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White US Marine beaten to death by black mob

This US Marine survived two tours in Iraq. However, he did not survive a birthday party for a black friend in Smyrna, GA. Zachary Gamble was apparently chased out of the party and beaten to death in the courtyard of an apartment complex.

A total of four black males have now been arrested for his death.

  • NiviusVir

    I’ve seen quite a few white marines murdered by violent blacks over the years. It’s sad that the enemies they faced were not nearly as lethal as diversity.

  • Flu-Bird

    So how longs this beast going to remain in prison sucking off the public and will he end up like the infamous ABDUL JIMMAL and be the darling of the liberal idiots

  • Church of Jed



    “Racism is the fastest growing trend in America in the White community right now, and for good reason. We must do all we can to encourage this hopeful step in the right direction.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism isn’t a sin- it’s an instinctive prayer for survival,” 2008

    “Remembering always, my son, there is nothing in the oaths of Christ’s brotherhood that should make a Southern patriot agree to let his country sink into mongrelization!”

    -Thomas Dixon, The Flaming Sword, 1938

    “But the grand secret of the separation, or the separate existence of the races, is the Love of the Beautiful, that instinctive and innate feeling wisely implanted by the Creator in us; it will forever and ever keep the higher race distinctive from the inferior races.”

    -John Campbell, Negromania, 1851


    “It seems rather clear that white churches will stay white and black churches will stay black until there is a recommitment to the task of adhering to God’s will for reconciliation. It will call for some sacrifices and they generally need to be made by whites who benefit the most from the privilege of the system and who need to express their willingness to take the first steps to show that they understand the new agreement and its call to reconciliation.”

    -Affirmative Action “Dr.” Diversity Catherine Meeks, “The Church, Repentance, and Racial Reconciliation,” 2011

  • Harold

    Poor deluded Marine. He actually believed he had negro friends. None of his ‘friends’ appeared to have lifted a finger to help him or even come forward with who was present at the party.

  • anon

    Black friends are deadly

  • MarcoSolo

    When I was young and naively PC MP, I flew into NAS JAX from overseas with a fellow MP who was black. He was from Jacksonville and we hung out together for the day in his ‘hood but in the late afternoon he told me it was time to take me to the bus station to head on to my home town because he couldn’t vouch for my safety after dark.

    I hope this trial, the Nkosi Thandawe trial, and the Zimmerman trial all receive the same degree of media scrutiny as did the Hemy Neuman trial. The truth will out and the worm will turn.

  • Flu-Bird


  • Luke

    A sad story. Reminds of a another news story I read recently where some White female had accepted a ride home from a mult-cultural party from some black male ‘friend’. Her reward for placing herself, alone, in the company of what she stupidly thought or what she was brainwashed to believe – was a ‘tame’ male of African ancestry?

    She was savagely raped and, if I recall, she might have been murdered as well.

    Incidentally, I would bet the farm that this White U.S. Marine had spent a considerable amount of his military time, sitting in mandatory ‘diversity is our greatest strength’ training classes, being taught over and over again that White people who avoid being around blacks or other minorities are ‘vile and despicable racists’ and are also probably naziswhowant2killsixmillionjews.
    All of which is deliberately designed to help suppress the healthy racial survival instincts that Mother Nature gave to White people and which would motivate us to not seek out relationships of any kind with blacks.
    Score another point for the enemy team.

    “Their Agenda is Genocide. Ours. What is our agenda?”

  • Malcom

    The sad reality is ever since the 60’s when white liberals like t kennedy voted to turn America into a NON White country, by blocking Whites from immigrating in favor of africans and people of color – this kind of actions have been increasing every year. Whites have been taught by liberals to night fight back and just accept the beatings, rapes and murders by blacks and latiinos. After all Whites deserve it. You are looking at the White holocaust and within a generation or two Whites will be all but extinct.

  • Bulldozier

    Of course the news story never mentions race as a possible motive, and the black arrested has not been charged with a hate crime. Business as usual.

  • Jsin

    Anyt time you are around these things something bad will happen you will get in trouble or even worse do not marry them do not go into business with them do not date them but if you hang around with a couple of them be very careful you will regret it doesn’t matter how well you know them.

  • JC

    Why hasnt Jesse Jackson screamed and yelled “RACISM!” for this marine?  Interesting.

  • Justin

    If Obama had a son is this what he would look like?

  • Peppermint

    the Marine was RACIST. He should have known better than to try to show up at a Black birthday party.

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