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Is Obama training a new generation of Mexican Cartel soldiers?

In the 1990s the US trained a new generation of “anti-Cartel” Mexican commandos for the Mexican army. Commandos from the US and Israel were sent to Mexico to train specialized anti-Cartel soldiers at the expense of the US taxpayers. These Mexicans were even trained in psychological warfare. Many of those commandos immediately deserted and became Cartel soldiers themselves. Some formed the Los Zetas Cartel, which is now the most technologically sophisticated Cartel in Mexico.

The Obama administration admits to purposefully arming the bloody Sinaloa drug Cartel. This was an operation called Fast & Furious, which internal DOJ memos state was being carried out to blame the second amendment.

Now Obama is using our money to train more Mexican commandos. Obama is even using our money to train Mexicans to be snipers at Fort Benning right now! This is a policy that not only failed before, it was a massive catastrophe!

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