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More black people are on welfare than white people

The following charts are from an article in the June 2005 issue of Perspectives in Politics. The article is about racial disparities in welfare dependency. It is published as course material on the Indiana University website.

The liberal mantra on welfare is “There are more white people on welfare than black people.” This argument only works on people who can’t do simple math, because blacks only make up 13% of the population. However, the statement is not even true.


  1. Blacks receive welfare is extreme disproportion to whites.
  2. This disproportion is so great that more blacks are on welfare than whites, despite being only 13% of the population.
  3. White families living in poverty are dramatically less likely to be receiving benefits than blacks. A black family living in poverty is nearly 3 times more likely to live in subsidized housing than a white family living in poverty. They are also nearly twice as likely to be receiving food stamps.

Between 1992 and 2002, blacks received an average of 37.7% of TANF/AFDC benefits. Whites received an average of 34.7%. Welfare reform saw white people leave the welfare roles at dramatically higher rates than blacks.











White people living in poverty are significantly less likely to be receiving benefits than blacks or Hispanics. Black are the most likely to be receiving benefits of any racial group.


  • Tyrone Mixon

    Again, I have ask, why is it that you people don’t believe nothing the government says, until they say something you believe? Everybody knows the master race get the most welfare on this planet.

    There are lies, damn lies and stats.

  • Brian

    Okay, I did not know this. I had been of the view that blacks received a disproportionate share of welfare benefits, but that non-Hispanic whites received more because of their greater numbers.

    What you’ve found is very important information, worth exploring in detail, and turning over carefully to insure it’s correct. But this is a very, very big deal.

  • Luke

    Tyrone has a very good point.    Why, on top of the estimated $3-5 billion dollars of our tax payers money that Israel greedily sucks out of our wallets each year in foreign aid, given to them in one gigantic lump sum on January 1 of each year ( which our government has to ‘borrow’ from the we-know-who controlled Federal Reserve and pay ‘interest’ on ), just this week I read where our treasonous US Congress is about ready to bestow $680 million smackers on Israel, as a partial payment for a hefty $947 million aid package – to basically help these middle eastern troublemakers boost up their military ‘defense’ capabilities.    Plus, when one considers who really pulled off 9-11 – I suppose you could also tally up the trillions we’ve added to the deficit as a result of our having been lied into all these illegal, criminal, and unnecessary wars on behalf of the neo-con’s Israel First agenda (PNAC) – and add that massive amount of money to the total of what these greedy parasites are draining out of our nation’s tax payers. 

    Despite that, however, I detest parasites and leeches,  big or small.  

    • Global Minority

      What you speak of is called foreign aid and it is unconstitutional. All foreign aid should be ended, period. However it seems unlikely that is will occur along with the deportation of people who should not be in this country in the first place. Do you know how much money the taxpayer could save? We could actually PAY off the national debt and then some. But that is not the plan.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    To “Tyrone”:

    The fact that blacks are synonymous with welfare is so patently obvious that even the Yankee Government couldn’t obscure the fact. The Yankee Government would love to deceive white people into thinking that welfare is primarily a “white thing,” so white people — who pay 99% of all income taxes — wouldn’t engage in another violent revolution.

    White people — unlike your tribe — are too smart for that deception, and know EXACTLY where their tax revenues go. In fact, this nation spends $1 TRILLION per year on what is euphemistically called “Urban Welfare Programs.” (Translation: Free white man’s money for nigroes!)

    Some trashy whites DO get on welfare, but usually do not avail themselves of every imaginable program, nor remain on welfare for several consecutive generations, as your tribe does.

    The fact that you are too stupid yo comprehend “statistics,” does not mean they aren’t valid, it just means that the $100,000 or so white taxpayers have spend on your “education” was squandered…

  • Hallie Kempt

    More blacks on welfare because of jobs discrimination. So stop complaining and give them the damn check and food stamps or give them a job.

    • Israel Weinstein

      You are very ignorant!

    • Extropico

      Nonsense. Africans don’t create jobs here or in their homeland. Were your statement factual, Africans would be as generally wealthy as Europeans.

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