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Pair of elderly women arrested for alleged thug behavior

Photo from CBS Atlanta

Two elderly black women have been arrested for attacking a white female at a gas station. The victim asked for “space” while she was entering her debit card pin number. The women went into a rage and began screaming, spitting, and attacked her with bottles of windshield wiper fluid. The attack took place in upstate South Carolina.

The behavior sounds similar to urban “thug” culture, in which any perceived “dis” is met with brutal mob violence.

Click below to watch video:

CBS Atlanta 46

  • kenfrombayside

    Look like employees at a Social Security Administration facility.

  • Calee Davis

    I work in a busy urban ER and I deal with people like this daily. They demand their free service and insult and complain about the hard working staff (despite most of these people complaining have never worked a day in their life). The continue to suck the life out of our country and the hard working Americans that fight to keep it great. When will we say, ENOUGH?!

  • Bob Gresk

    The Titanic

    The nation is the Titanic and the looming iceberg is race. Our leaders pretended that the racial iceberg was just a passing cloud. When we struck the hard realities of race, we were told that the cement and steel of our Constitution and our culture would keep our ship of state afloat. Even as the racial invasion began to tear into the hull under the waterline of public acknowledgement, many on the upper decks refused to believe our ship could go down. But, through the rip in the underside of our ship, the alien flood of massive immigration and unrestrained welfare birthrates poured in, drawing us down. Some parts of the vessel rapidly sank. Other sectors tilted even higher against the horizon for a while. But inevitably, the DARK waters continued to mount, and the lights of civilization began to flicker and the whole ship went down.

    David Duke My Awakening

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