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Dana White: Brown Pride great, white pride evil

Dana White defends Cain’s “Brown Pride” tattoo, then viciously demonizes anyone who would even consider getting a white pride tattoo.

Cain Valesquez is practically congratulated for having a “Brown Pride” tattoo. The UFC, FOX, dozens of sports magazines, and dozens of major sponsors see nothing wrong with it. Fans wave Mexican flags and signs reading “Brown Pride” at his matches. Dana White even allows official license UFC merchandise that says “Brown Pride.”

  • Firepower

    The Brain of Dana White
    Is severely stunted from

    overindulging HGH and PEDs.

    I once watched UFC. I was an early adopter and the only one in my circle discovering the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and viewed regularly for two following seasons. Friends thought I was goofy for watching, presuming it akin to pro wrestling.

    Long had I tired of the Brown Monkeyshines of professional boxing – a repugnant disgrace. I figured out I watched UFC because it was devoid of bigmouth white-hating minos.

    Dana proved me wrong and has, for some time now, made less money because of my abandonment of his now laughable, fixed clown-sport.

  • Sam Norte

    I feel no guilt, and there is nothing wrong with being proud to be white. F@#! you Dana – tsounds like a girls name anyway.

  • whitelikeme

    Brown is not Mexican national…it is racial. Sorry Dana, but your opinion is bogus. We can’t presuppose what Brown Pride means, but you can presuppose what Wh!te Pride means. Nice! You sir, are apologetically anti-wh!te like so many other wh!te people, assuming you are wh!te yourself..

  • Ron B

    This guy is an IDIOT… He says it is BAD For white pride but goes on to say it is ok for brown pride.. Typical SELL OUT for the money ho… He would make a good neo con or communist democrat….

  • Matt Gaffrey

    Dear Dana White, eat it.

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