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Can the right-wing afford to fragment the vote?

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If the right-wing has a fatal flaw, it is that it is not an external ideology but an internal one.

External ideologies are a series of logical statements that you approve of, and assume that their results are identical to what they say their goals are. Such as “all people should be equally, so we’ll use law to make them equal, and then they will be equal.”

Internal ideologies are based on a desire for good results, which requires understanding of (a) a sense of what is good (b) how reality works and (c) the consequences of any given act. They are far more complex than external ideologies, although you’ll never hear that from external ideologues!

The right-wing is composed of different people who arrive at the same conclusion through experience, gut feeling or inherent outlook. They don’t trust external ideologies because such things are inherent control mechanisms, like advertising, propaganda and social fictions.

The left-wing, on the other hand, is composed of people who are united in their obedience to a certain simple idea. They all believe in absolute equality of the individual wherever possible, and naturally “possible” gets stretched farther than is realistic.

Liberalism/leftism (all degrees of the same: anarchism, Democrats, socialism, Communism) are eternally popular because they pitch an idea which has universal appeal.

This idea is victimhood. It starts by saying: you should be able to do whatever you want. However, what limits you in that is not reality itself, but those who interpret reality for you, namely kings, institutions, experts, police, etc. Therefore, these people are mean and horrible, and they owe you a living, and you should fight them so that everyone is equal and has the same free living.

They won’t do that if paleoconservatives and nationalists threaten to fragment the vote. Instead, paleoconservatives and nationalists need to get behind the Republican party, put a respectable face on their beliefs, and demonstrate how these beliefs offer a better way of life to the majority.

This strategy is currently working for Marine Le Pen, and it works everywhere we try it. Anything else — extremism, drop-outism, fragmentation, radicalism — has failed everywhere it has been tried. Our opponents don’t want us to realize this, and send people among us to encourage factionalism and disunity.

If you want triumph this election, realize that it will not come on a plate. You need to find what is closest to it, promote that, and then in the next election, get even closer. Anything else is giving up before the fight.

How will you vote in the 2012 Election?

  • Lime Lite

    All of those who have voted that they will not vote for either Obama or Romney are just dumb, dumb, dumb. At least give your vote to Romney. Who the heck else do you think you’re holding out for? Loony Paul or such other over-promiser and under-deliverer? Get with the real world ans stop acting like 2 year olds.

  • Cailen Cambeul

    Ah, the eternal call of the neo-Con/Kosher Konservative is always to vote Republican. But let’s be honest here: Republicans are not Right-Wingers at all. At best, these Kosher Konservatives are Conservative Left-Wingers. And the same can be said of the dominating political parties in all formerly White nations.

    So now the truth is out, how will Americans vote in 2012? Conservative Left or Extreme Left?

  • Mark

    Great article. Nowhere in history has worse is better been a good thing for the White race. We know Obama and his cabinet are ant-white and give as many jobs as they can to non-whites and leftist supporters.

    Obama’s cabinet have shown their fruits and it hasn’t been good for White people. The law is not written into non-white hearts and that is very dangerous, look at the genocide in South Africa since they voted to hand power over to non-whites and look at the epidemic of black on white crime worldwide today. Non-whites have never recognized White peoples right to exist. When they have the upper hand the slaughter of Whites commences.

  • Jon Galt

    I will be casting my vote for Gary Johnson. I won’t vote for a stinking Mormon anti-Christ.

  • Odinvader

    Stop supporting Republicans:
    ^ A response to this nonsense. I can’t believe you people would vote for someone like Romney.

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