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Vicious subway hate crime mob attack in NYC

Two white teenage girls were viciously attacked by a mob of 12-20 black teenage girls on a subway in the Bronx. The victims were taunted by the female thugs than brutally beaten and robbed. Racial hatred appears to be the primary motivation.

One of the perpetrators videotaped the attack and placed the video on worldstarhiphop. This is a website that regularly hosts video of black on white hate crimes.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national media event.

  • Sid

    Just sick. Why must we be subjected to these damn animals…


    Note the newscast features interviews with black riders who condemn the attack.

    Why is that?

  • Atlee Yarrow

    “Online fight videos” is code for anti-white hate attack since we see more and more the true nature of the beast.

  • madpiltzer

    I notice the same thing

    By having mostly (in this case only) Blacks responses aired shows further contempt for Whites. “White’s opinions don’t really matter”.
    The way the media has been portraying these Black Mob Attacks on Whites ultimately normalizes the racist attacks as only a concern for Blacks and that if Blacks continue their will be no resistance by gov./media. “They are ‘Youth’ Crimes and we all know children can be cruel. What can we do? Those naughty kids, oh dear”.
    Blacks see this and it glamorizes even further that it’s the latest fad to brutally attack Whites.
    The legal system plays their part by wrist-tapping the “Youths” with light sentences and also implying the Black Mob Attack epidemic is nothing more than “Common Assault”.
    This is clearly a State/Media sponsored phenomenon. And, again… THIS IS ONE STEP IN THE 8 STAGES OF GENOCIDE!

  • Flu-Bird

    The Big Apple has a rotten wormy core

  • anon

    If those girls had read cofcc they would have avoided disaster.

  • Flu-Bird


  • Subscriber

    The liberals want to force us onto public transporation for more of this.

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