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Bulgaria commemorates struggle against the Ottomans

Bulgarian conservatives commemorate their nation’s liberation from Turkish occupation each year with a torchlight march. Each year, the radical left-wing European media denounce the marchers as “Neo-Nazis.” Left-wing parties in the EU seek to flood all of Europe with Turkish immigrants, because these immigrant will vote for left-wing parties.

The march commemorates the execution of Vasil Levski by the Turks in February of 1873. This was followed by a massacre of 30,000 Bulgarians by the Turks in 1876. Finally, in 1877, Russia sent troops to aid the Bulgarians in gaining their independance from Turkey. This ended hundreds of years of mass murder and slavery at the hands of the Muslim Turks. The march also commemorates General Hristo Nikolov Lukov, who is Bulgaria’s greatest WWI General. Lukov was murdered by Communist partisans in 1943.