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Triple killing hate crime in North Carolina

A group of black thugs wearing hoodies massacred three Yemenese immigrants inside a convenience store in North Carolina. Police say that surveillance cameras show the victims cooperated with the attackers and gave them money. The attackers then killed them for the fun of it. The attack took place in the rural town of Farmville that is 50% black.

Black race hustlers have been agitating against immigrant owned shops in black community. Recently former DC mayor, and current DC city council member, Marion Barry publicly complained about Asians and their “dirty shops” in the black community. In Texas, a Nation of Islam leader has called for the removal of all non-black owned stores from black neighborhoods.

Most media outlets are censoring the fact that the perpetrators are black. Imagine if the perpetrators had been white. The media would have made it an international news event and screamed “hate crime” in every article. However, the perpetrators are black, so it is a “hush crime” instead.

Once again we see that the corrupt liberal media is a fraud.

  • Admin

    Oh look! It is amazing! All of the criminals in the robbery are wearing hoodies!

    Imagine that!

  • Spear


  • Flu-Bird

    May these thugs die with their hoodies on

  • George

    Hoodies for the hoodlums.
    The media is keeping this massacre quiet.

  • Chairborne

    Just more Holder Youth, doing their thing.

    Move along people. Nothing to see here.

  • RiPPa

    So, what evidence is there to support this being a hate crime? I could be wrong, but isn’t this classified as a robbery-homicide?

  • anon

    Obama’s sons

  • B02tr

    Of course it is – since the perps are black it cannot be a hate crime. Sure, you right. Yemenies are white though (moslem Arabs), so make what you want of it.

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