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NBPP pledges violence against GOP and all white people

NBPP's "General TACO." He is the main voice on the audio below.

Brand new threats of violence and murder against white people in Florida.

The internet is filling up with messages saying the New Black Panther Party is hoping to trigger a nationwide “black insurrection” by marching on the RNC in Tampa, Florida. They also say the march is co-sponsored by the Nation of Islam, the Uhuru Movement, and the Black Liberation Alliance.

  • Kievsky

    the black panthers attacking the RNC? Christmas must be early this year! I remember the CPAC kiddies being very rude to Jamie Kelso. Maybe they can offer up their pale, young throats to the Panthers they luv so much.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Good point! CPAC has always been hostile to CofCC and other “racialist” groups. It’s why we need to re-take the GOP and purge the cowards…

  • Brian Callahan

    General Taco usually orders Colonel Quesadilla to take care of these things.

  • a g

    Are they saying they will never play nice?

  • D.S.

    It’s amazing to me how roughly 13% of the U.S. population demands such a high degree of attention from the media, government, business, etc. Someone needs to teach these people some simple math- 13% declaring a race war on 72% = a not too promising outcome for the 13%.

  • RetSciTeach

    Uhhh.. Don’t they understand that the list of complaints after “Tampa #1″ is a direct consequence if their own culture?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Bring it on, Rufus! (Please huddle close together to save me ammo…)

  • James Briggs

    My name is James Briggs. I’m one of the original Boys In The Hood and my pink ass can easily be found in Granbury, TX.

  • MB

    Fail Education System. I guess so. LOL!

  • Mark Hillyard

    I had a strange dream last night. My wife and I visited Sacramento, CA for a stay at a friends house on the River. While there we were attacked by black people such as the Panthers and I was very frustrated as I hadn’t brought my guns with me. We were told that the blacks had started their revolution and they were on a rampage killing white people. It was a very disturbing and realistic dream.
    I’ve thought for years that they would actually try to do something like this given my experience with the Black Panthers in the Army in ’69-71, and my studies since. Back then there was no way to talk rationally with them and it was all white peoples fault. They haven’t changed in my opinion and actually believe the talk they hear from the likes of Jesse Jackson et al. Maybe it will happen but I don’t see any good coming out of it for the blacks and other minorities in this country.

  • Guest

    They already own/control huge swaths of property and infrastructure in the United States. These areas also happen to be high crime no-go zones. Whose fault is that?

  • uslegaleagleone

    Black Panthers and other Hate groups like them Black, White, or Brown are as bad as each other but those hate groups win when the solicit some of the responses as indicated here. I say Black, White, Brown, or Communist if any person or groups of persons wage war against me or my family thats an act of war that as an American with the God given right to bear arms to protect Ourselves and are family the will sure fail. As long as we dont let Politicians take are guns or ammo away right Mr. President

  • uslegaleagleone

    after rereading this article an after thought came to mind isn’t Black Liberation Alliance the same as Black Liberation Army of the 60’s-70’s or is there a new Alliance ? Hate is Hate and can not be tolorated this is more of a National Security Threat then Al Qaeda

  • ADAM

    Caucasian Americans are now a minority in America. Racial Caucasians are a very small part (remnant) of that minority. As The Holy Scriptures tell us: Only a remnant will be saved. Unless we can show our women that they are safer with us, many will side with our enemies and will be our biggest threat. Caucasian men and women must stand together if we are to have a chance of surviving. We have conquered every Race on this planet and then we Race-mix and are destroyed. The Black Race is only a problem when The Caucasian Race allows them to be one.

  • Chris Du Plessis

    Good, make every body openly aware of your intentions. lets see what happens.

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    Don’t the black pansies know Obama signed HR347? It is a federal crime to protest anywhere near the secret service might be protecting someone. Since most likely Romney will be there… and since the secret service protects presidential candidates… I’ve got news for them. :)

    Further thought… go ahead young black males… protest & march the RNC. Get as close as you can.

  • Mike Rush

    I picture a black panther as a black homeless stray cat, receiving welfare checks, spending their welfare money on crack, but mostly sleeping all day… heh, heh, heh, heh, heh….

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