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Black radicals denounce Belle Isle lease plan as “racist”

Detroit is totally bankrupt. Residents scream and yell for more free stuff. Detroit residents already receive some of the most lavish benefits in the nation. Detroit children receive free breakfast, free lunch, and free afternoon snacks at public school. The state of Michigan even distributes free fresh fruit to Detroit neighborhoods. The entire city completely relies on massive handouts from the state and Federal government.

However, any plan to raise money by leasing or selling assets is denounced as a “racist takeover.”


A public hearing over leasing Belle Isle to the state turned ugly today when opponents heckled supporters and suggested the deal was a racist takeover.

“White whores can’t save us,” one resident said during a boisterous, two-hour period of public comments.

At issue is whether the city should lease the island park to the state for 30 years.

Supporters say the island has been neglected because the city can’t afford to maintain it. Opponents counter the state can’t be trusted with the unique gem, which has a rich history of racial integration.

Rowdy council meetings have been routine since the state announced last year that it would begin intervening in the city’s budget decisions. But not before today have supporters of some state intervention – in this case, Belle Isle – spoke out at council meetings.

And many in the crowd were not pleased.

“Get out of here,” one Detroiter yelled at supporters, most of whom were white and lived in the suburbs.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, telling us what to do,” another cried out.