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Newsweek Magazine in total collapse

Newsweek has ceased publication, fired more staff, and is as good as dead. 

Newsweek lost 51% of its subscribers since 2007. The rapid decline began when the weekly magazine started running covers depicting Obama as god like once per month.

Newsweek magazine has been losing millions of dollars per quarter for years after moving far to the extreme left. It was sold by the Washington Post company for $1 to the Daily Beast. The Daily Beast was already losing money at the time and has continued losing money. Publication of Newsweek has been discontinued. The radical far-left will be online only. The Daily Beast is still liable for lucrative Newsweek employee pensions. Eventually Daily Beast/Newsweek will most likely fold all current and former Newsweek employees will lose their pensions.

The Daily Beast Company, now the Newsweek/Daily Beast has never had a profitable quarter. It was being subsidized by a wealthy left-winger who died recently.

In 2009, Newsweek ran an incendiary article demonizing all white people. The CofCC urged members and supporters to ask their doctor’s offices, barber shops, and beauty parlors to cancel their subscriptions.

The Suicide of Newsweek by Kyle Rogers