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What is your favorite come back against the "racist" slur?

What do you say when someone calls you a “racist?” Post your reply in the comments section.

  • Kyle Rogers

    I tell them that they can’t debate me on the facts so they have to resort to lame childish namecalling.

  • conservative citizen

    I usually ask them to define ‘racist’. Their definition is usually so encompassing as to be meaningless.

    • Indiana Jan

      “Define ‘racist'”. Oh. I like this answer.

    • JenB

      I do something very similar, I instead point them to the dictionary and tell them to look up the definition then ask “how was that racist?”

  • Hempsmith

    “Do you always use Trotskyist terminology to back your arguments?”

  • Wes

    My standard answer is……….”yeah……so what?”

  • Jeffrey Heavin

    I say “that’s right, what’s you’re point ?”

    • Jason

      I think buying into their terminology can be a mistake. We are not there to answer their questions. They are the ones trying to genocide us out of existence. Instead, ask them why they are Anti-White. Make them defend that.

      • Madpiltzer

        Exactly. Let them control the dialogue and the master manipulators win before you ever open your mouth. smart

  • RobRoySimmons

    Everyone click on the whiterabbit link Horus has that covered.

  • Daily Kenn

    1 – The challenge is to force the accuser to engage his/brain.

    Consider that the ‘racist’ slur is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction. This can be overcome by shocking their brain with a question (forces the accuser to think).

    Example response: “Did you known that 52.2% of homicides is committed by blacks? How am I a racist for acknowledging that?”

    Example response: “Did you know the first slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson?”

    It’s important to ALWAYS REPLY WITH A QUESTION, not a statement. It demands their response and puts you in control

    2 – After making the point, it is usually preferred to end the conversation; walk away. Arguments are never won in public (unless you are trying to sway an audience.) Consider the seed planted and allow it time to take root.

    3 – When engaged in debate it is nearly ALWAYS PREFERRED to ask questions and avoid answering questions. ALWAYS respond to each question with a question of your own. Remember: The person who asks questions controls the conversation!

    • Madpiltzer

      You are bang on with the idea of engaging their brain. The question is the best weapon. But, statistics are a lame duck – in my experience. This only puts them on the defensive mindset “of course you’d say that, ‘you’re racist’ “; because, they have been programmed to find any reason for black crime to be a result of “White Privilege”. Or, they’ll discount your truthful fact as being just a fabricated “fact” you heard on the (sarcasm) “internet”.
      You must make a factual statement that is in their face and not related to nonsense that they hear daily MSM. Attack the absurdity of the very word itself – Racist. Like everything else the master manipulators pound down our IQs with, the actual meaning is the polar opposite of what it actually means. Break down the word into it’s base components. Then, let them put the word back together and they are so dazed you have full access to their subconscious.
      Then, you ask them questions that drawl upon their own TRUE observation and you will not just convert them to the TRUTH; but, they will FEEL a self confidence they’ve not experienced since they were very young.
      The Liberal I converted the other day is almost like a kid in his outlook. SO REWARDING!!!

  • St. Nicholas

    I tell them that they only call me racist because I’m white and that other races are equally or more racist than me and they don’t label them racist. Also that they are brainwashed anti-white, anti-christian left wing radicals who can’t refute any arguments or facts.

  • William Harper

    i dont need a defense,i live by the motto”quit trying to appease those who will no matter what despise you”..

  • Dario

    Yeah, so?

  • mikey

    I just take a big yawn, and repeat the question. thats it. that simple.

  • Lucas Evans

    If the truth is racist, then God is racist, take it up with him.

  • Tiff

    Hahaha, I tell them I’m a speciest, because I don’t consider blacks human. I get tons of hatemail on yahoo answers in the political section by ignorant liberals assuming I’m conservative.

  • Tiff

    Also I tell them I cant be racist. Im not in a position to hold anybody down.

  • Dp

    ” Everyone is!” It’s human nature.

    • Ciera Jenkins


  • Dp

    Anyone that cannot handle truth, use the term racist.

  • juandos

    I resort to
    lame childish namecalling: “piss on you wigger“…

  • D. Geisereich

    I say, “You’re just saying I’m ‘Racist’ because I am white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

    Use the Mantra, people.

    • Derek

      I would say,”Thank you.” Then I would ask them if they knew the meaning of the word, racist? I can’t imagine that anyone calling me a racist would actually know the true meaning of this word. Once I stumped him with my easy question I would begin to enlighten him/her. I would say something like this. “A Racist is someone that believes superiority in ones own race. Let me give you a few examples: If I was to ask a mexican if he felt blacks were better than his race, He would say, no. If I asked a black if he though whites were better than his race, again the answer would be no. You see politicians are the ones that make being a racist a bad thing when in fact it’s a very good thing. Having pride in ones own race is healthy and should be promoted as such. Thank you again for the compliment.” (exit stage right)

      • Say NO to White geNOcide

        Tailgating doesn’t work. What you have said is an example of tailgating. Let me break it down for you in simple terms. Someone calling you a racist is the same as calling you a White supremacist and saying that makes you evil. Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that White supremacy is bad. White supremacy is any system of whites, by whites and for whites. That is unacceptable in the brave new world. They outright say it all the time. Hideously White, Lilly White, not diverse etc etc etc. Non-Whites are 100 percent diverse. They don’t “NEED” diversity. Only Whites “NEED” diversity. Liberals and respectable conservatives all agree. You can debate the definition of racism all day long but the fact of the matter is they OWN the word. It is what they say it is and they say racist = White who wants to preserve their heritage and their nations as if there is nothing “wrong” with them. By their very definition there is something “WRONG” with our heritage and our nations that ONLY diversity and genocide of the White race can fix. When you tailgate, you are going Jared Tayloresque into an uppah class gentleman’s debate and they are anything but gentleman and are lobbing Molotov cocktails. Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.

  • Michael

    What private school does your little darling go to?

  • William Rolen

    “I won’t be held hostage by a word invented by communists to persecute me for being white.”

  • Michael Hauser

    Sure..that’s right…white & proud of the fact!

  • Ed

    “It’s nice to meet a fellow racist” usually takes them totally off-guard!

  • Mr.Misanthrope

    I call them familist, of course they say that they don’t hate other children. I say “BINGO” thats how I feel about other races.

  • Hal K

    I say that there is nothing wrong with being racist if that means looking out for your own race, or if that means recognizing that there are average innate differences between races.
    I also say that “racist” amounts to an anti-white slur because of the double standards in how it is applied to whites and nonwhites.

  • Mentious

    My first favorite is:

    1) “Long live the races.”

    Second is:

    2) “Love your people.”

    Third is:

    3) “The races are good.

    And my fourth favorite is:

    4) “Racism” is a bulls— word used by the genocidalist Communist Leon Trotsky to demonize and slur the natural cohesiveness of ethnic groups. Only idiots use the word.”

  • truthbetold

    I think White people fall into a trap by claiming they are “racist” whatever their good intentions. It’s like agreeing that you’re a “sexist” just because you open a door for a lady or want to treat her special in some way. All sorts of things, many vile things, are meant by most people with the label “racist”. A word can mean something to only you, but what do you accomplish for the White race by agreeing to be something everyone else defines or classifies differently in a most negative manner. I guess you could go to the grave saying that your definition is right, but everyone else is wrong? Again, how does that help White nationalism? Here’s the thing: dictionaries report definitions based on popularity, not what you or I want a word to mean. Personally, I think the terms “racism” or “racist” devoid of antiwhitism in an perfect world might make honorable descriptive terms. But antiwhites have successfully bastardized the terms. There are ways around this, but we shouldn’t make matters worse by agreeing to be what they call us. Furthermore, trying to define or defend what you mean only intensifies their glee in knowing that they have disturbed you. The best way to stop children from annoying you is to ignore their childish behavior. Tell the antiwhite that he’s being childish or infantile, and that there’s nothing further of substance for you to respond. I’ve noticed the British National Party apparently agrees with me and steadfastly refuse to be labeled by antiwhites as “racist”.

  • madpiltzer

    What does “ist” mean? It a greek/latin prefix meaning “to practice”. Does a Guitar-IST hate the guitar? Does a Scient-IST hate science? No, of course not.
    So, yes I “practice” being “White” because I am White.
    By this point they have the odd look of confusion that I take advantage of by implanting a tailored message into their wide open mind that inoculates them with a variable that will always weigh heavy any time they hear/use the word “Racist”.
    BAMMMMM!!!! Instant truth just add reason. LOL!!!!!!!!

    • Indiana Jan

      Hey. I like this answer, too! Nice!

    • Eileen Kuch

      Great response! That’s a sure-fire way to take the wind out of their sails. What could those poor dolts say to a response like that? What does “ist” mean? is quite a retort. Keep up the good work.

  • BobWhitakerisokay

    “In your OPINION I’m a racist.
    You are only sayting that because I’m White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

  • Weiß-Stolz

    “Eat shit nigger”

    • madpiltzer

      you’re either an UAF agitator or a damned fool. This response would only waste an opportunity to open a mind to reality.

      • Weiß-Stolz

        Anyone seriously slinging the term “racist” around is already too far gone, the only thing that MIGHT wake them up is getting gang raped by a pack of negroes

        • Madpiltzer

          They say it without thinking at all; it’s a Pavlovian response implanted subconsciously. So, it can at times be difficult to get through to them. But, with experience and knowledge it’s easier than you may now think. Examine persuasion techniques and principles. Books like Influence: The Anatomy of Persuasion, How To Get Anyone To Tell The Truth, and practically any literature about Memetics and it’s genius model of “Living Information” are fascinating and very powerful in persuasion. Once you understand how people are brainwashed you can sway all but the dimmest people with undeniable truths using the exact same methodology that has implanted b.s. into their minds.

  • third

    eat me.

  • .

    It depends on the circumstances and motives. Some people are just naive. I don’t get angry at those. I just tell them that I think they’re naive and let it go.

    Others are radical, hateful, etc and just use it to intimidate or smear. That’s their way of calling a white person a n*****. There’s no logical rebuttal to intimidation and insults. So I’ve found the best response is to neither deny nor explain but to simply tell them that insults don’t work on me.

  • Texan1st

    “Ummm, okay. Now that you got that out of your system, tell me what I said that was wrong.”

  • Sluggo

    My simple answer ” I don’t care what you think and if you continue to pester me, you’ll be visiting your dentist. Have a nice day now.”

  • Jason

    Yes, the proper reply is: “You’re just saying I’m ‘Racist’ because I am white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”
    Don’t get bogged down into answering THEIR questions, don’t play their game. They aren’t being honest, Anti-Whites aren’t asking for your opinion. Put THEM on the defensive, make them answer questions.

  • Tyron Parsons

    I am MR “RACIST” for you!

  • Greg

    Monkey see and hear, monkey do. Parrots can rehearse what they’re told without putting any thought behind it.
    So when are you going to elevate to the level of a human being?

  • Kathy Harris

    I tell them, “Define racist.”

  • Question Diversity

    I just take the James Edwards tack, and say “Racism Schmacism.”

  • Concerned citizen

    You have to distinguish between situations. The majority of cases where a white person is called a racist probably arise in three distinct situations: (1) where a white person is discussing differences between ethnic groups, especially where those differences negatively impact white people; (2) where a white person disagrees with a public expenditure or program that functions as wealth transfer or opportunity transfer from, e.g., whites to browns; and (3) where a white person is called a racist merely to marginalize him or her. You need to tailor your response to the situation.

    Situation 1s may arise when a white person is discussing e.g., black on white crime. When called a racist just throw it back on the person calling you a racist: For example: “The truth hurts so much you have to call me a name!” or “I don’t care what name you call me! I only care about protecting whites from violent non-white criminals!” “Don’t try to put your people’s dysfunction on my people! The current generation of my people have bent over backwards to help you ingrates and we get murdered for it!” Or turn it around on them and call the person a hypocritical racial fundamentalist: “You don’t really agree that the races are the same! You worship blacks for their athletic prowess and superiority but are in DENIAL about their less pleasant aspects like their violent and criminal tendencies!”

    Situation 2s arise when a non-white person or group wants special treatment or white money and a white disagrees. The whole point of calling a white person a racist in such a situation is to shame the white person into just giving the non-white person what the non-white person wants. The fact that whites give into shaming in such situations show how few of us have street smarts and how many of us need the approval of others. We need to get over these traits! Example responses: “Adults bargain, children call people names!” “That’s what you call a white person who won’t willingly pay your people’s white tax.” “I’m not just going to give you something for nothing because you called me a name – you’re gonna have to bargain with me!” “We’ll agree to some limited inter-race wealth transfer, but your people have to give my people something in return – how about freedom of association?” “We’ll agree to take some limited number of Mexican immigrants, but Mexico is going to have to cede some of their natural resources to the US in trade!” “You must know Tim Wise – Time Wise wants white people to be taxed just for being white! He calls it the white privilege tax!”

    Situation 3s arise when a contending group wants to create an atmosphere that marginalizes whites, typically to encourage other groups to see whites as enemies and to attack whites. Example responses: “You use ‘racist’ like Hitler used ‘jew’! You must be a genocidal maniac like Hitler!” Wow, you have to listen to yourself when you call white people racists! You sound like you have problems with whites just because they are still around! You sure you don’t want to genocide all of us?”

  • WhipCracker

    I am just as “racist” as MLK was. Once that is said, the argument is won. By me.

  • linux lewis

    “You’re Just Saying that because I’m White. Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White”.

    Every response you will ever need is in the Mantra.

  • Bruce Tahoe

    I don’t have a special comeback. They are invariably white, candyass
    liberals who have little personal experience with other races or genuine
    racism. I don’t really get mad at them anymore for the name calling, it just makes them look like children who haven’t got the news. I do get mad at their willful ignorance of such individuals about.. everything.

  • Mentious

    Another one is:

    “I prefer racialist.”


    “I’m just Racially Conscious.”

    “Conscious” is a great word and pretty much monkey-wrenches their heads, especially lefty types because they like the word “conscious.”

  • Daniel

    Folks, I have started a website: would you all be so kind as to leave your answers on my site. It was designed to help nationalists with responses to accusations of ‘racism’, and so could be very useful to our people.

  • Proofteller

    People who use the term ‘racist’ are unable to have an intelligent debate so I dont waste words with them. Within a split second of anyone insulting me with the term they are on their back spitting teeth.

  • The Bossman

    I respond by telling the offender that I am not “Ray-Ciss” but that I am in fact racially aware. I then add that they are the true racist for calling me one in some cowardly and pathetic attempt to use a commie word in an attempt to put me on the defensive and thereby gain some self imagined advantage over me.

    • Lily

      If I’m a racist, it’s because God is a racist! 😉

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I prefer “realist,” but you can label me any way you like…

  • Joe Rebel

    I tell them “I’m sorry, I don’t respond to smear words invented by Jewish communist mass murderers.”

  • I have no name

    I always say I’m a REALIST.

  • Mark Hillyard

    So, what’s your point?

  • Bone

    Sometimes I say “just like a member of the NAACP or La Raza”.

  • Indiana Jan

    Ah Hah!! Best answer of all!!
    PS: I have been called a racist to my face, in my home, after serving them dinner. I was trying to make the point that Obama seemed to have Marxist background and was a longtime member of a very hateful church.
    At that time, all I said was “conversation over.”

  • Ivan Yurkenov

    “Coming from you, that’s a compliment.”

  • joe

    if loving my race makes me a racist, then I,m guilty!

  • Derek

    I would say,”Thank you.” Then I would ask them if they knew the meaning of the word, racist? I can’t imagine that anyone calling me a racist would actually know the true meaning of this word. Once I stumped him with my easy question I would begin to enlighten him/her. I would say something like this. “A Racist is someone that believes superiority in ones own race. Let me give you a few examples: If I was to ask a mexican if he felt blacks were better than his race, He would say, no. If I asked a black if he though whites were better than his race, again the answer would be no. You see politicians are the ones that make being a racist a bad thing when in fact it’s a very good thing. Having pride in ones own race is healthy and should be promoted as such. Thank you again for the compliment.” (Exit stage right)

  • Frederick

    I usually say “you’re saying that I’m racist because I’m white” that tends to stop them to continue with their attacks. Lately it’s been going two ways for me: like some below said racist means basically pro-race,I’m pro-white and I can take the word like that. But like we all know, they use “racist” to mean that you are a hater and discriminate other races just because. We have to start change that word to it’s true meaning.

  • ProNorden

    or “Within reason.”


    “and so?”
    “Yes, I am a patriot!”
    “gonna cry about it?”
    “You call it like you want; I just call it like it is”
    “Well, you’re a pusscake”
    “you’re just unreasonable.”

    Always have a fresh one lined up.

  • Brandon S. Frazer

    I say whomever created this is making a good point though they are apparently illiterate. It’s “an” Obama supporter.

  • vladdy1

    We regret to inform you that your card has been denied. It seems there is a problem with overuse.

  • Anonomous

    There’s no such thing as a ‘racist’. That’s just a label made up by the far-Left as part of a brainwashing program designed to control the minds of white people.

  • Clint Fitzgerald

    I have no reservations about redundancy although this is my first comment. I respond with, “In your opinion i am a racist. you are just saying that because i am white. Anti racist is a code word for anti white. And what you mean by calling me a racist is that you are indeed promote the genocide of our race. I then explain the balance of the tenets of THE MANTRA. Because being on a consistent message gives deep penetration of our words and message.

  • Chris Brown


  • ASETech

    Anyone who calls someone else racist isn’t looking for a conversation.
    I’ve never been called racist, (except by the liberals I harass online on the failings of one Barry Soetoro – but thats expected, and kinda fun), although I have been subjected to black racism, and more recently brown racism, I’ve found one underlying common denominator; where I wouldn’t give one iota for whatever their opinions might be, mine seems to be of great importance to them.
    If a black racist were to openly call me a racist in public I’m certain I’d say nothing at all, as I pull out the pepper spray before checking my sidearm.

    Nice site by the way, Thanks CofCC

  • linux lewis

    Why the White Mantra is IMPERATIVE: The traditional response to being called a “racist” has been to point out that they are just being an anti-intellectual. IT DOESNT WORK because they feel they have some type of moral high ground. You have to take the moral high ground away from them and point out that they are really just Anti-White. When they call you a RACIST, they have been programmed to have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside… like they are doing something good. If you look up a “Skinner Box” in psychology 101, you have a rat or pigeon that gets food when he pushes a button, the “anti-racist” has been programmed to think they should be rewarded for calling you a racist. Instead of giving them FOOD, you give them a dead rat or pigeon… that’s what the White Mantra does


  • Rosenkranz

    When someone calls me a racist I say, “I’m sorry but I don’t drive.”

  • Reginald Charleston

    If someone CALLS me the r-word, I say “In your opinion I am a racist. You are only saying that because I am White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.”

    If some one ASKS me if I am the r-word, I ask them to define “racist”. Usually they stumble all over themselves before coming up with something that is easy to answer with a simple “No.” Then I ask, “If I am concerned about the future well-being of my people, does that make me a racist?” If they are foolish enough to answer “Yes”, then I ask if they would call any other people “racist” who were concerned with the future well-being of their people. It exposes their double standard.

    Mantra thinking works.

  • All American Wasp

    I’m not a racist I’m a bigot you low life POS

  • Jimmy TheFish

    Heres one I like:
    I would rather be “racist” then dead maimed or raped.

  • frank

    I always say – God gave me a choice – you can be Black, or you can be racist. Can you blame me?

  • John Doughty

    I would say- No I don’t want to die for diversity though.

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