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NYC/NJ media unite to censor mob attack perps

Star-Ledger crime and public safety reporter James Queally. Photo from

Notice: Do you live in the Newark area? We need someone to go to the police station and get a copy of the police report.

UPDATE (Three arrests): Three suspects, aged 15-16, were arrested at 1:00 PM. They were skipping school and riding a public bus. When they were reported to police for truancy, the description matched people in the police video. (Police are refusing to release the video to the public). Police swarmed the bus and arrested them. The Star-Ledger still has not reported the race of the attackers.

UPDATE (Your Phone Calls): Some of you have called the Newark Star-Ledger to voice your disapproval of their coverage. Reporter James Queally lashed out on twitter this afternoon. He tweeted “The amount of racist phone calls/tweets/e-mails I’ve received with the Prudential Center attacks is actually terrifying.” Apparently, opposition to censorship  is what Queally considers “racist.” You can call the Star-Ledger at 1-973-392-4169.

Six people were savagely beaten after leaving a Red Hot Hot Chili Peppers concert in Newark, NJ. Newark police are refusing to release video of some of the attackers. However, statements by the police indicate that the attacks were most likely racially motivated hate crimes.

The Newark Star-Ledger admits that the race of the perpetrators is listed in the police report, but they censored that information on purpose. Now it seems, all media in Newark is showing a united front of censorship.

Local media outlets Fox 9, PIX 11, and ABC Channel 7 are running segments on the brutal mob attacks by “teens.” The number of known victims is up to six. All three networks are calling the attackers “teens” and censoring all mention of race.

ABC Channel 7 (NYC/NJ) starts their segment by showing a stock photo of two white fists! If the “teens” are not white, then this is defamation against white people.

Contact ABC Channel 7 at 1-212-456-3173 Video Below

  • Flu-Bird

    Proves time and time again the media CANT EVER BE TRUSTED they only tell the news their leftists chief editor makes them publish

  • Tremley(Ron)

    Update – 3 arrests mde in the mob attack. Still no mention of race

  • Beeman

    I called the number above and the guy at the news desk said this was all an erroneous rumor. He said there was no homocides. I countered, well if there was people being robbed and hurt, people need to know the race of who is doing it so they can be forewarned to avoid such situations. He said it had all been blown out of proportion. Apparently they’re getting a lot of calls. I hope they get a lot more, our concerns need to be heard. Thanks for the phone number, bTW

  • mm

    Regarding going down to the police station:

    A quick review of the NPD website shows that security was probably handed by the Arena Security Unit, which is part of the Special Operations Division, and that division does not appear to be specifically attached to any particular precinct, but gives its contact information as: 472 Orange Street, Newark, NJ 07107, (973) 733-6050. Further, that address appears to be 2.5 miles away from Police HQ at 480 Clinton Avenue Newark, NJ 07108 (973) 733-6007, where, I presume, the Media Relations division or department is located.

    However, according to a press release accessible through the site hailing The Newark Police Department’s Crime Stoppers ‘joining the social media craze’ and becoming accessible via a new Twitter account (“follow us on Twitter @1877NWKTIPS!”), the following is given:

    Det. Hubert Henderson, Spokesperson
    Newark Police Department
    Office of Public Information
    31 Green Street – 4th Floor
    Newark, New Jersey 07102
    (973) 733-6309 – Office
    (201) 247-3422 – Blackberry

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Why would any rock group (?) hold a concert in Newark in the first place?

    What in the world were they thinking? The only places on Earth that are worse than Newark are Zimbabwe, Detroit and East St. Louis, IL…

  • Conrad

    Do the white ppl in NY / NJ CARE that this has happened? I bet they don’t. If they did THEY would do something about this sort of thing. In fact whites all over the country do not care.
    Like I’ve been saying, they aren’t attacking you because you are white, they are attacking you because you are yellow.

  • RegvlvsSeradly

    @Earl P. Holt III
    Why would they hold a concert there? Because that is where the Prudential Center is! And no, that area of Newark is not near as bad as Zimbabwe. I have seen crime occur but it is normally one Brazilian cutting another.

  • Beeman

    Conrad, you’re right. But with the media censoring race a majority of the population doesn’t know what’s going on.

  • fugitive

    People should call up Bob Grant(lives in NJ and has a history of being sympathetic) this Sunday on WABC from 12 noon to 2 pm ET. 1-800-848-WABC

  • SanMan

    Conrad the whole point is the media is not even giving white people to option to “care”, by suppressing and amplifying the data according to there anti-white agenda they can shape reality to however they see fit.

    So when a person sees or even experiences an “anti-white” event they see it only as a random event. They dont understand that is part of a larger pattern, they cant get mad because they been taught to see it is an unrelated random event (they happend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) .

  • Earl P. Holt III

    There’s an old saying in government: “Personnel ARE policy.”

    The Star-Ledger made damned sure they put a liberal phony in place as their “crime and public safety” reporter…

  • Violence Against Whites

    I think that being savagely attacked by a black mob is more terrifying than receiving a racist e-mail.

  • Mmurphy423

    Keep voting Democrat…pretty soon most of America will be like this

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