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Trayvon Martin's drug use

We now know that Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system, so George Zimmerman was correct when he suggested that Martin was high.

We also now know that it wasn’t Ice Tea and skittles, but Arizona Watermelon juice and skittles. Both are ingredients in a drug cocktail used in the southern rap/hip-hop scene. Messages that Trayvon Martin posted on twitter suggest that he was abusing codeine in a concoction known as “lean,” “watermellon sizzurp,” “purple lean,” “purple sizzurp,” and other names. Other versions of the drink are made with Sprite.

The drink is made using Arizona watermelon juice, Robitussin,  and a few skittles or jolly rancher candies. Read more at

  • vladdy1

    Hate to tell them but Dextromathorpan (sp?) and Codeine are not in the same chemical family.

  • Cpt Obvious

    The only lasting image 90% of people will have of Treyvon in their heads is that 12 year old kid in his Pop Warner football jersey. Anybody who points out that he wasn’t a little angel will be labeled a racist and discredited.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    You guys have got it all wrong!

    I have it on good authority — his momma, Al Sharpton and the NBPP —  that he was studying Pharmacology…

  • David

    Wow — It’s starting to become a clearer “black and white” issue — don’t see how Zimmerman could be conviceted now.

  • Elisse87

    Trayvon was a druggie

  • Poolratz

    Well, Zimmerman’s bail just got evoked. 

    Why this is not in the mainstream press is not hard to believe. Afterall, Obama and his cronies have a race to win, and that’s the race card. 

     Cpt Obvious nailed it. You say anything truthful about Travon, his drug use, thug life, you will be labeled a racist.

  • kenneth

    free george zimmerman

  • George Allegro

    Selecting one’s government, through democratic processes or otherwise, is by no means a guarantee of liberty.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Since liberty impels a free country’s citizens to unleash their talents, skills, and knowledge, free citizens are able to learn more, know more, and achieve more than those subjected to collectivism’s ever-shifting mirage of illusions.

  • Montesquieu

    Despite collectivist claims that individualism opposes altruism, it is egoism that is the opposite of altruism and it is individualism which is the opposite of collectivism.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    While democratic processes rely on majority opinion, this does not imply that today’s majority view will also be tomorrow’s majority view.

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