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Greek athlete expelled for politically incorrect "tweet"

Olympic athlete Voula Papachristou has expelled from the games for making a joke about illegal aliens in Greece.

Tweet: “With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!”

The European media is looking for any excuse whatsoever to demonize white people as “racists.”

  • Jared Pierce

    How can anyone demonize such a beautiful young athlete?
    And the joke was kind of funny.

  • Stone

    Good grief. That is tame compared to the crap Chris Rock and Co. utter on an almost daily basis.

  • Jared Pierce

    This is devastating for the girl. I mean, think about it. She has trained for years for this honor. This would be an event of a lifetime for her. And then because of one stupid tweet that is considered politically incorrect, all her dreams are cancelled. It was stupid because she should have known how the powers that be would over react, but she is young person and didn’t realize the power of the politically correct. And even to me, in my jadedness, I am surprised how how far they are over reacting. There needs to be a right wing ACLU that will fight for our rights.

  • JB

    I fail to see how what she said was racist. Am I to believe that ALL Africans are black?

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