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Media censors race in school bullying suicide

A fifteen year old white male student committed suicide after being beaten and robbed repeatedly by three black males at his school. The media is censoring race in their reporting. (If the victim was homosexual, or the races were reversed, this would be a major national news story with commentary by Lady Gaga.)

  • Tremley

    This story really got to me. Morristown,NJ is not too far from where I live. A 15 year old white found no other option than suicide to get away from black violent animal thugs. I am sure he was brought up to learn that we all are equals and to embrace diversity. And I am sure the black kids were brought up to be violent animal thugs and blame all their problems on the evil whites. Can you imagine if the races were reversed? There would be hate crime charges, civil rights would be violated, Sharpton,
    jackson, and the rest would be orginizing marches, and hundreds of whites would
    be attacked in the days to follow in retaliation. This is the world we live in today, to send our children to School to be victims of DIE-versity.
     Diversity is a code word for white genocide

  • Xin Loi

    The Corrupt Liberal Media also censor the fact that many if not most of the “gay bullying” offenders are black, often with an obvious racial hatred of a white victim as part of the mix.

    . Like this story where the white victim was severely beaten by at least 6 blacks. The race of his attackers was censored in the “reporting” but you can read between the lines about the perps being “6 teens wearing hooded sweat shirts” in the article to figure it out

    . Also, the comments of the locals reveal that the perps were black.

    ‘ Barie Shortell needed nearly 10 hours of surgery and three metal plates
    in his face after being assaulted in a hate crime by five teenagers on
    Feb. 22 on N. Fourth Street and Wythe Avenue’.

    An interesting study was done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2005   where victim testimony was included  from the National Criminal Victimization Survey to come up with a total more than 15 times the number of hate crimes  officially reported to the FBI!

     Fifteen times more hate crimes than was officially recognized!

    And get this. 89 percent of the hate crimes reported in this study were by black perpetrators!  Page 8

  • Atlee Yarrow

    This has been happening for decades after integration and I have been a victim firsthand of such public indoctrination systems that do zip, zero, nothing to protect white students out of a sense of Cultural Marxism. The more America becomes like South Africa the more Balkanization is likely to happen as PLE’s are beginning to pop up everywhere now that “White Flight” is no longer an option due to federal laws promoting DIEversity.

  • BillNadelhorst

    Perhaps his parents should have named him afer John Lennon. Rocco is a more Jersey -sounding name.

  • Eurobeing

    i will say this. When I was in the navy I was walking on a poorly lit section of what was Hampton Blvd which intersected with D and S Piers. I passed a group of 4 black males and as I walked by one of them popped me in the jaw. Not hard really but I got the message.
    The next day I went and purchased a small single action 22 pistol. Back in 1976 that was enough fire power to get you out of trouble.

    I never had that problem anymore and never pulled the gun again except for once that was all I needed. My point is if I were gonna commit suicide and risk hell and damnation I believe I would get a gun and take of few of those guys with me.

  • Ivo

    Where The Hell…
    Where The Hell were this Kids parents?
    Why did this situation get that far?
    Why didn’t the mother, or father, or brother, or uncle, or friend
    of this boy, at some point during this taunting by trash who
    should not be in a public school environment to begin with,
    step in at some point to STOP this situation?
    Did the boy keep it to himself?
    Was he ashamed to tell his parents?
    His friends?
    We know what happened here, but we don’t know why-
    or how-
     it got that far.This damned, disgusting scenario is played out, over and over,
    in this country our European ancestors built, and it takes Lady Gaga-
    a monument to what it means to be a human Pig- to draw attention to it
    (In which case the spotlight was on Homophobia).

    Mothers and Fathers have a job.
    It is to love, raise, AND PROTECT their offspring, like Lions and Tigers.
    Even Sparrows will attack Much larger birds for raiding their nests and
    taking their eggs.
    People are afraid to.

    I believe the boy kept most of this to himself out of shame, fear, or both.
    But shame should not have been a part of it.
    His parents should have known. The rift between parents and children in
    the United States is far too great.
    And though bullying is by no means a “black against white” phenomenon
    (whites do a good job of terrorozing their schoolmates as well) whites and
    blacks do not belong together in a schooling environment- or in any other

    This boy died afraid and alone.
    Despite the disgusting fact that is was a trio of savages who essentially took
    this boys  life, the problem is rooted deeper still, lodged somewhere
    between shame and apathy, and the miscommunication-
    or complete lack of communication-
    between parent and child, is an epidemic among European Americans who
    have mistaken our filthy politically correct government as our Guide and our
    God, as they allow their flesh and blood to dissapear eight hours a day
    in a school system hell bent on destroying the country our God Fearing
    ancestors built.

    Charity begins at home.

    Teach your children yourselves.
    Raise them to feel safe enought to tell you everything that happens in their lives,
    and in their hearts.
    And painful tragedies such as this will become unheard of.  

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