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Black mob brutally beat white couple in Norfolk. Media censored.

Newspaper censored hate crime mob attack against two of its own employees.

Michelle Williams, a columnist for the Virginia-Pilot, is blowing the whistle on a brutal racially motivated black on white mob attack that was censored. The victims were a white couple who work for the Virginia-Pilot. The attack occurred two weeks ago down the street from the offices of the Virginia-Pilot. Yet editors for the Virginia-Pilot failed to assign the story to any writer.

The white couple was stopped at a red light in Norfolk, VA. A huge mob, of as many as 100 young blacks, was walking by. One of them threw a rock at the car. When the male driver tried to confront the rock thrower, both were brutally beaten. The attack was obviously motivated by racial hatred. One person sent a twitter message gloating about the attack and saying it was for Trayvon Martin.

Much like the Grand Rapids attacks, police told the victims that nothing would happen to the perpetrators because they are juveniles. Police only recorded the massive lynching as a “simple assault.” They did not even take down the names of the witnesses.

Williams expresses confusion over why the newspaper failed to report a vicious lynching attack against two of its own employees. Williams appears unaware that many newspapers have a policy of censoring black crime.

The columnist mentions that five years ago a 19 year old white man was beaten to death in a local racially motivated mob attack.

Read more in Virginia-Pilot

  • Earl P. Holt III

    One wonders if Michelle Williams would have developed an interest in this story had the victims not been friends and co-workers.

    You see, these are fairly common nowadays, in Obama’s America, but this one just happened to be next door…

  • ba

    From the article – when the woman tried to tell the cop what happened he told her to shut up and get in the car. Also didn’t take witness names and said even if he caught the criminals what would he do – tell the parents? Meaning he would not have arrested them, even if he had gone after them (which he didn’t).

    A reader comment saying when he reported car break-ins the cops told him to stop locking his car at night so the hoodies could get in easily. Third time it happened he got upset, they threatened to arrest him. Welcome to anarcho-tyranny folks. Keep paying those taxes, and any tickets though, or you’ll finally get to see the full force of the law enforced all right – on you.

  • Conrad

    Marjon Rostami, who based on her name and picture I’m roughly 100% sure has -never- considered herself “white”, was awarded a paid fellowship from The “Freedom Forum Diversity Institute”.


    A comment from another person.

    “(Note the title of her piece and consider that in light of Obama)As for Dave Forster, here’s a pic of Dave Forster:… said.These two were proud anti-whites. They have probably already found a way to blame the assault on white racism.”

  • jack

    when is enough, ENOUGH!? white people. wake up or die. do you people honestly believe we owe these things anything? pathetic. arm yourself and your family or choose a racial assault.

  • Flu-Bird

    When are they finaly going to do something about these animals and started sending to prison for the rest of their lives or deporting them back to africa where they can act like the uncivilzed brutes they are

  • Carol

    I live in Va Beach and tried to speak to the local newstation on FB about the coverage of the crime. Here is what I got

    Like ·

    WAVY TV 10 WAVY has reached out to all parties involved and no one is willing to comment to us on the incident.
    4 hours ago · Like
    Carol you haven’t done a story on it at all. Let’s be honest about what is going on here. You did 2 weeks of a story on a girl wearing inappropriate clothes to grammar school. Where were you for us here?
    3 hours ago · Like · 2
    Carol What if the colors were switched? I am not being racist either here, I am clearly stating something that we should ALL be concerned about.
    3 hours ago · Like
    WAVY TV 10 Carol, no one involved in the incident would speak to WAVY.
    3 hours ago · Like
    Carol So because no one would speak to you guys about it you didn’t think it was newsworthy to even mention in a broadcast?
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
    Carol Don’t worry, I contacted CNN and Fox News for you guys.
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
    WAVY TV 10 Carol, did you catch our 6 p.m. newscast? We mentioned that no one would comment. We will also talk about that in our 11 p.m. newscast.
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
    Carol was it report 2 weeks ago?
    2 hours ago · Like

  • Monica

    I have 2 black friends who are just as amazed as I that this was not reported.

    Until the government stops handing out food stamps and welfare to the black community, they will never be anything but uneducated, lazy, thieving, robbing, killing people. Force them to go to school and get a job. Force them to take classes on humanitarian subjects. Force them to all spend a week in jail or prison.

    President Obama has taken people who never were racists, and made them racist.
    I am white, never was a racist, and I now am against the majority of blacks, with the exception of my 2 friends, and those blacks that are educated and have HIGH MORALS, not like those black women in congress who tell people to ‘GO TO HELL.’

  • anon

    No Justice No Peace! It is ill-advised to confront a black mob unless you are armed to the teeth.

  • John Walsh

    Go to

    and see the actual Norfolk VA article. But the best part is the readers’ comments section below the article. I believe the media has finally awakened a sleeping giant as mentioned in one of the posts.

    Also, the newspaper editor responsible for sitting on this story for TWO WEEKS has posted his own explanation. To see his incredible load of bull, go to

    Please forward this post to as many people as you can across our great land.

    John Walsh
    Norfolk VA

  • Dave S.

    I just saw this story on The O’Reilley Factor on FOX News 5/2. It’s getting national coverage now as being a racially motivated incident. WTG!

  • Michael

    I’m just wondering if Obama is going to get on his pedestal and run his mouth about this attack or simply just ignore it because the victims were white and the perpetrators were black. I’m willing to bet that our dear leader will ignore it; yet, had the victims been black and the perpetrators been white Obama would have gotten on national news and called for the chief’s resignation while demanding an immediate apology from Norfolk because of the attack.

  • Flu-Bird

    Just how many sons dose obama have out there?

  • Musliminator

    The City Council,The Police Dept, Williams and the Virginia Pilot are all scared to death of summer riots and the loss of “White Tourist Money” …that kind of bad press would kill “pay day” … Sooooooo, tell em in Norfolk to get F&%#$d and take your dirty White money somewhere else – simple !

  • http://[email protected] Elkiloone

    This is a matter for the local law enforcement , otherwise it will become a Spring Break,,,,,,,, Elkiloone, let it be as it should be €

  • Jciccone1

    This story shows exactly why racial tensions will always exist in this country. A double standard certainly exists when the liberal news media reports black on white crime.

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