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Black thugs storm white suburban school. MEDIA CENSORS!

Breaking: Diversity comes to, formerly all white, suburban St. Charles West High School. Pregnant white teacher brutally assaulted by black thugs who stormed school. Media is censoring everything.

St. Charles West is 86% white and only 9% black. Media reports are sketchy and intentionally lacking in information. CofCC members have talked to students and residents. It seems that black students from a St. Louis High School, and a 30 year old relative of one, stormed St. Charles West near the end of the day on Friday. They entered through a locked side door. Two black male students are in trouble for holding the door open for them.

Once inside, the thugs began assaulting their way through the halls apparently looking for two black males that they wanted to beat up. Two white female teachers tried to break up the assault and were viciously attacked. One of them was visibly pregnant. According to one student, the teachers were both intentionally punched hard.

One victim was hospitalized.

Six people were arrested. Police have already released them and they have not been charged. One media report says eleven students have been suspended at St. Charles West. This includes the ones who held the door open, but also seems to include numerous victims.

Apparently it is the policy of the St. Charles school district to suspend any student involved in an altercation, even if they are a victim. This policy was enacted in 1996 and called the “Zero Tolerance Act.”

This shocking assault on St. Charles West has received almost no media coverage. The media is censoring the race of everyone involved. No mug shots have been shown in the media, even though two of the people arrested are adults.