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Does the MAOA gene help explain why blacks are more violent than whites and Asians?

People who have a shortened MAOA gene do not produce a protein needed to break down old serotonin in their brains. These people are more likely to be agitated, aggressive, and impulsive.

Comprehensive Psychiatry published a large study on the rates at which black and white Americans carry shortened, or dysfunctional, MAOA genes.

The gene can come in the form of 2, 3, 3.5, 4, or 5 allele. A 3-repeat allele is considered dysfunctional and is what is referred to as the “warrior gene” in the video below. A 2-repeat allele is considered very dysfunctional. People with a 2-repeat allele MAOA gene have a permanent chemical imbalance in their brain making the person more likely to be agitated, aggressive, and impulsive.

According to the study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry, 34.6% of whites and 53.4% of blacks have 2-repeat allele or less. However, only .5% of whites have the 2-repeat allele version compared to 4.7% of blacks.

That means blacks are 9.4 times more likely to have the extremely dysfunctional version of the gene than whites. Considering that black Americans are 9 times more likely to commit murder, this is very significant.

Other studies have shown even higher rates of occurrence of the 2-repeat allele version of the gene in blacks. Other studies show that the 2-repeat allele version is almost completely non-existent in Asians.

Notes: There are other genes associated with violent and/or impulsive behavior. The MAOA gene is only one of them. However, the effects of a shortened MAOA gene are well documented. The chemical imbalance its creates can be observed in a laboratory.

The term “warrior gene” could be considered a propaganda term to put a positive spin on those who possess the dysfunctional versions of MAOA.

  • 4teepee

    The “violent criminal gene” would be a more apt name. The thing I notice about so many blacks is the impulsiveness, the seeming inability to restrain themselves from engaging in behavior that is likely to get them in a lot of trouble — such as put behind bars.

  • Eurobeing

    My guess is that the latino men along with other non whites have an increased amount of warrior genes within them along with a subdued ability to cognitively solve situations.

  • Atlee Yarrow

    This does explain why such a low population, on average, in the past two decades of around 12% of the US population, made up over 55% of the US prison population. This does give good reason to release/deport those in jail back to their native lands and save US taxpayer’s dollars. We see the vacation hot spot [sarcasm] Liberia, Ivory Coast, and other small despotic countries are in the armpit of Africa are today after repatriating former slaves. 

  • Mark Powell

    There were at least 12 genes related to aggression and violence that were studied in Dr. James Fallon’s research on psychopathic killers. One of them is the MAO-A gene. While no single gene is a reliable predictor of psychopathic violence, certain versions of the MAO-A gene do increase the likelihood of “crimes of passion”. It is considered highly likely that child abuse, family violence, and attachment-separation-loss scenarios (cf. John Bowlby’s trilogy) contribute to violent behavior among adolescent and young adult males. The combination of one or more of those twelve aggression genes with personal histories of family violence is an accurate predictor of thoughtlessly murderous behavior. There should be more objective scientific research on just in whom the convergence of those genetic and developmental predictors of violence is likely to occur.

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