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Drone “demonstration video” used to demonize gun owners

The Obama regime is aiding hundreds of police departments in obtaining aerial drones. Many of these are the same drones used by the US military and are weaponized.

The demonstration video for the ShadowHawk Aerial Drone depicts a private gun sale between two people in Texas. Private gun sales are legal in most states, including Texas. Despite the fact that such a sale is legal, the video calls it “arms trafficking.” Notice the two people involved are both white middle class looking males. One wearing a Chevy baseball cap. This is exactly the kind of people who the Obama administration is trying to demonize. The video plays ominous music. It is clear that the video is implying that the private sale of a used gun is illegal “arms trafficking.”

This video is being sent to law enforcement agencies all over the country.

The ShadowHawk Drone is a weaponized drone. It is designed to fire tear gas, tazers, or explosives. According to Alex Jones, the ShadowHawk is being subsidized by the Obama administration. Each drone cost $400,000, but the DHS will pay for half of the drone if the city will pay the other half.

According to CBS Nation News, the Obama administration is aggressively supporting the use of drones by US law enforcement.