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Tulsa Shooting suspect Jake England is an American Indian

Media pulls a Zimmerman.

Update: Eight hours after published this information, the AP published an article which talked about Jake England being a Cherokee Indian. However, many media outlets are still hyping the story as a white on black triple murder. Please help us expose the media by tweeting and facebook sharing this article.

This is the second time in a month that the international media has been falsely hyping a “racist white spree killer.” The last one was in Paris and turned out to be a Muslim immigrant from North Africa. The perpetrator was a professional Jihadist that the US military have already once captured in Afghanistan and deported back to France. The French government had been coddling this killer even though he was well known to be a dangerous threat to society. When the actual perpetrator was caught, it went from the single  biggest news story in the whole world to a whisper.

Note: The purpose of this expose is not to make light of a triple murder. It is to expose the mass hypocrisy of the “mainstream” media. White people are attacked by blacks in brutal hate crimes daily all over the nation. These crimes are heavily censored and never make the nation news, much less the international news.

Jake England, the suspect in the multiple shooting in Oklahoma identifies as an American Indian.

The suspected shooter, Jacob Carl “Jake” England is listed as “American Indian or Alaskan Native” in a public record for a misdemeanor charges of driving under suspension in 2011. A message on his facebook page (which Facebook deleted just minutes ago) refers to him as having an “Indian heritage.” The woman who posted the message identifies herself as being a member of the Cherokee Indian tribe.

Here is the case summary. The arresting officer initially put a dramatically different height and weight, along with listing him as “white.” However, when Jake went to his court date, his weight was lowered 30 pounds, his height 3 inches, and his race was changed to “American Indian or Alaskan Native.” Apparently the officer who initially arrested him did very shoddy job with the paperwork.

Jake has strong American Indian facial features including epicanthic folds, high flaring cheek bones, sparse facial hair, and a weak chin. He is also listed at only 5’5″ tall last October. He even has a mohawk. He attended Sperry High in Tulsa, which is listed as 37% American Indian.

Jakes’ fiance Sheran Wilde committed suicide last January at age 24. She left behind three children. One of the kids appears to be Jake’s. Sheran probably has a lot of American Indian ancestry as well. Her father goes by the American Indian nickname “Cochise.” Jake’s sister also has pictures of herself online and has the same epicanthic fold and wide flaring cheek bones.

Jake is actually far more American Indian looking than actor Taylor Lautner, who plays an Indian in the Twilight movies. Lautner has actually been described in media as an “American Indian Actor.” Apparently Lautner has recently stated that he only has one distant American Indian ancestor. Funny how the media decides to call Lautner an American Indian, but Jake England is “a white man.”

The media is gleefully calling him a “white man” for the same reason they called Zimmerman “a white man.” It fits the narrative that the media wants.

Of course the main issue here is the fact that black on white violent crime is censored in the press. Any time a black is hurt by someone the media can claim is white it is a major nationwide media event. has compiled lists of confessions from media figures who admit to censoring black crime.

At least three white people have been murdered by blacks in Tulsa since last September. A fourth was cruelly beaten and left for death, but survived.

85 year old woman sexually assaulted and beaten to death by blacks. 90 year old husband survives attack. March 2012

Two white college students killed execution style by blacks in Tulsa. September 2011

Update: We have just received word from a reader in Finland that “white man shoots three blacks” is on the news in Finland. The murder of a white person by a black person is a minor censored story. Ask yourself why is this an international media event. Start demanding that the media report the daily black on white murders.

  • truthbetold

    On Jake England’s Facebook page there is mention that his father was murdered almost exactly two years ago by a Black now in prison. It looks like an anniversary retribution

    The judgement on this matter will be that hate is awful and maybe it is (although why would nature select this human trait if it’s unnecessary?). But, the relevant conclusion should be that diversity is awful and should be repudiated. This wouldn’t have happened in a country that doesn’t coerce diversity.

  • Pamela

    England, White? Once again so completely obvious that he is clearly not. I looked at the photos, read the article and thought how pathetic the MSM is with these feeble attempts. Did they learn nothing from the Martin/Zimmerman case? Good work Kyle getting the race identifier off of FB before it was removed. The media is helping us expose them with their blatant cover ups and lies.

  • Flu-Bird

    And just wait for the liberals to blame the GUN LOBBY,GUN MAKERS and SUPREUM COURT other this they be demanding even more stupid gun control laws as they almost always do with these mass shootings

  • WhipCracker

    A comment from a reader at TheBlaze:

    Take this for what it is worth – Jake England was a man (Cherokee Indian) that had some major demons. His father was shot 2 years ago by a black man while defending his daughter and grandchild from the thug. His fiance committed suicide in January and left him to raise their newborn son. He appeared to have some drinking issues based on previous arrest. I think that his friend was not involved in the shootings but was trying to help him get away – he will be charged with aiding and abedding. Take this senseless tradgedy for what it is worth – a disturbed person with major demons went on a rampage and destroyed many lives. My prayers go out to all of those involved in this senseless tradgedy. It is not your classic hate crime but I think that it was racially motivated because of the way his father was killed at the hands of a “career criminal”. The progressives will try and make this more about white on black to suit their agenda but it is simply a person with some SERIOUS demons letting them get the best of him. God please be with all of us on this Easter and keep us safe and thank you for giving us your Son so we can all live again. Amen…

  • George Zimmerman

    It won’t be long now before the riots begin! I just hope that everyone can see the truth behind the lies the liberal media presents!!

  • Moody Blues

    I think White people need to pray to God for supernatural deliverance on the scale that the Jews received when slaves to the Egyptians thousands of years ago. Today’s Pharoah oppressing White people is the controlled media. Any pleading for justice to the controlled media is like Moses pleading to the Pharoah to let his people go. We need Christ’s help.

  • nyctreeman

    So once again the race hustlers and pimps get thrown a curve ball. I’m sure Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are confounded by all these “technically non-whites” who are killing black people.

    I wonder if the libtard media will create yet another new phrase for our lexicon, “White Cherokee Indian”? or did the phrase “White Hispanic” jump the shark? One can only hope 😛

    It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and how the usual suspects try to spin it into a stereotypical racist white guy crime.

    But just like in the case of Zimmerman, it won’t work, thank God for the internet and modern alternative media!

    Without them, we’d still be wearing our nappies and being spoon-fed our pablum by the likes of Ted Koppel.

  • Truly

    Well, I could tell Jake England was American-Indian by looking at him, and learning of the location he was from.

    Oklahoma has one of the largest Native-American populations of any of the lower 48 states, in fact when other Native-Americans move to another state it is usually Oklahoma and New Mexico that they move to.

  • Tyler Durden

    Thanks for researching this. The second I saw Jacob’s picture, I questioned the accuracy of his reported ethnicity. Same goes for Zimmerman. So does that make me more culturally sensitive than the media, or a racist?

  • penny

    Taylor Lautner is not an American Indian; he has little, if any, American Indian blood in him. He just “pretends” to be an Indian in a movie; you know, “acting.”

    And yes, Obviously this Jake is an American Indian, as was his girlfriend.
    These murders were “revenge” killings to “pay back” for his father’s murder a few years ago, by a black man; a black man who, even though he killed someone, was charged with “pointing a gun;” what the hell kind of charge is that? & how is it that he is getting out in 2014 after murdering someone?
    &…who is the meth head the Indian kid was rooming with?

    • admin

      When I first saw the mugshots I thought Indian and a white meth addict.

      They still haven’t said what role the older white guy played. He posted replies to some of Jakes messages on Facebook.

  • Bias

    Tonight on the news they said both shooters were white while showing their pictures and I couldn’t believe it. England is so obviously not white, but that doesn’t fit the hollywood story of the racist white man the media was looking for, so they keep going with it hoping nobody will notice.

    And we have a group of black kids setting a white kid on fire in Kansas city and it doesn’t get a peep in the media. The bias is sickening.

  • Jose

    People claim that Zimmerman or now the suspect, Jake England, are white because they have a white parent or a white ancestor are not aware that the majority of African-Americans and Latinos in the USA have white ancestors. The majority of blacks in the USA have white ancestry and the majority of Latinos have Spanish blood unless they are pure Native.

    Barack Obama is actually like George Zimmerman, both have a white parent, but are still consider persons of color. No one on the Left claims that Barack Obama is a white-black or white African-American. So why do the media and the Left do that with Zimmerman or now England?

  • MJ

    Indian or not, how can people deal with this insanity?
    Its a race crime only if you are black?

  • Flu-Bird

    He deserves to same kind of penalty as the rest of these vicoius killers THE DEATH SENTENCE without all the rediculous appeals and no delays or last minute stays exicution with ayear of onviction

  • American

    CofCC stands vindicated! They reported Jake England was American Indian! CofCC was right again!

    “[QUOTE]A family friend, Susan Sevenstar, told The Associated Press that England was “a good kid” and “a good, hard worker,” who “was not in his right mind” after losing his father and the January suicide of his fiancDee, with whom he’d recently had a baby.

    [B]”If anybody is trying to say this is a racial situation, they’ve got things confused,” said Sevenstar, who described England as Cherokee Indian. “He didn’t care what your color was. It wasn’t a racist thing.”[/B][/QUOTE]

    Any questions? Read it for yourself:

  • Cee Gee Dee

    At some point the Orwellian nature of these kinds of reports since the Trayvon tragedy, i.e. White Hispanic, White Native American, kills African American/s, will need to be asterisked by saying, “Oh, did you know the head of the NAACP is a White Black Man and our President had a White mama, making him a White Black Man albeit with fine tan.”

    It’s all becoming a bit too much. Look, I’m a Texan who grew up in Oklahoma. I know all about the politics of being Native American; however, the fact is that many folks of British/Irish ancestry had wives, husbands, and children of mixed Euro/Native and, yes, even African heritage.

    What does that make us?


    Fancy that.

  • Dors

    You’ve got it all wrong. What you need to look at isthat the Cherokee Nation, as well as other Native American tribes, have pushed anti-black agendas.

  • Alondra

    Thank you for exposing communistic & racistic media once again.
    I Stoped watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN about 2 years ago. MSNBC and PBS I never watched.Do not rating for them.

  • Alondra

    In February in Detroit was killed Delrik Waymon Miller, a BLACK 9-MONTH-old baby boy by neighborhood shooters. But that story did not become national tragedy. MSM did not report about it. “Neither Obama nor his fellow race hucksters Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson cared one bit about justice”. Even his “spiritual” mistress negro “diva” Oprah was not “infuriated” as she is “infuriated” by the Trayvon Martin shooting. WHY? Because the shooters happened to be – surprise, surprise – BLACKS!
    Zimmerman is half Hispanic and half white, but MSM refers him as a “WHITE”. All above racists need deepen the racial division. Why? Because the “great” leader is losing some black voters.

  • Brad

    Racist is as racist does. There are racists in every race, and in the end they are all the same, nothing but hate fill degenerates that should be denounced by all, but especially those of their own race.

  • Cee Gee Dee

    “You’ve got it all wrong. What you need to look at isthat the Cherokee Nation, as well as other Native American tribes, have pushed anti-black agendas.”

    Dors, I don’t think anyone halfway sane confuses the Rainbow Coalition with the Brotherhood of Man. It’s a fat plantation system and both parties use it when convenient. We’re all going to have to find a way to see the human being in this huge thing called America. Everyone is in competition for the almighty buck.

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