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Science Channel acknowledges major racial differences

Through The Wormhole is a series produced by the Science Channel. Episode two of season three aired last Wednesday. It was titled “Is there a superior race?” Different races have dramatic differences in DNA. These differences in DNA cause differences in intelligence and behavior among the races.

Note: The woman in the video correctly states that the average IQ of American whites is 100, while the average IQ of American blacks is 85. (The host Morgan Friedman refers to this as a “subtly difference.”) She incorrectly states that Latinos and American Indians have a lower average IQ than blacks. I believe she simply meant to says “90” when she states their average IQ is “80.”

Also notice that the second half of the video states that for humans to develop larger more sophisticated brains, it would require longer periods of gestation, infancy, and adolescence. Note that Negroes, Capoids, and Australoid people have shorter periods of gestation, infancy, and adolescence than Caucasian and Asian(Oriental) peoples.

For example, Australoid babies are known for being born with strong necks. Negro babies are not far behind. Caucasian and Asian babies take much longer to lift their own heads, despite having a longer gestation period than Australoid and Negro babies.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    This means that profound racial differences are now recognized by nearly everyone in the entire world, with the exception of America’s Corrupt Leftist Media, and a few extremely backwards tribes in Borneo and in America’s large, urban areas…

    • madpiltzer

      Most in the Media have to know and experience what we have for centuries known (called common sense); but, they are either too afraid of losing that generous income or are so cult-like brainwashed that they can easily dismiss their own common sense observations that Blacks are inherently sociopathic and violent.

      Studies of Twins seperated at birth way back in the 70s and 80s showed that genetics played a HUGE role in who we become intellectually, socially, and behaviorally. Even the most minute aspects of our personalities were based on our genetic programming.

      And, I lived in Alaska for some time. The “Natives”, I have to say, are mentally very slow (but nice non the less). Perhaps it is a result of intense inbreeding. I know genetically a healthy people must consist of at least 300 persons or more to avoid genetic abnormalities; and, the Alaskan “Natives” were well bellow that number for many centuries, perhaps thousands of years.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        This post refers to the University of Minnesota’s longitudinal identical twin study, where genetically-identical twins — who happened to be separated soon after birth and raised in different environments — demonstrate profoundly similar characteristics, tastes, attitudes, and behaviors. They have studied the same sets of twins for 50 years (or so,) and conclude that genetics dictates about 80% of our behavior, in the sense that it predisposes us to certain behaviors. This is in accord with Dr. Lynn, in Britain, whose life-works demonstrated a 78% figure for the extent to which genetics — rather than environment — dictate behavior. This means that all those “Head Start Programs” and enriched curricula for you-know-who in the public schools are an utter waste, just as we always knew them to be…

        • madpiltzer

          Thank you for the clarification. I couldn’t remember the exact details. I read about the subject in a Time Life book series in the early 1990’s, as well as, watching a few university online videos on the subject. I’ll read up on the longitudinal identical twin study. fascinating really.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      APOLOGIA: Those “extremely backward” tribes telephoned from Borneo to complain that they most assuredly do NOT like to be lumped together with the extremely backward tribes found in America’s large, urban areas. So, this leaves only the Corrupt Leftist Media and their aforementioned clients who do not recognize that there are PROFOUND racial differences between blacks and whites…

  • prisoner in obama land

    I really hate to rain on anyone’s parade, because many here adhere to the Christian faith, but along with lefties, many evangelical/fundamentalist Christians insist there are no racial differences. I’ve been told by many of these people that “there is no such thing as race because we all came from Adam and Eve” along with the “We’re all God’s children” or “we all have the potential to be God’s children.” B.S.

    • Peppermint

      cultural marxists believe in the liberal creationism that evolution stopped when humans were created in Africa and that the differences between human races as humans slowly drifted apart across the continents are purely, purely cosmetic. Meanwhile, some religious people believe in total creationism. The Catholic Church has always held that Genesis is not to be taken literally. And different races and nations are referred to in the Bible several times…

  • !0mm AUTO

    Actually, this is great. I mean groundbreaking great. To have these facts acknowledged by a respected organization is astonishing! remember Watson, broken for his heresy? Remember Rushton and the Authors of “The Bell Curve”, disparaged and smeared in the Media as “lying”?

    For these facts to be articulated in a scientific format is shocking, for them to be articulated in a scientific format oriented toward children is mind blowing! Cofcc has been accused of making up numbers, outright lying, smearing for White interests, and destroying the self esteem of the negroids for years. Now they acknowledge that we were right all along. Low negroid I.Q. is a link to EVERYTHING, incarceration rates, poverty, lack of impulse control, on and on.

    Samson has just taken out the pillars and the temple will fall.

    Send this link to everyone you know.

  • Sam Norte

    The only reason American blacks have an average IQ of 85 is because they have more than their fair share of white DNA. Due to the one drop rule they can be mostly white and still be called black. For this reason the test results are skewed. I guarantee you if they DNA tested all the smarter blacks they would all have white DNA. The IQ of a full blooded black is far lower than 85. It is in the neighborhood of 65-70.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Sam is right on the money: American blacks exhibit an average I.Q. of 85, which is exactly one INDIVIDUAL standard deviation below the average for whites. Blacks remaining in black (sub-Saharan) Africa — where miscegenation is much rarer — have I.Q.s between 60 and 75, depending on the tribe and its location. It is my understanding that William Shockley — inventor of the transistor — gave I.Q. tests ONLY to black subjects, and found “…the whiter, the brighter…” I think he also found a 21 I.Q. point difference between American blacks and American whites.

  • Charlie

    I don’t know how accurate these numbers are, but 85 would be 1 standard deviation below 100.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Confusion stems from the fact that people mistake the standard
      deviation for INDIVIDUALS, (15 points,) with the standard deviation for populations, which is very small, due to “regression to the mean.” That 15 point disparity BETWEEN POPULATIONS — consisting of tens of millions and hundreds of millions of individuals — is as profoundly significant as any measure you are gonna find in human populations. (A Standard Deviation of 15 means that, on any given day, an individual can score anywhere between 85 and 115 on the basis of chance, alone.)

  • Dave

    just look at all the inventions and cures. all from the white man. ned i say more.

  • Autumn

    I’d really be interested in knowing what standardized measure was used to assess the population groups and on what population groups the assessment was normalized.

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