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Oregon CofCC Update

Oregon CofCC members jointly protested amnesty with members of a group called the Free America Party.


Last Saturday, February, 23rd, members and supporters from a small but growing Council of Conservative Citizens local group in Oregon participated as part of a nationwide demonstration in protest of the replacement of our population that is occurring through current immigration policies, especially the blind-eyed, hands-off approach our government has taken toward the tens of millions of foreigners who are here in violation of already lax entrance requirements.

Holding coordinated demonstrations in nearly a dozen states, activists from the Free America Rally project, including numerous Council members throughout America, spent the afternoon providing Americans in their respective communities a perspective on national sovereignty that is not frequently mentioned within the controlled flow of information that dominates popular political discourse in our country.

By employing the admittedly low-tech (but time-tested) method of street-side demonstration to reach the thousands of passersby who must have seen our signs and banners from the road or who were given a pamphlet or two when approaching one of our booths, project organizers were able to put together what has become a rare sight in recent decades (and one that at least has not been witnessed since a similar effort was coordinated by numerous FAR and CofCC participants around this time last year), namely, hundreds of white Americans all over the country showing other white Americans it is okay to explicitly advocate on behalf of white political interests and that, in fact, others are doing it!

Saturday’s largest demonstration took place at the steps of California’s capitol building in downtown Sacramento, where William Johnson, chairman of the American Freedom Party, addressed a captivated audience of around fifty supporters (who couldn’t leave as individuals even if they had wanted to without being attacked by communists). Speaking on the general anti-white theme permeating much of the established political and pop-cultural climate, Bill was followed by several other speakers, each having to make his or her voice heard over the chanted mantras of leftist counter-demonstrators, who willingly gave precise testimony on leftist doctrine concerning the subject of free speech.

Saturday’s other notable events included a rally at West Virginia’s capitol in Charleston and a demonstration outside a federal building in Spokane, Washington. Activists also held less formal sign-waves or pamphlet distributions in Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and at two locations in Tennessee. Although weather prohibited planned events in New Jersey and New York, activists from both areas have committed to rescheduling and will be heard from in the next couple of weeks.

By all reports, every rally was met by a supportive overall reception, indicating a potentially welcoming political environment for whoever is brave enough to take hard but honest stances on the tougher issues facing our country.

Free America Rally organizers are in the process of planning future projects. To find out how to participate in upcoming events, or to help in any other manner, please contact them by email: