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ADL defends Hitler’s record on gun control

In 1935 the Nazi regime instituted a gun registration. In 1938, Jews were forbidden to own firearms. About 214,000 guns were seized from German Jews.

The ADL just issued a press release saying that it is “offensive” to claim that the disarming of Jews contributed to any Jewish suffering during WWII.

The ADL admits that armed Jews in Eastern Europe fought back. However the ADL completely belittles their efforts and calls them “symbolic.” The ADL says that guns in the hands of Jews did not prevent any Jews from being killed in the Holocaust.

The ADL is in favor of strict gun control.

This bizarre claim is part of a trend of absurd and non-nonsensical press releases from the ADL. Last year an ADL press release accused this website of “anti-Semitism” for saying that George Zimmerman is a Latino.

ADL head Abe Foxman has also denied the Christian Holocaust in Turkey. Foxman urged the US Congress to reject a resolution recognizing the victims of the Christian Holocaust in Turkey. Foxman has also downplayed the Ukrainian Holodomore and belittled the victims of that genocide.