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White liberals in Albany, NY persecute black woman for authentic African dance

North Albany Academy. White administrators had a black women arrested and charged with numerous crimes simply because she did an authentic African dance for the school’s “Black History Month Assembly.”

Report by Kyle Rogers

White liberals are constantly chanted “diversity is our strength” and extolling unspecific joys of “multiculturalism.” However, a recent event in liberal stronghold Albany, NY shows what white liberals really think.

North Albany Academy is public school for children K-8. It is 79% black and only 7% white. However, many of the administrators are white.

On February 15th, 2013, the school had an assembly to celebrate “African-American History Month.” A 24-year-old black female was asked to do a traditional African dance in front of the students. Traditional dances by African women are usually performed with very little clothes and exposed breasts. When the woman actually performed an authentic dance, white administrators went into a panic. They forced the women off the stage for exposing her breast and had her arrested. Then white newscasters on the local news cruelly demonized the women for doing an authentic African dance. She is depicted as being insane.

So shocked and enraged were white school officials, that they called in “crises counselors” for the students!

Barack Obama won the entire county by a huge landslide, beating Romney by over 2-1. Yet, you can see the utter contempt and disgust these white liberals have for real multiculturalism in the news clip below!


Watch the intolerance explode in this ABC News 10 clip!

If your not an intolerant bigot and would like to see what real traditional African dancing looks like, click here.