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Israel admits giving birth control injections to Ethiopian immigrants

For the past year, the Arab media has been accusing Israel of giving Depo-Provera to Ethiopian immigrants who don’t know what the medication really does. Last December, a documentary was released in Israel that showed a 50% decrease in the birth rate of Ethiopian immigrants over the past ten years.

Israel no longer allows immigration from Sub-Saharan Africa and aggressively deports illegal aliens. Over two thirds of all Ethiopians in Israel are receiving welfare. The amount of Ethiopian children being raised by the state has completely overwhelmed Israeli childrens’ services.

Depo-Provera is highly effective because one injection can last up to ten months. The recommended dosage is four shots per year. The former Apartheid government of South Africa was widely demonized for offering free Depo-Provera injections to black women. Today the birth control is used by tens of millions in Asia and a few European countries.


Israel on Sunday admitted to injecting Ethiopian Jewish women with birth control, often without their full understanding or consent, said Haaretz, in the first official confirmation of a December investigative report that sparked widespread uproar.

Over 100,000 Ethiopian Jews have moved to Israel over the past several decades. However, the community’s “Jewishness” has come under question in Israel, said The Independent, raising suspicions that the government has attempted to curb the growth of a community deemed undesirable by some.

The contraceptive reportedly being pushed was Depo-Provera, a long-acting form of birth control that The Los Angeles Times said “few healthy women in Israel choose” to use.