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Obama’s Columbus, Ohio Somalians want more free stuff

Hundreds of Somalians blocked traffic and become violent to get new lavish taxpayer subsidized apartments. The Obama administrations gives “grants” to private “charities” to bring Somalians to Columbus, Ohio. The vast majority live on welfare. The Somalians and blacks hold regular gang war in the Columbus, Ohio public schools. Somalians cause mayhem on the roads and routinely let off the hook as long as they pretend not to speak any English. The population of Somalians in Columbus, Ohio receive some of the most lavish welfare benefits of anyone in the state. This includes free vans that are paid for with Federal grant money. They also get section 8 housing, all the electricity they want for $5 a month, food stamps, free medical care, and virtual immunity from prosecution for traffic offenses. They also receive preferential treatment in hiring, though few take advantage of it. The left-wing media is constantly demanding that more resources by diverted to benefit the Somalians.

Columbus, Ohio spends $12,890 per year, per Somalian in the public schools. This per pupil spending is 39% higher than the state average! This per pupil spending is even 18% higher than the public schools in Dublin, a wealthy upper class suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Since Somalians pay virtually no taxes, tens of millions of white tax dollars are being diverted away from their own children to go to the Somalians. Somalians are now being bused to overwhelmingly white suburban schools as well.

The Obama controlled state department currently has a goal of relocating 50,000 “African Refugees” to the United State each year at a cost of hundreds of millions. Then hundreds of millions more is spent each year on welfare for these “refugees.” Most are taken from the most violent areas of Africa like Somalia and Sudan. Large numbers of the young male “refugees” immediately begin a life of violent crime in the United States as well. Democrats bused the Somalians to the polls on election day with instructions on who to vote for.

Democrats used numerous buses to take these same Somalians to the polls to vote for Barack Obama last month. Witnesses say they were holding cards listing who to vote for. Do you think it was an accident that a swing state was chosen to be the destination for all these Somalians?

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