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Louisiana orders white parents to keep children in dangerous majority black schools

Louisiana has a new extreme forced integration program.

Black children who go to dangerous poorly performing majority black schools in Louisiana will be allowed to transfer to a better, whiter school.

White children must remain in the dangerous poor performing majority black school.

This is state sponsored child abuse of white children.

Rayville Elementary is 87% and 12% white.

  • truthbetold

    I think the parents should seriously consider homeschooling. They’ll find resources online to get started.

  • Hempsmith

    Is it another case of “Weaponized Equality?”

  • Noble White

    You are well-intentioned with the voucher idea. But let me caution you about some things. The vouchers will be available to “minorities” too and if they’re issued by the government, of course the “minorities” will have top picking. Even if a White family gets a voucher, the school must meet a quota of “minority” teachers and students or they will be brought up on charges of discrimination. Also, if the government issues the vouchers, they will require private schools to have a “diverse” and “multicultural” curriculum. The only solution is homeschooling or completely independent private co-opted schools. Perhaps if a voucher system in enacted, there could be a stipulation that in lieu of a voucher, parents may opt to homeschool or send their kids to ANY private school, co-opted or otherwise, and still be entitled to a tax deduction.

  • Pete Fiacco

    How the hell is this even legal? If this stated that Blacks stay in the crappy schools that THEY created and gave only Whites the option the leave, I am willing to bet that the biggest race baiting POS Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would be all over it like White on Rice. All because Blacks destroy every neighborhood, school, etc that they move into does not mean that Whites have to suffer.

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