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Jesse Jackson says whites allow black people to get murdered

Jesse Jackson continues to increase his incendiary rhetoric against white people in the name of Trayvon Martin.

Jesse Jackson says white people want to see blacks getting murdered. He claims “If a black kills a white, its jail time. If a black kills a black, its Miller time.” Jackson goes on to say “if whites kill us they get less time.”

  • Stephen E Dalton

    Miller Time? I prefer Leinenkugel!

  • MarcoSolo

    As if whites have anything whatsoever to do with the overwhelming prevalence of black on black crime. The fact of the matter is the internecine slaughter is the product of a black belief system which denies any value to a black’s life, and by extension to any black life; a culture of self-hatred which has nothing to do with white mores. The incidence of white on black crime is by comparison, trivial. Reverend Jessie needs to look a little deeper for the roots of black genocide. It’s self-inflicted. He’s just pissed MLK stole his thunder and nobody’s bothered to immortalize his sorry ass.

  • Michael Dean Miller


    Jesse Jackson is just gettin’ too old and he sees he’ll never realize his Black Iwo Jima Moment of planting the Flag Of Black Liberation on top of The Washington Monument.

    He is to be pitied…..but not by me.


  • Pete

    So, if a Black kills a Black, it is White people’s fault. White taxpayers spend much money policing Black neighborhoods and imprisoning Blacks who kill other Blacks.

  • Flu-Bird

    Jackson is determined to start a big time race riot over his mindless ranting He need to be held totally responsible if any riot breaks out over his rabble rousing

  • Johnny Rebel III

    I prefer Sam Adams but all I can say less filling? Or taste great?

  • Atlee Yarrow

    If Jesse Jackson want to be the Pied Piper of his people then he might go the way of protecting them by repatriation to the central west coastal area where his own people sold them into slavery. Imagine Jackson’s surprise when he is not welcomed home because he is considered “Too White” by the ruling tribes and warlords who are and have committed genocide of their own and neighboring tribes. That is the mentality brought here which Jackson is more then free to return to Liberia or any black of freewill to do, “Black to Africa” isn’t this what the term is?

  • George

    He is a senile old black racist fart. He should have been imprisoned for stealing millions of dollars from PUSH back in the 70s. He paid out money to some woman he sired a kid with. Jackson what a joke.

  • ryan

    what is he going by? pre-1960s stats? LOL. and even back then it was mostly white guys making the majority of crime (we kept coons in place back then). regardless when a white person (or it seems like anything that not is not a full on black gets lumped into white crime) kills a black thing, the national news going APE SHIAT lol. when a thing kills a white person, is it talked about? NOOOOOOO. so if you gunna tell me when the majority of the judges out there are anti-white leftist, and the inept criminal just system is convicting blacks harder than whites, well aint you a idiot. then again anyone with reality sense would know jackson is a race entitled idiot.

  • SteveM

    Damn! This homosexual really makes me chuckle.

  • Niko

    Whites allow Whites to be murdered by blacks!

  • jimmy

    mush mouth and the worst part of him are his children following in his grifting footsteps……. the man and his family are leeches on the white race

  • anon

    Trayvon’s death has been the best thing to happen to jesse jackson’s career for many years.

  • LL

    Imagine if White’s carried on like the Blacks with the Trayvon death? But we can’t afford to as we have to go and WORK to pay our taxes so that Jesse and his fellow non-employed Blacks can spend all day protesting against those who support them financially.

  • Flu-Bird

    Jessie Jackson needs to be teleported back to the days when blacks sold other blacks into slavery

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Somehow, I just had a premonition that it was gonna to be ALL OUR FAULT…!!!

  • blackyb

    Whites allow blacks to get murdered. Then why not people like Jesse and Al?

  • blackyb

    These people are supposed to be servants if their stock came from the land of Canaan. They are still mocking today, just like Noah’s son who was cursed and his generations for mocking his father. They want our white. They do not want to be who God made them. Read Genisis chapter 9 in the KJV authorized version 1611.

  • blackyb

    I do not care if they are servants or what long as they work and stay out of my face. I no longer trust any of them too far. If this is all they offer, then thay can take it and go back to the dunes and hopefully take that liar-in-chief, ineligible man in our White House with them. He is not my President. He is not even supposed to be there.

  • blackyb

    Trevon Martin stood 6’2″ or 6’3″ tall and weighed 200 pounds. That picture of when he was about 14 years old is as deceptive as that lying muslim thug in our White House.

  • juskishi

    the irony is if taxpaying whites didn’t have their money paying for blacks on welfare, in prison, and policing their crime ridden neighborhoods, this country would have a surplus of cash and in a much better place.

  • juskishi

    “Imagine if White’s carried on like the Blacks with the Trayvon death? But we can’t afford to as we have to go and WORK to pay our taxes so that Jesse and his fellow non-employed Blacks can spend all day protesting against those who support them financially.”

    great point!

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