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Boston outraged by De Niro’s incendiary new show

Robert De Niro is an anti-white actor and producer. He is famous for only dating black women.

De Niro behind new anti-white tv show on Showtime.

Robert De Niro is a far-left actor and producer known for his only dating black women. Together with Jane Rosenthal, another left-winger, De Niro is launching a new show that demonizes white people. It depicts South Boston’s Irish community as a hotbed of “Neo-Nazis.”

The show will be called 4th Reich and aired on Showtime. According to entertainment websites, the show is a carbon copy of the unsuccessful movie “American History X.” The extreme left-wing ADL welcomed the show and said “it could play a valuable role.” They probably mean a valuable role in helping ADL fundraising.

Only notorious white gang in Boston is “Anti-Racist.”

The only (mostly) white gang that Boston is famous for is a radical Marxist gang called FSU. The name stands for “F%^k S%^t Up.” They are classified as a criminal gang by the FBI and several state law enforcement agencies. They espouse a Marxist ideology and call themselves “Anti-Racist.” The gang was founded in Boston in the late 80s.

Numerous violent attacks by FSU gang members were shown in a video called “Boston Beatdown.” It was widely believed that FSU itself was responsible for making and selling the videos. Sales of the videos were shut down by law enforcement. Members of the gang murdered a US army veteran at concert in New Jersey a few years ago over a Confederate flag t-shirt.

The founder of FSU was arrest by the FBI in 2009 for extortion. Prosecutors asked for four years because of his violent past. The radical left-wing mobilized to defend him. Left-wing actors Ed Harris and Robert Redford submitted letters defending the notorious gang leader. He was sentenced to only one year. Universal Studios hired him as a screen writer the same day he was sentenced.

According to law enforcement, FSU is currently engaged in a gang war with a Vietnamese gang called “Asian Boyz.”


South Boston, or Southie as it’s known, is about to get more of the kind of exposure it could do without.

According to the Boston Herald, a new TV series by Robert De Niro and the Showtime network presents the predominantly Irish neighborhood as a hotbed of the Neo-Nazi movement.

Unsurprisingly, local politicians are in an uproar.

‘I am offended on behalf of all the good residents of South Boston that this project in any way will be filmed and thereby reflect poorly on the town. Enough!!!’ State Senator Jack Hart told the Herald.

State Representative Nick Collins agreed: ‘I am tired of Hollywood writing and rewriting scripts and making movies that characterize people from Boston and South Boston in such a grotesque and unflattering light. If this is all De Niro has left in the tank, he should just retire.’

Hart said in his 51 years in Southie, ‘I have never encountered anything resembling a Neo-Nazi group.’