get Minority Business Loans and Minority Grants too and they don’t even have to be Citizens. Isn’t that nice? Don’t recall if I mentioned or not, but I’m still lookin’ for those special government and business set-asides for White Men…

Aside from all the government and corporate business funding they get, the Asians also have their own private groups that work very hard to make sure their own people are getting everything out of America they possibly can. The following is from USINPAC (United States and India PAC):

15% – percentage of Silicon Valley start-up firms owned by Indian-Americans • 59.9% of Indian-Americans work in top managerial positions • Average yearly income of an Indian worker is $51,904 • More than 300,000 Indian-Americans work in the Information Technology sector • $69,470 – the median income of Indian-American families, nearly double the median income of all American families — $38,885 • Nearly 10% of the physicians in the US are of Indian origin • Indian-Americans also have a huge marked presence in the national and local political arena. At least 12 candidates won various elections in 2010 • Of the total non-farm business owned by

the Asians, the Indians own close to 1/5 of the business in America and have earned over $150 billion in revenue • Indian-Americans owned 19.9% of the total Asian firms with a value of $152.5 billion and a recorded growth of 38.2 % in 2007 • Over 50% of the H1-B and L visas are issued in India • Over 900,000 Hotel rooms – Asian-Americans currently own 50 percent of the economy lodging sector and 37 percent of all hotels (Source: Asian American Hotel Owners Association). [12]

The above are only a few mentions of their “accomplishments”. Make no mistake about the Indians, they have every intention of taking over single last piece of America they can.

There is something to be learned from these Third World Indians though. They have no shame in seeking power and control for themselves. White People used to do that and we need to learn how to do it again before it truly is too late. If we don’t pull it together, the Asians are all too happy to take it from us.

The Committee of 100 is a group of Chinese people whose goal is “To encourage constructive relations between the peoples of the United States and Greater China. • To promote the full participation of Chinese Americans in all fields of American life.” This is from Committee of 100. [13]

And the Koreans… “Nurture the sense of pride and confidence in Korean cultural heritage and tradition.” From the Korean-American Scholarship Foundation. [14]

See what I mean? It’s an all out ‘in your face, dare to ya do something about it’ take-over of our Country and us.

Name your Asian and somewhere out there is something for them but don’t take my word for it; look it up yourself. Type in your Asian Flavor and I guarantee you, you will find something that helps only, their own kind. And it’s worth noting, none of them are called “racist” or “bigot” for doing so neither.

[13] [14]

  • Nappywoolskin

    And to think minorities cry that they’re disadvantaged by the white man, discriminated against and held down by the evil whitey. There’s no excuse for any of them NOT to be able to succeed in America. The ones that don’t are just plain useless. I had no idea there were so many programs out there that specifically catered to just them.
    This is like a punch to the gut that will leave you gasping for air for a long time. The level of contempt I have toward our own government just reached a new level, it’s time to clean house, these people make me sick!

  • Kievsky

    Probably the most important article ever published at the C of CC, with the possible exception of the Nurses studying showing interracial femicide.


    My blog is linked above, go there and comment if you want to get in touch. We need to hit this issue hard. I have been saying that we need to own convenience stores for a long time, but people object that Asians get all kinds of tax breaks.

    We need to find out the facts of favoritism to foreigner business ownership, document it, and put out the evidience in book form, pamphlets, and youtube videos. This is HUGE. You really did great in picking up on this.

    If we can get Americans to get angry about this and agitate to repeal these laws, more Americans will be able to own convenience stores, and we’ll have “brought down a woolly mammoth for our tribe.” White people need to see the concrete benefits between ethnic solidarity and ethnic agitation, and financial rewards.

    We have less and less to lose every day. IBM is cutting 78% of its American workforce.

  • Global Minority

    “Minorities” are not the problem here. The big fat over reaching government officials are. That is the issue. Until Whitey gets a clue as to where the REAL problem lies, we will continue to see our country turned into the third world.

    A “minority” once told me, they really don’t believe in the White “racism” game, however they use it because it works. The White man’s “racism” against “minorities” is their invention not minorities. And when they gain majority control, it’s all about their rules, not ours and they are very much for their race. Gotta give the guy credit – they are honest about it. Minorities have no sense of “equality” and “fairness” these are the White man’s issues, not theirs.

  • Kievsky

    @Global Minority,

    I don’t blame the asians for taking advantage of this, Americans need to get enraged at the government for all this favoritism.

    Heck, we should lobby for reparatory financial favoritism for the next 20 years — special loans for Americans, to make up for ripping us off and putting us at a distinct DISADVANTAGE relative to foreign business owners. This is real time discrimination happening NOW.

  • http://workingonit.... Smith

    Dear NappyWoolSkin,

    Good! You oughta be more than Fed Up for it is after all, YOU who is paying for it.

    YOU are FORCED to Sacrifice Yourself, Your Children, Your Grand Children, Great and Great but here’s where it’s at:

    This is Your Country and You have Every Right to Come First in Every Avenue and in Every Facet that is America.

    Americans aka YOU, come First in America.

    To be Fair: Asians pay back, for the most part, their loans and pay Taxes too but “We” pay much more via being excluded in Minority Privilege, Depressed Wages, Unemployment and Overcrowding to name just a few of the burdens these eastern immigrants upon America and Americans.

  • Weiß-Stolz

    All this makes me angry

  • http://workingonit.... Smith

    Dear Kievsky,

    I could not agree with you more if I tried.

    For me, Blacks and Hispanics are Retarded Little Children who just need a little lookin’ after but asians, they’re crafty and because they are so, they must be excluded.

    Surely you are aware how asians are held up as the model ‘non-violent immigrant’. Makes me sick. Financial Crime is Long and Drawn out whereas an ass kickin’ or Murder is relatively quick.

    Yes, Broken Bones, Bruises and Death Hurts but Relatively Quick vs. Length of Slow Starvation, I’ll take a Relatively Quick Death.

    Pardon me please. I’ve gone without Food so I know what an Empty Tummy feels like. We Hungry Folk prefer to Die Quickly. Ask anyone who’s gone without Food.

    blacks/hispanics – All they need is a Firm but Loving Hand. They need Leaders who understand their Impulses and knows how to deal with it when those Impulses arise.

    Again, no meaning to be mean here, I just believe in Reality is all.

  • http://workingonit.... Smith

    “real problem”

    You want the Real Problem? The Real Problem Lies with The White Peoples. It was The White Peoples who gave up their Right to Rule.

    This is a Subject we can definitely get into…

  • Harold

    Fortunately the US government will soon be gone. It’s bankrupt and won’t be able to afford the welfare state and the subsidies to non-whites much longer. The game is almost up. If what I hear is correct the Fed is buying approximately 2/3 of the US debt.

  • Kievsky


    From your lips to God’s ears! I sure hope you are right!

  • Kievsky

    I called the political cesspool and said this:

    Thanks for taking my call James, I wanted to talk about an article on the Council of Conservative Citizens site called How Asian immigrants get preferential treatment when starting a business by Stephanie Galonska. I urge you all to readthat article

    Have you ever wondered why it seems like every single convenience store is owned by a foreigner? The US government lavishes grants, low interest loans for non-white immigrants and tax breaks on non-white immigrants, just because they are non-white and immigrants.

    so I wanted to throw an idea out there to you guys and your listeners – a chain of nativist convenience stores to replace the foreign convenience stores, call it “The All American Convenience Store” and follow me here, the Asians generally don’t do anything for the community, they don’t sponsor Little Leagues or Pop Warner football or anything like that. The foreigners don’t express any community spirit. So the All-American Convenience Store should have a bulletin board with a picture of the American owner next to an American flag, and a short statement about how this business supports the community, and a growing collection of plaques of Little League Teams, Town Soccer Leagues, and every other volunteer opportunity and donation opportunity you can find.

    In other words, don’t just be a Convenience Store owner – be a politician, and ask people for their business, and hint that if they support you instead of the foreign owned stores, the foreign owned stores can go out of business and be replaced by American owned stores!

    I know Americans in my area would patronize a subtly nativist convenience store that dog whistled to them. If there are any businessmen listening to this show, I hope you’ll consider this idea.

  • http://AmericanThirdPosition Robert

    Several points that this informative article does not mention. New immigrants get set-asides and loans at reduced rates. Lower than Americans do!

    Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, actively recruit Indians (in India no less) to come and start a business. The set-aside for the new immigrant is used to finance the franchise. Who pays for this disenfranchisement of American workers? Americans do.

    Jews have a ( free loan program for immigrants from Russia Jewish immigrants) and elsewhere. Look up Hebrew Free Loan Society.

    White Americans are being taken hook, line, and sinker.

  • http://AmericanThirdPosition Robert

    Can you imagine if White Americans simply had a tax revolt and stopped paying taxes?

  • Milton Freedman

    Robert, that would be stupendous but the white taxes are WITHHELD from white paychecks. So to stop paying taxes, we have to stop working, and then we go extinct even faster!

  • Kievsky


    2 points.

    1. Someone of us (I wish I could do this right now but I cannot) needs to open the first nativist convenience store in a majority White area. We need to do the bulletin board and dog whistle the following message to our fellow Americans “This is a White American owned convenience store that supports the White American community.” Like I said, the convenience store owner needs to get his face out everywhere, join Rotary, volunteer at the soup kitchen, sponsor Little League baseball and softball, soccer league, Pop Warner football. Do just about EVERY volunteer thing there is, donate like mad, even if it’s only 20 bucks. Be a politicians. Meanwhile, dog whistle to everyone “support my convenience store, even if you have to drive 2 or 3 towns away to do it.”
    This should effectively drive the local Hajji convenience stores out of busienss. buy their stores for pennies on the dollar and install American workers, and give your workers full health benefits if you can at all possibly afford it.

    2. If you don’t pay your taxes, the IRS will simply seize your assets and maybe imprison you, and they can just print money. they don’t really need our taxes any more since they have printing presses; they just do it to let us know whose boss. So don’t mess with the IRS. I pay my full taxes always. Tax protestors are idiots.

    Speaking of which, the Hajjis do cash business and dodge LOTS of taxes, even after they get lavished with benefits. Which is why I agree with Harold — .gov is going to go bankrupt in the near future.

  • Luke

    An extremely interesting article! I, too, have noticed this phenomena in my area.

    So, at the state and federal government level – government jobs are being given to minorities, as one Congress and White House after another issue these directives and mandates to increase the ‘diversity’ (purge whites and replace them with non-whites) of the State and Federal work force.

    The last few decades, this anti-white agenda has been spreading across our military academies (West Point, Annapolis, VMI, etc.) and the obsession is enormous to recruit more and more academically unfit minorities and to get these minorities into these academies, standards are being lowered and special ‘mentoring’ programs established and funded in order to help coach and tutor these bricks along so they can grad-u-macate.

    Actually, these ‘mentoring programs’ are nothing more than hiring good looking, smart White females to pick up some extra spending money doing the homework assignments for the black or mestizo who they are assigned to ‘mentor’.

    Whereupon, our #1 enemy (we all know who that is) can work multiple anti-white agendas at the same time – and encourage miscegenation between those pretty White females and their non-white mentoring assignments. Call this an enemy two-fer, folks. Disenfranchising White males and pushing race mixing between his females and his racial competitors!

    So, with the state and federal government jobs and careers being filled with non-whites, the next logical place for the discriminated against White male to pursue employment is in the private sector. Getting a franchise for a convenience store or gas station, or maybe for a fast food restaurant or, maybe open up a Mom and Pop’s family style restaurant, right? Enemy #1 anticipates this move, since Enemy #1 hates the White male and seeks to shackle him in as many ways as possible, to deprive him of the ability to have a wife and family, or feed his family if he is fortunate enough to have one. White Genocide is the long term objective, you see – and jobless, impoverished White men are not likely to be seen as suitable marriage material and certainly not suitable Father material – hence, fewer and fewer White babies are born, right?

    Hence, enter this cleverly designed anti-White program and one more area of the American economy is now being monopolized and taken over by our racial competitors.

    You have to hand it to Enemy #1. When they truly harbor hatred for their enemies, and when they set out to engineer their racial genocide – they work hard at it, and they make sure they cover all their bases.

    Meanwhile, the 99.99% White ‘Tea Party’ crowd continues to wet their pants if any of their racial competitors hurl the word ‘racist’ at them.

  • Kievsky


    That’s depressing. I can’t help but think, though, that we Whites have been asleep at the wheel.

    It’s not like all opportunities are closed to us. We have to aggressively pursue what opportunities we can, rather than obsess over how Enemy #1 has covered all their bases for our genocide.

  • Kievsky

    Also, Luke, as bad as you make it sound, and I’m not arguing against you, there are still high investment White families with White kids.

    Things are going in a bad direction — fewer White children being born, and fewer opportunities for White men, but we can push back on this. And of course there’s also Harold’s Deus Ex Machina that will hopefully sweep away ENemy #1 in the process.

    Despair is wrong though. There’s still hundreds of millions of us. I know of White kids in my working class town who are high achievers, and I have seen plenty of evidence of racial consciousness and pro-white sentiments among working class whites.

  • Kievsky

    By the way, Luke, do you think that the extreme affirmative action of the military academies is going to ultimately hurt the Empire? Or can they afford it?

    Do you believe our enemies are insane and running their Empire itno the ground? Or do you think they will be able to pull their fat out of the fire every time?

  • http://workingonit.... Smith


    Forget the tea party. They are “all inclusive” so what those “white” people are saying is; America has no culture, no meaning and no Americans. ANYONE can join they say and every time I see a group of White People who include non-whites, the non-whites take over and all because they cry how they’re not being “represented” aka ‘there are too many White People’ aka ‘racism’ aka …

    I hate the tea party. They are very Anti-White. Try telling the Truth about non-whites to them and see what ya get…

    I went to that stupid D.C. March and tried to pass out an Immigration Pamphlet I made and guess what? That’s right, I got to be told by way too many of them that this is an “immigrant country”. DISGUSTING! I am American!

  • anon

    Wow, that is a great article. I wonder… what if I took everything it said about helping minorities and switched it to Whites and European-Americans. Would I be labeled a hate organization for providing funding for a network of Minority Business Development Centers (MBDCs), European American Business Development Centers (EABDCs), and Business Resource Centers (BRCs) located throughout the country. The centers provide minority entrepreneurs with personalized assistance in writing business plans, marketing, management and technical assistance, and financial planning to secure adequate financing for business ventures.”
    The US Pan European American Chamber of Commerce (USPEACC).”

  • anon

    White Business Development Centers (WBDC)

  • anon

    Luke, I agree. We can do something though. Trade amongst ourselves without federal reserve notes.

  • DVS

    My view is that the US went wrong when our legal training of lawyers started promoting the idea that groups have rights under the US Constitution. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our legal establishment also bought into the notion that the rights enumerated in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights gave Americans entitled Americans to property, rather than the view the Framer’s held and published in the BoRs, namely, that individuals have the right to EARN property, NOT the right to property itself. This has led to the entitlement state, now in its final and most destructive form, the neo-Marxist Obama dictatorship. But what did you expect after 100 years of “progressive” public education?

  • Guess

    Its actually much worse than you think. There are immigrants coming from Asia that have their housing, education all paid for by the U.S. government, the government even pays for their families while these guys go to school. In the meantime they have people distracted by the poor guy coming from Mexico trying to paint houses for a living. Wake up!

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