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Dutch movie promoting interracial romance attacked by black immigrants

“Only Decent People” is a movie about a Dutch Jew who is attracted to black women with large butts. The movie was made by an actual Dutch Jew who is married to a black Surinamese immigrant. The movie sparked outrage and protest across the Netherlands. The Jewish Daily Forward, the world’s largest Jewish magazine, stated that the movie would be “racist” had it not been written by a Jewish man.

Ironically the movie was attacked by black immigrants for it’s frank depiction of Holland’s black underclass. It was also attacked by Jews for depicting the Jewish community as racist and mentioning the Jewish role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The movie is a frank reminder that every nation in Europe is being attacked by the cult of multiculturalism. In a very short amount of time, the Netherlands has gone from virtually 0% non-white, to 15% non-white. There are 500,000 Surinamese immigrants alone.

From Jewish Daily Forward.

Warning: Trailer contains nudity