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NYT: America passes racial tipping point Challenge: Attention liberals, Marxists, “anti-racists,” and other multiculturalists. Please name one US city that has gone from majority white to majority Latino or black, and is not is substantially worse shape. Post your answer here in the comments section.

The New York Times is reporting that white births now number less than half of all births in the US. The New York Times says whites are part the tipping point.

It is not hard to imagine what American cities will look like in the future. America, on its present course, will resemble Brazil. There are no examples of western civilization being maintained after the population is replaced by blacks or Mesoamericans.

Present day Detroit. Each years millions in state and Federal funds are pumped in just to keep the city looking like this.

This is a slum in Brazil. As white tax revenue falls, less money will be pumped into black urban areas. Surging Latino and Asian populations will have little interest in providing for blacks (or elderly white people). Welfare, social security, medicaid, and medicare will become things of the past.

  • Republicangopmh

    Oh please you acting crazy, theres no way America will look like that picture in Brazil, get over yourself.

    • Global Minority

      Really take a good look at just about every major US city and tell me what they all have in COMMON? L.A., New Orleans, Detriot, Atlanta, Washing DC and surrounding Maryland counties, etc…….

      • white dude

        I too live in that horrible state, cant wait to move to like idaho or montana.

        • Global Minority

          You and me both.

    • ed91

       you need to get out more.

    • Mike

       Republican, you are wrong. Societies and civilizations are ever evolving.  Russia under the Russian Empire was a reletively civilised place, then what middle class there was were liquidated and the races from the East were purposly shifted into formerly white areas. Today most Russians and Ukrainians are unable to get out of poverty and corruption. These societies are the Brazils of Europe today, they are pretty much incapable of the on mass cognative ability to foresee that working together in an honest community, as well as having personal and familial responsibility, is actually better for all participants in a society and brings a higher standard of living for all.

      Likewise the demise of the ancient civilizations of, inter alia, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, and Byzantium, are examples of formally white civilizations that met their demise upon becoming Erub, “mixed”.  So yes Republican there are historical precedents for this above prediction, and there is every posibility that it will be repeated in the USA. I personally believe the only way to avert such an outcome in North America is for the white race to actively begin to separate itself in a certain territorial area within North America.  

      • leforteelise

        Some of us thought that the pacific northwest was the place to go but I sometimes think that the east coast is better. We need land to have fresh water and organic gardens.

    • MissBonnie123

      Unfortunately, there are already parts of America that look like slums. Various parts of Los Angeles, Detroit, El Paso, etc.

      America will no longer be a First World nation if people don’t wake up and understand that different types of races and ethnic groups create different types of countries.

      This is the result of politicians who betrayed us.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      Why not? 

  • tiff

    Haha I posted this question on the yahoo answers politics section and they all blamed whitey. 

  • Chrysichthys

    Yuck! I’m not sure why a person’s skin colour is supposed to matter about anything. Feel free to carry on, guys–but don’t expect any rational person to ever take you seriously. You’re a nest of vipers

    • Kyle Rogers

       All we asked for was the name of one US city that has maintained its standard of living after going from white to black or Latino? Instead of providing us with a single example, you just call us names. That is pretty lame Chrys. Maybe you should lookup the word debate in a dictionary.

      • truthbetold

        Kyle that was a perfect response to a clueless Chrys. Real problems in this country deserve more than filthy, childish name-calling. If Chrys is so uninformed to really believe that race equals only color then it’s no wonder Chrys can only resort to fallacious ad hominem name-calling.  

    • conrad

      It’s not our fault that you are too stupid to see what is right in front of your face.

    • MissBonnie123

      You seem to be playing the double standard game here. To Blacks and Hispanics and other nonwhites, skin color always matters. That is why they have so many ethnocentric groups fighting for their interests. They don’t mention us White people unless they are calling us racists and claiming that we are oppressing them. They are only concerned with their needs and desires.

      Believe me. There are MANY rational people in America who take the demise of the White race seriously. I see this from the comments’ section on MAINSTREAM media websites.

    • PamelaHauptmann

      Because race is deeper than skin color. Intelligent people, who do not let political correctness stand in the way of facts understand this. 

  • leforteelise

    Our race will vanish from the earth. Will we be missed? It will not matter. The only thing we can do is try to have more children but that is no guarantee of a future for White people. :(

    • Berserker

       Yes, having more children is well and good for whites, but unless we find a way to keep non-whites from having more children than whites through sterilization,abortion,
      cut-off of entitlements,etc. then it may be a moot point. 

  • Rob Jackson

    The U.S will look like shanty towns in Africa. We all know that blacks can’t take care of themselves. I don’t know what the liberals ideas were when they brought in so many 3rd world savages, they ARE what make the 3rd world the 3rd world.

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